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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy and Cookie Policy (collectively, the Privacy Policy) are recommended to be reviewed by all visitors of this platform (You, User, Users, Your). We, at CasinoOnline.ca (Company, We, Website, Our), respect Your privacy and are committed to protecting the privacy of all our users.

We have created a page with Privacy and Cookie Policy to inform our Users regarding the ways of managing, collecting, and using Your personal information. Throughout the use of Our Website, We collect information through the means of providing You with data about casino games, bonuses, and payment methods (Services).

We strongly encourage You to read Our Privacy and Cookie Policy carefully. You also have the right to complain to a data protection authority you’re eligible to contact. In case You have concerns or hesitation, We recommend contacting us before such actions.

The purpose of this Policy is to explain and detailedly enlist when, why, and how We work with Your personal information. We will also provide information on Your statutory rights. Our Company and its Website provides information regarding gambling websites, the industry, and might contain links to third-party websites and other third-party content. If You intend to use those websites, You have to review their privacy policies before You choose to share Your personal information with these platforms.

Please keep in mind that by visiting Our Website, You give us permission to work with Your personal information. The same goes for consent to the practices and approaches described in Our Policy regarding the use of data and the ways We work with it.

Types of Information We Collect

All information We are working with can be divided into two types, namely non-personal and personal ones. The first is the non-personal information that We collect by the use of Our Services. The collection of unidentified and non-identifiable information from Users is part of the operations of Our Company.

Data broadcasted by Your device can become part of non-personal information. These pieces of information usually include:

  • Usage information
  • Technical data (IP address and online identifiers)
  • Software and hardware data (browser and operating system of Your device)
  • Language
  • Access time to Our Website’s domain

All information regarding activity with Our Services and overall engagement with Our Website is processed through Our Cookie Policy that would be detailedly explained below. The second type of information that We collect on Our Website is personal data that can voluntarily be shared by Our Users. The most common examples are:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Password
  • Location
  • Website Usage
  • Gender
  • Occupation
  • Age

We also collect information regarding the use of Our Services. It includes User activity, especially pages viewed, the amount of time spent on particular pages, online browsing, and specific actions taken. If We incorporate both non-personal and personal information collected on Our Website, the combined data is treated as Personal Information as long as it remains combined via Our Services.

Personal Information Sharing or Disclosure

Our Website uses Your personal information as long as it is combined, alongside sharing in a few circumstances. Data that is gathered by Our Company might be shared in a few cases, including service providers, research, and other disclosures.

The first type of information sharing and disclosure might be completed after a request by service providers. Our Company might share Your personal information with trusted third-party providers. The shared information is exclusively used to aid these service providers for operating on behalf of Our Website and the safety of Your personal data.

The second condition of sharing or disclosing personal information is to carry out specialized research or analytics. According to the methods described above, the processed data is anonymized or de-identified to share it with third parties. We follow the security and anonymity obligations that are inherent for Our Company.

The third way of sharing or disclosing personal data is to process the anonymization and de-identification to be further used by auditors, advisers, or potential investors. The data used for these intentions are also subjected to de-identification. Our Company might disclose or share such personal information based on the commercial interest, such as merger or acquisition.

Data Retention Period

We value Your privacy and safety of Your personal data. That means You can request to change or erase Your personal information by emailing us with a standalone application. All the information that might be erased includes all data types, excluding the information that is required to be kept under applicable laws.

Please note that unless You contact and instruct Our Company, We retain Your personal information under Our Retention Policy that can also be requested from Our Company. The period of retention highly varies depending on the amount, sensitivity, and nature of Your personal information. The same goes for the potential risk of harm from unauthorized use or disclosure of Your personal information and the purposes of Our use of specific types of personal data.

We work hard to remove and update personal information regularly to remove the incomplete data types, alongside keeping Our databases up-to-date. Such an approach allows Our Company to omit errors associated with data procession and disclosure.

We will also retain Your personal data as long as reasonably necessary for the purposes described in previous sections of this Privacy and Cookie policy. In some conditions, Our Company keeps personal information of Users for a certain period with the aim of meeting legal, tax, and accounting obligations.

Our Company maintains a Retention Policy that focuses on adequate and meaningful use of Your personal data. Once We do not operate with Your information anymore, We erase it and stop sharing or disclosing it with any third parties. The exact period depends on the sensitivity and volume of Your personal data.

Protection of Your Data

We take great care in implementing and operating the security of Your personal data. We employ the industry standards and procedures required to protect any data gathered by Our Company. We do Our best in ensuring the safety of Our Users and prevent any attempts of unauthorized access via the implementation of the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technologies.

