Blacklisted Canada casinos | Research by James Segrest

Have you ever come across the term “blacklisted casinos”? Maybe you’ve even heard of blacklisted casinos or stumbled upon an online casino blacklist. Whatever the term, the implication is alarming.

A blacklist casino, or one of the many blacklisted online casinos, is a place that engages in dishonest practices. They may seize your money, make you a victim of a casino scam, or inundate you with casino complaints. Such entities might even prevent you from playing or winning.

That’s why we have compiled a list of online casinos in Canada that steers clear of the online casino blacklist. Our goal is to assist you in avoiding these blacklisted casinos and safeguarding your hard-earned money from scam online casinos. This page will walk you through what leads a casino to be on the casino blacklist, how to spot online casino fraud and ways to find a trustworthy gaming destination devoid of blacklist online casino tags.

Blacklisted Online Casinos in Canada
Blacklisted casinos are an unfortunate reality in the world of gambling. These are establishments that have been deemed unreliable, untrustworthy, or engaged in unethical practices. We will explore the reasons why certain casinos end up on the blacklist and the importance of being aware of them to protect yourself as a player.
Property Games Overview.png
Wild Jungle
  • Questionable Reputation
Property Games Overview.png
Lucky Carnival Casino
  • Unfair Bonus T and C
  • No License
Property Games Overview.png
4 Crowns
  • Fake License and Games
  • Unfair T and C
Property Games Overview.png
Ocean Breeze Casino
  • No License
  • Unfait To the Players
Property Games Overview.png
  • Unfair Bonus T and C
  • Customer Support via Phone is Not Available
Property Games Overview.png
Lady Dream
  • Fake Games
Property Games Overview.png
Vegas Wild Casino
  • Fake License
Property Games Overview.png
21 Dukes
  • Payment Problems
Property Games Overview.png
Juegablue Casino
  • Fake License
Property Games Overview.png
Fortune Clock Casino
  • Unfair T and C
  • No License

Why We Blacklisted The Casino

Have you been wondering why some blacklisted casinos land on the casino blacklist? In this section, we’ll uncover why certain casinos get blacklisted. We’ll spill the beans from scams to online casino complaints, ensuring you stay informed and protected against casino scam activities. Dive in to discover why these worst online casinos get added to the online casino blacklist!

💳 Late Payments Or No Payments At All
One of the biggest red flags regarding scam online casinos is when players experience late payments or, even worse, no payments. Online casino complaints Canada often feature stories of such issues. Casinos should be platforms of fun and potential rewards, not blacklisted online casinos. Players expect to receive their winnings promptly when they invest time and money. Online casino complaints frequently point out these concerns.
🎲 Fake Games
In the digital age, spotting a fake can be tricky. But in the world of online casino complaints Canada, fake games are a big no-no at blacklisted casinos. These are imitations of popular games designed to look authentic but are indicative of online casino fraud. Fake games can rob players of a genuine chance to win, as they might be rigged or not operate with a true random number generator.
👺 The Casino Cheats
Honesty is the best policy, especially in the gaming world. If a blacklist casino is found manipulating game outcomes, using rigged software, or employing other deceitful casino scam tactics, it shows a direct intention to cheat players out of their rightful winnings.
📝 Send Spam To Players
Nobody likes an overflowing inbox, especially when it’s filled with unwanted spam from blacklisted platforms. Online casino complaints often mention how certain casinos bombard players with relentless emails, messages, or even phone calls without consent, a classic tactic of blacklisted casinos.
📰 Publish Scam Recalls
A blacklist casino’s integrity is judged not just by how they operate but also by how they communicate. If a casino publishes false casino scam recalls or false blacklist online recalls, it’s a manipulative and deceptive tactic. Misleading players with scam recalls can cause undue stress and confusion, reasons enough for blacklisting these scam online casinos.
✅ No License
Operating without a license, especially in blacklisted Canada, is a huge red flag. Licenses ensure that gambling websites meet certain fairness, security, and ethical behavior standards. A blacklist online casino without a license operates outside regulated standards, making it a prime candidate for our online casino blacklist.
🤔 “Too Good To Be True” Offers
Online casino complaints often stem from deceptive offers. While attractive offers are common in competitive platforms, overly generous offers might come with hidden catches. Such deceptive practices are a big no in our books, leading these blacklist online casinos to a direct spot on our casino blacklist.

How To Remove A Casino From Blacklist

quality preference .png
Step 1
Changing The Rules
Ironically, many blacklisted casinos find themselves on the wrong side due to these very rules — either because they’re overtly complex, blatantly unfair, or shrouded in ambiguity. The first step towards rehabilitating these scam websites is a clear, unequivocal revamp of these rules.
login .jpg
Step 2
Change Of Management
New leadership often means new strategies, fresh perspectives, and an evolved approach to handling casino operations. A new management team can usher in policies centered on player satisfaction, address previous areas of concern, and purge elements that contributed to their negative status.
support .jpg
Step 3
User Reports
User reports and feedback provide a mirror to developers, reflecting their strengths and exposing their weaknesses. This feedback is invaluable for platforms looking to escape the shadow of the online casino blacklist. Addressing online casino complaints, particularly those specific to online casino complaints Canada, can significantly improve a casino’s image.

What To Do If You Play At A Casino That Cheats?

The worry about blacklisted casinos is real and has been growing over the years. It’s critical for players to stay informed and cautious. In this section, we offer key actions you should consider if you ever suspect or discover that you’re playing at a dishonest casino or if you’ve unfortunately placed your trust and money into an unreliable one, or worse if it’s on the blacklist online casino roster.

