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Real Money Casinos. Canadian Finest (Jan. 2019)

There are many options here that you’ll be able to find, including real money casinos that offer an endless list of games, and many other options in which you can win and make lots of money. Gambling is the best activity you can do with your friends or alone. Top companies support them and, in Canada, it is a very popular leisure activity. Gamble today and see for yourself!

Best online casinos in Canada
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C$88 SignUp + up to 100% match up to C$1500 NETENT_LOGO01 VISIT
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Euro Play
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Having lots of free time and nothing to do can become boring, and that’s something that everyone can agree on. People normally get bored and waste their time by doing nothing. If you’re one of those people that enjoy doing productive things and being immersed into the new worlds of possibilities, it’s time that you consider becoming a member of an online casino.

Many people are starting to engage with this activity because of the many benefits it supposes and if you keep on reading you’ll understand just about everything you must keep in mind when you gamble online for real money. You won’t regret it!

Online Casinos in Our Present Day

It hasn’t been long since the Internet became available to users worldwide. That’s why using websites and engaging on the web has become so popular in the past years. Everyone with a working Wi-Fi connection can access all sorts of fun, and that’s why the Internet’s population is that big. Real money casino websites, for instance, are very popular because of the productivity and entertainment that come with them.
You should consider becoming an active part of one if you’re looking to do something different in your leisure time. You could end up winning lots of money by pulling off an excellent strategy or just by getting lucky. Are you willing to try your luck? You shouldn’t doubt it.

Benefits You Will Enjoy

If you decide that you wish to be a part of a casino online, real money awaits you. When you’re looking online, you are going to want to look for sites that provide you with lots of amazing benefits and opportunities. If you do some thorough research, you’ll see how much information is available online, and you’ll be able to realize that these are some of the following benefits and opportunities that you will have access to when you start gambling online:

  • Safety and reliability: if there’s one thing people look to have when picking websites is safety. Online gambling for real money can make people skeptical, considering that they must provide their financial information. If there’s one thing that you can be sure of when engaging with these sorts of sites, is that you’ll be protected. Thanks to encryption software that’s being implemented, your information won’t be leaked and you’ll have nothing to worry about.
  • Trustworthy product: the fun that you’ll have access to is reliable and studied by important, trustworthy companies that will assure the gameplay is fair. No rigged games or anything of that sort. Online casino games for real money are something that you can completely rely on.
  • Less boredom and more energy: one of the most amazing benefits is having a different activity to engage with. When people have nothing to do, it’s normal that they become bored and feel like they’re wasting their time. Online gambling for real money is an activity that everyone can enjoy and that you should consider for yourself. You’ll end up falling in love with it!
  • Increasing your odds of winning money: if you start playing on the web, that means that your chances of winning a huge jackpot increase. Just think about the amount of benefits that come with joining an online casino. Real money Canada gambling sites are a thing that’s becoming a trend, and it’s your turn to try them. What’s the worst that could happen?
Play for a real money

Lots of Games to Pick From

Flash news: there are lots of games that you’ll be able to pick from. The list is endless in any top online casino. Real money games will be available to you and you will be able to make lots and lots of money just by following the rules and getting lucky! Pick the one that best suits your needs and start enjoying your free time differently! Some of the options you will be allowed to select from including the following:

  • Baccarat
  • Slots (in all their varieties)
  • Poker
  • Texas Hold’Em
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette (in its different types)
  • Slots
  • Craps, and many others

No matter which one you incline towards, the adventures you’ll be immersed into will change the way you experience your leisure time and there’s no reason why you won’t want to come back!

Slots games, for example, are some of the most fun available on the web. These titles feature awesome graphics, exciting gameplay and fun bonus features and mini-games. Alternatively, live dealer games aim to recreate the casino experience and put you right in action. You play via a live video feed and watch as a deal dishes out your cards as if you were sat right there in the casino! Whatever type of game you enjoy, there is something for you!