We operate in Canada, so it might be necessary to transfer Your personal data to applicable accounting, tax, or legal authorities. The data protection utilized within Canada and by the mentioned authorities is stringent. That means We took the data protection and safeguard approaches and tried to implement similar systems, including:

  • We might adopt particular contracts approved in Canada or applicable gambling commissions that have clearly stated Privacy and Cookie Policy statements.
  • We may transfer Your personal information to countries for marketing purposes that have proven to have similar data protection policies like those in Canada or applicable gambling authorities.
  • Our Company will collect Your personal information to create and manage your account with Us, whereas these pieces of information cannot be transferred to third-parties even for marketing or business purposes.

The protection of Your personal information is guaranteed under the Canadian data protection policy, and Our internal standards of care imposed similarly to the applicable gambling and other authorities. These approaches assure that all Users can be confident to disclose their personal details without worrying about data breaches, leaks, or fraudulent marketing practices.

What Information We Might Require

Besides the mentioned above types of information Our Company works with, You should remember other types of data We might require in certain circumstances. We do not trade, sell, or manipulate with one’s personal information except for other forms of sharing persona information stated in this Privacy and Cookie policy. In addition to the mentioned types of non-personal and personal data, We might require the following information:

  • Technical specifications that are gathered to provide a better User experience for Our Users. We collect the information that is transmitted by Your computer, including the use of third-party cookies, to work with software and hardware data. The possible implications might include the type of browser and operating system you’re using, language preferences, access time, and the domain name.
  • We might also collect personal data regarding the specific use of Our Services. These aspects include the User activity, namely, the pages visited, the amount of time spent on specific sections of Our Website, or other actions related to the use of Our Services. Although the collection of this information is not automatically turned on, We reserve the right to collect and disclose it with third parties mentioned above.
  • We might also contact personal information once You use Our contact form. Depending on the volume, nature, and sensitivity of personal information You are willing to share, We might collect these data queries for further research and analytics. We might also collect information, including Your name, email address, and preferences if You are willing to disclose such information with Our Company.
  • Our Company might also collect different types of connection details, including the IP address and all details of Your Internet connection. This information might be related to Your device, hardware details, and domain names.

Legal Age of the Players

Our Services are not designed to be used by minors. If You are under the age that is regarded as the legal age for gambling in specific Canadian provinces, You should not use Our Services or provide any personal data with Our Company.

The legal gambling age varies depending on the Canadian province you’re living in. Our Company generally bans minors from using Our Services or sharing or disclosing personal information.

Our Company also reserves the right to access and verify personal information collected from Users. In the instance that We will discover that any User using Our Services is below the legal gambling age, its personal information will be discarded and not stored by Our Company. In case You have any reasons to think that minors are actively accessing and using Our Services, do not hesitate to contact us and report such cases via email.

Cookie Policy

Cookies used by Our Company have a narrow use of distinguishing You from other Users. This approach allows us to provide You with a top-notch experience when You access Our Website. It also helps us to improve the design and overall usability of Our Website.

When You access Our Website, a small notification called a cookie is dispensed to the device You are using. It makes navigation through various sections of Our website more convenient from the perspective of Our Users.

We use cookies to gather, store, and track information related to Your visit and overall activity on Our Website. A cookie is a piece of data that is stored on Your device containing information that is shared and disclosed with us. We do Our best to anonymize and de-identify this information for its further use to make the interaction of Our Users with Our Website smoother and more enjoyable.

We are using a few types of cookies, including:

  • Session cookies. These files store information while You browse and navigate throughout Our Website. They are also deleted once You close Your session or a browser. They are necessary for the convenient operation of Our Website.
  • Persistent cookies. These cookies are usually grouped and kept for longer periods of time. These files are used by Our Company to monitor and analyze Your interaction with Our Sevices. These cookies might also be shared with other third-party services focused on research and analytics. These cookies are usually analytical, functionality-based, and targeted ones.
  • Third-party cookies. Other websites and platforms create these files. These companies are analytical enterprises focused on monitoring and analyzing Your interaction with Our Website. These files are also stored for prolonged periods, whereas their main objective is to make Your interaction with Our Website more convenient and comfortable.

The mentioned types of cookies are used to store information and make an overall interaction with Our Website to be more comfortable. These cookies can also be used for routine operation, including the collection of statistical data about Your use of Our Services. The information gathered via such approaches is useful for tracking, monitoring, and spotting any issues that might arise during Your interaction with Our Services.

You can manage the use of cookies in Your browser, or even entirely disable or delete them. Even though We strongly recommend turning cookies on to enhance Your experience with Our Services, Users are granted with full management permission to all types of cookies used on Our Website. For all questions regarding cookies, don’t hesitate to contact us via email.