Multi-Wheel European Roulette Gold Series

Multi-Wheel European Roulette Gold Series
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The Multi-Wheel Roulette Gold is a new type of game developed by Microgaming creation to add enjoyment and thrill to the gamers. This new amusement helps you to play with eight types of wheels simultaneously in the form of multi-wheel. The machine is predominantly considered as one of the most unpredictable and enjoyable casino games to try your luck.

This thrilling casino can offer any player with a very rewarding and exciting 3D gaming adventure which proves to be the ultimate fantasy experience to win the sport with real money. It seems to be quite hard to start with; however, you will soon get well versed to it by turning your chips into real money in no time.

How to Play

The multi-wheel game is similar to the conventional game having green velvet table placed at the bottom of the screen as well as typical betting options to put chips on. The prime objective of this gameplay is to place bets at the winning number; however, the job is made easier with the addition of 8 specific wheels. The players will be offered chips to place bets on varying numbers and outcomes. When the bets are locked, the players wait in expectation because all the 8 wheels will be spinning at once.

Gaming Experience

It is a specific game which is played by making use of an enormous circular wheel as well as the small ball. The wheel interior is divided into plenty of numbered pockets starting from 1 to 36. The multiple-wheel game is actually quite easy to understand when you are highly familiar with free roulette games. The main objective of this game is to analyze which pocket the ball will land in after being spun. Before every spin, players are facilitated with the option of placing as many bets as they wish.

Unlike other games available online, playing Roulette Gold offers utmost fun and enjoyment for the players. By starting the game, the players will be presented with the eye-catching user interface and simple to play game module. On the top of the screen, there are 8 individual wheels whereas the number grid is placed at the bottom part.

Features Of The Game

The most promising feature involved in entertainment is the eight wheels which are kept on the upper part of the game screen. You can able to play as much as you wish and therefore tend to adjust with the number of wheels after each and every spin. This can be simply done by clicking at the wheel you like to disable or activate. By placing an appropriate bet on the grid, it means that you are placing a bet only on all active wheels. It indicates that your betting process will get multiplied by the presence of a number of active wheels. In nature, every wheel tends to reward its own payout which is distinguished from all others.

Besides that, the game achieves European form which comprises 37 pockets with the number varying from 1 to 36 as well as single zero. This game includes payout ratios & traditional betting options. If you had played French or European Roulette online ever before, then you would feel the thrill and essence of this sport.

Betting & Payouts

Interested bettors can able to place bet up to £10 in this game. Since there are 8 wheels, the total betting amount will be easily multiplied by 8. As the maximum stake per number is £10, the gamblers are facilitated with the option of playing more chips by placing various other bets available at the bottom of the screen such as black, red, even or odd. Every betting option will offer a different bonus offer.

The Payouts available for this gameplay is standard like the traditional games. Gamblers can also place their betting amount of properties of winning number including odd or even, colour or others options which occur on the table. The payouts can differ from 1:1 – 3:1. For straight-up bets, the payout will be around 35:1 which means players can get a jackpot of about £3500. In fact, gamers can also split their bets before placing it such as double splits payout includes 17:1 and square splits payout includes 8:1.


On the whole, this gameplay is known as famous European which turns up to 8th degree. Other than that, multiple wheels will either increase your chances of winning or pave the way for losing. It is not all that different from European other than playing the amusement eight times faster. The major advantage of the multiple wheels is that you can able to play more spins simultaneously.

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