Make No Further Deposits
Once you suspect foul play or if you’ve heard whispers of the casino being a part of the online casino blacklist or the casino blacklist, stop all further financial interactions immediately. The last thing you want is for your hard-earned money to be trapped. Depositing more money only deepens your risk and might make retrieving your initial funds even more challenging. It’s also prudent to alert your bank or whatever payment method you’ve used about your suspicions. They can provide extra layers of security against unauthorized transactions and any casino scam you might be wary of.
Check Every Casino Before You Start Playing
The best line of defense against dishonest platforms is due diligence. Always run a background check before depositing money or getting engrossed in a game. Search for “online casino complaints” or region-specific terms like “online casino complaints Canada” for more localized feedback. Being cautious about blacklisted Canada casinos or checking the Canadian blacklist can save you a lot of trouble. There are also various reputable review platforms and forums where players share their positive and negative experiences. And let’s not forget, always stay updated with the worst online casinos to ensure you don’t end up playing in one.
Withdraw Money As Soon As Possible
The immediate red flag is a casino’s reluctance or overt refusal to process withdrawals. If you’ve got a sinking feeling about a casino or have stumbled upon evidence that suggests it might belong to the list of blacklisted casinos in Canada, act swiftly. Prioritize your financial safety by initiating the withdrawal of any funds you have tied up in that blacklisted online casino. Blacklisted casinos have a reputation for making withdrawals tough. Remember, while these dubious websites might create hurdles, starting the withdrawal process early gives you a jumpstart.

Help Us Find More Scammers

In the vast digital landscape of online casinos, a dark truth emerges: dishonest casinos still lurk in corners, ready to take advantage of unsuspecting players. It’s alarming, especially with the rising numbers of blacklisted online casinos. This unsettling trend of increasing blacklisted casinos necessitates our attention and action.

Although our online casino blacklist is comprehensive, we can’t keep an eye on every blacklist casino out there. But together, with your help, we surely can. If you’ve encountered online casino fraud, it’s crucial to bring it to light.

Moreover, if you have any information about blacklisted casinos or are aware of any blacklist online, please share your experience with us. Your report on these blacklisted casinos can be a beacon for many others, directing them away from shady establishments on the casino blacklist and ensuring they play safely.

Why You Should Trust Us

Navigating the vast world of online casinos, especially with the looming threat of blacklisted online casinos, can take time and effort. That’s where we come in. But why should you put your trust in us amid the increasing number of blacklisted casinos?

  1. 🧩 Extensive Casino Checks: Our experts analyze every aspect of these online betting platforms. If we sense any hint of an online casino fraud or a casino scam, we swiftly add these scam online casinos to our casino blacklist!
  2. 🧩 Regular Updates: Our team of experts continually updates it, adding more blacklisted casinos that fall below our minimum standards. So you don’t have to worry about blacklisted online casinos when you have us.
  3. 🧩 Experience: We have been in the industry for a long time, guiding players away from blacklisted casinos and towards trustworthy platforms. Many bettors have found their favorite games and casinos because of our research and recommendations against blacklisted casinos.
  4. 🧩 Feedback Matters: We value every online casino complaint. Each online casino complaint or feedback, especially ones focused on the Canadian blacklist or related to blacklisted Canadian establishments, strengthens our resolve.

Trusted Canadian Casinos

When it comes to online casinos, the Canadian market has its share of good and bad options. Amidst many blacklisted casinos, some gems guarantee entertainment and security. Here are three trustworthy options:


A luminary in the world of online casinos, JackpotCity gleams with modernity, ensuring a fraud-free environment.

jackpot city  .png
C$1600 welcome bonus
100% up to C$400 deposit bonus
  • ✅ Excellent security
  • ✅ Vast game collection
  • ❌ Potential customer care delays at busy hours


Generous welcome bonuses and regular offers for seasoned players.

Payment Methods:

Ranging from traditional credit cards and bank transfers to various e-wallets.

Mobile Compatibility:

Impeccable across various devices.


An emerging powerhouse, SpinCasino boasts an elegant interface and regularly updated games.

spincasino  .png
Exclusive C$1,500 welcome bonus
- deposit bonus
  • ✅ Intuitive design
  • ✅ Fresh game updates
  • ❌ Limited game variety


Regular promotions for dedicated players.

Payment Methods:

Multiple gateways from traditional to modern digital options.

Mobile Compatibility:

High-quality mobile gaming with swift load times.

Casino Days

A hub for fun, Casino Days has an expansive game range, from slot machines to live games, ensuring diversity and reliability.

Casinodays  .png
100% up to C$2,000 + 100 FS on 'Sweet Bonanza' welcome bonus
- deposit bonus
  • ✅ Enormous game selection
  • ✅ Swift withdrawals
  • ❌ It might be slightly overwhelming for beginners


Attractive initial bonuses and daily promotions.

Payment Methods:

Supports both regular payment modes and various cryptocurrencies.

Mobile Compatibility:

Seamless experience across devices.

In summary, while there are blacklisted options to be wary of, these three casinos stand out, ensuring a rewarding, secure, and mobile-friendly gaming experience for players.



What is blacklisted casinos?

Blacklisted casinos are online gaming sites flagged for unethical behavior, such as cheating players or not paying out winnings.

Why should you be wary of casinos that cheat?

Casinos that cheat jeopardize your funds and personal data and rob you of a fair gaming experience, potentially leading to significant losses.

What to do if you started playing at a blacklisted casino?

Immediately cease playing, withdraw any funds if possible, and switch to a reputable casino. Consider reporting the scam online casinos to regulatory authorities.

How to recognize an unreliable casino?

Look for red flags: lack of licensing, negative reviews, slow payouts, and poor customer service. Always research before depositing money.

How to save money and not fall for the trick of scammers?

Always research casinos, read reviews, and verify their licenses. Set spending limits and avoid too-good-to-be-true promotions or bonuses.
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