Play for a real money

Outstanding Bonuses and Promotions


As mentioned before, every player will be immersed into a new world of chances; said world comes with several bonuses and special deals that make the online experience a whole lot better. Online gambling, real money casinos come with lots of these rewards and you could have access to them all! All you must do is keep an eye on the website to see when it is updated because most of these bonuses are weekly. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • Welcome bonuses: these come with wager requirements and incentivize you to set your bet very high. Use them as free money and double it up by pulling your best strategy.
  • Free spins: these will benefit you when you wish to win more money without betting more of your own. Take advantage of them and see how amazing they are!
  • Free pass to paid games: there’s nothing that’s more pleasing than entering paid fun for free. Some of the bonuses players will have access to include a free pass and you’ll enjoy every single aspect of the game just as if you’d previously paid.
  • VIP features: you can always join a loyalty club, which will provide benefits that no other players can enjoy. These clubs are an amazing idea if you are a regular player. Try them and see!

Pay as You Please

There are many methods with which you can make your deposits and withdrawals. With real money online casino websites, these are the ones that people will be able to pick from:

  • Credit/debit cards like Visa, MasterCard and sometimes even American Express.
  • Prepaid methods like the Paysafe card and many others.
  • Electronic wallets that include PayPal, Neteller, Skrill and ClickAndBuy.
  • Offline methods like e-checks and bank wires, and many other payment methods.

Once you’ve chosen yours, keep in mind that you can read more about them and see how their fees and transaction times work… since these are all different. Credit and Debit Cards, PayPal and Bank Transfer are usually instant for example when considering deposits. Alternatively, other methods such as cheques and ClickAndBuy can take longer periods of time.

Remember also to check the payment limits. Most real money casinos have maximum and minimum limits for both deposits and withdrawals. The minimum deposit limit is usually between $5.00 – $20.00. Maximum withdrawal limits can vary wildly depending on the payment method used.

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Benefit from our network of Casinos across the world

Remember that our services are not just available in Canada. If you love online gambling, you can use one of our partner websites around the world. These partner sites offer a similar service and provide you with all the latest gambling news and platforms for that particular country. Countries that we have partner services include Switzerland, Australia, Germany, Brazil, and Austria. If you live in any of these countries that you can play online casinos for real money with currencies your local currencies.

How do we actually review casinos?

Now that we have given you some awesome tips on how to use a real money casino, we will divulge how we review casinos. Our review process is highly organized, and we follow a set procedure for each individual casino. We ensure that we look at all aspects of an online gambling website – not just its games. By doing so, we provide you, the customer, with an all-encompassing picture of what the platform has to offer. The following are the main areas we review:

  • Company history (when the casino was launched etc.?)
  • Gambling license (what license does the platform have, are they regulated?
  • Platform usability (How easy is the website to use and navigate?)
  • Payment options (Withdrawals? Deposits? Transaction process?)
  • Games (Who produces the game? What game categories are there etc.?)
  • Customer Service (How can you get in touch with the customer support team?)
  • Security (What security measures does the platform have?)

These categories help provide a well-rounded overview of an online casino.

Your guide to real money casino’s in Canada

If you are interested in playing on a real money website, then we have listed a heap of the information below. We explain how to start playing, why real money casinos are a great choice, how to choose a safe casino, and how to maximize your chances of winning – enjoy!

How can I start playing on a real money casino?

So how do you start playing on real online casino Canada? We have provided a short guide that will help you on your way – you will be playing some awesome table games or slots in no time at all:

1. Choose a casino – First, you must select your favourite real money casino to play on! As you will see, there are a plethora of different online casino platforms to choose from. You must select a casino that you think will provide you with the best experience, and of course the best odds! Moreover, you must also look at the selection of games the casino provides – do they offer live dealer options? What about slots or big jackpot titles? Check out a range of different platforms, and pick one to your liking!

2. Register an account – Now that you have selected a website, you must create an account. Most online gambling websites require you to register an account before you can play any games. You may be able to test some of the games out first, but you certainly won’t be able to place any real money bets. The registration process is usually straightforward. You will have to enter personal details such as your name, email address and house address – you may also have to activate or verify your account via an email link.

