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The Jacks or Better casino game is purely designed for pro players that love an extra twist. Created by Net Entertainment, the Jacks or Better game is definitely worth checking out. You can win the Jacks or Better game by getting a pair of jacks or cards higher than that while the minimum hand that you can earn is three of the same card.

When you start the game, you will be facing a standing video poker game, you will be dealt five cards and they will be displayed at the lower part of your screen. You can also see the paytable in potential winning combinations shown above the cards also at your left is a chart displaying how much you have won.

The Jacks or Better game also allows you to select the type of hands that you wish to play, you can play with 1, 5, 10 or 25 hands.


The main goal of the Jacks or Better casino online game is to have a hand with at least a pair of jacks or any card with a higher combination. Tap on the icon placed at the bottom of your screen to commence the Jacks or Better game and you will be given your five cards. Tap on any card that you wish to hold and click on the icon with the green colour to substitute the cards that you do not want.

If you win the round, then that’s great but if you lose, you can tap on the green icon to try your luck again. There is also the Gamble feature that is represented by an icon on the screen; you are allowed to use this feature any time you win to double the amount. You can use this feature five times in the Jacks or Better game and you can withdraw at any time that you like. But you should also know that if you guess wrong, you lose your money for that round.


Net Entertainment has offered players with a great chance to play one of the most known games in the world of online casino. The Jacks or Better game does not have any extra features than the standard ones and it’s a perfect game for guys that are just learningthe video poker game.

You are allowed to play with up to 10 hands and bet on five-bet levels. You should also know that jokers are not available, and the deck is a normal 52 cards deck. The Double Up feature makes it possible to increase your winnings. Every time you obtain a winning hand, you will be able to gamble and double the amount you won. During the Double Up, 5 cards will be displayed, the first card will be face up, and the rest are face down.

The minimum bet that you can place starts from €0.10 and you are allowed to bet up to €25.  You should also know that the minimum winning hand that you can earn is to have a pair of jacks on your first round. The highest you can earn is 4000 coins and you can achieve this by getting a Royal Straight Flush.

Jacks or Better Power game is a simple and straightforward online casino poker. Because of its simplicity, it’s easily acceptable to every player (whether you are a beginner or a professional) and you can get your money by having a pair of jacks or better.

Another important factor to point out with Jacks or Better poker game is that you do not have wild cards, jokers or bonus payouts that are extraordinary.

If you are in search of a video poker game that is very easy to understand, then you should consider this game. It is arguably the most suitable game for beginners to start with, it has all the features of a standard poker game.

The betting process of the Jacks or Better game uses the plus icon (+) and also the minus (-) icons, that you can use to increase or decrease the amount that you wish to bet in each round. If you click on the ‘Max Bet’ option, you will be given the maximum times of the coin size. This means that if the coin size is 0.25, your highest bet will be 1.25.

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