3. Register a payment method – You are not quite ready to place any bets yet but hold on just a little longer! After registration, you must then set up your payment methods. You will normally have to put in your card details or enter the details of your PayPal account for example – this may need verifying by your bank too. In some instances, you may have to provide identification.

4. Choose a game – Now comes the fun part! Now you can finally jump onto your favourite game and start betting with real money! Simply have a look at the different games the casino offers and try a handful out!

Why should I choose a real money casino over a live casino?


Why not just simply head to your local land casino? Why go to the bother of registering an account with an online gambling platform? Well, there is part of the argument – to use a live casino, you must make an effort, put some clothes on and jump into your car! By using an online casino, you can simply lounge around your house in your underpants and use your smartphone to place some bets! The following are some of the main benefits of using an online real money casino:

– You can gamble anytime, any-place
– You don’t have to travel anywhere or spend money on petrol
– You are not limited to the land casino opening hours
– You are not affected by the live casino addictive environment
– You can limit your weekly and monthly deposits

As you can see, online gambling platforms are so much better than live ones – effectively, the experience is more rewarding, and you are not putting yourself in as much risk.

How can I maximize my chances of winning?

There is no denying that gambling is largely based on luck – you are at the mercy of RNG and the gambling gods. It is possible however to maximize your chances of winning. There are certain things you can do that will place the odds more in your favour and make the possibility of winning greater. The following are some things you can do to help:

– If you have already won a lot, stop playing and have a break – your streak WILL come to an end!
– Refrain from betting large sums – stick to small amounts and small gains
– If you are on a losing streak, also stop: there is no guarantee that your fortunes will change!
– Look for low-risk bets with lower odds as opposed to high risk/high reward

By taking into account the above info, you should be able to increase your chances of winning.

How can I choose a casino that is safe?

Safety, privacy, and security is obviously a huge concern with online gambling. When playing for real money you want to know that you cash is secure and that your card details will remain safe. When choosing a real money casino, it is always advisable to check out their security features beforehand. In today’s modern age of technology, 99.9% of online platforms are secure, but it always pays to check. The following are some important safety and security features you should look for:

– Does the platform use a minimum of 128-bit SSL encryption?
– Is the platform registered and licensed by an official regulatory body?
– Is that license in-date and valid?
– What payment protection does the platform offer?
– Is the casino partnered with any reputable payment providers?
– Does the casino have a customer service team that is easy to reach?

If any of the above pointers are not true, or if you are struggling to find any of the information then security could be an issue. If a real money casino is safe and secure, they should readily provide security information to put their customer’s minds at ease.

Should I choose high stakes or lower risk games?

take my money

So finally we look at what gambling methodology you should take. When using an online real money casino, you can choose two different paths – low risk / low stake or high risk / high stake. We cannot tell you which method to choose, but we can tell you the pros and cons of each choice:

Low Risk/Low Stake – This is the method of “little and often”. By using this methodology, you will only ever lose a small amount, but your winnings will never be high either. In essence, you will place a series of small incremental bets on markets with low odds – the bet amounts could be $5.00 – $10.00. You may only win $0.50 – $1.00 per bet tops, but as the odds are lower, the win percentage is higher. Pros and cons are listed below:

– Steady stream of income
– Lower risk of losing
– If you do lose, you lose less

– Long-term process to make a large profit
– Winnings will only build up slowly

High Risk/High Stake – On the flip side, if you are feeling more adventurous then you can always try the high-risk high stake methodology! This method involves placing large value bets on higher stake markets with the aim of making a large profit in a single swoop. For example, you could place a $200 bet on a market with odds of evens – if you win, you will receive double your money back! The pros and cons of this method are listed below:

– Potential for high earnings
– Less effort required

– Less likelihood of winning
– Higher losses if your bets do not pay off

We have outlined the methods – it’s up to you to choose! Do you take a risk or play it safe?

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