Free Spins Bonus Casinos

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Free SpinsThere are many different types of bonuses available today for online casinos. Users can gain matched deposits, improved odds, and replays on games. One of the most popular and widely used bonuses is free spins. In the text below we look at casino free spins, how they are used, and how to choose a casino that offers this type of bonus!

Why do free spins exist in online casinos?

So why do casinos offer this type of bonus? Firstly, the wording has a great psychological effect on customers. Whenever we see the word “free” our attention is immediately grabbed. It plays on our love of gaining something for nothing. In short, bonus free spins look attractive and casinos understand this.

Casinos also use this bonus to make their welcome free spin offers and other bonuses look more attractive to new customers. Let’s say that you have 2 free spins offers from different casinos. The first is a 100% matched bonus up to $50.00. The second is a 100% matched bonus up to $50.00 and 20 free spins on Aztec Gold. Which one looks more attractive? Obviously the second one! The value of the free spins may only equate to a few dollars, but customers don’t think about that – they just see the “free spins casino online” and deem that a better offer.

Finally, casinos use free spins no deposit as a means to promote their slot games. Customers will use their free spins, and then get used to the slot game and how it works. They will then have a much greater incentive to put real money into the casino and carry on playing the game.

Everything you need to know about free spins Canada

Before using online free spins, you must be sure of their mechanics. Casinos use this as a regular bonus, but there is always a huge list of terms and conditions. The main things you need to know are:

    • Initial deposit / obtaining
    • Game selection
    • Wager requirements
    • Withdrawing winnings
    • Spin format

Initial deposit – it is very rare that you will get free spins truly for free. There is usually an associated deposit that you must make. For example, many casinos offer a 100% matched deposit bonus. If you deposit $100, you get $100 free. As part of this deal, they may also offer free spins on casino games. Some bonus rolls may be part of a VIP membership too.

Game selection – This form of bonus roll usually applies to online slots free spins. In most cases, other forms of the game will not be included such as roulette or craps. The terms and conditions of the offer will specifically state which games the rolls can be used on.

Wager requirements – All rolls such as these will have a wager requirement. This is basically a means of limiting the amount of money you can actually earn from casinos free spins. Wager requirements either come as a playthrough or specific wager. Playthrough is a specific value i.e. $100 in value must be wagered before you can withdraw free spin bonus casino winnings. A specific wager is an X value such as 30x the casino free spin value.

Withdrawing winnings – There are usually terms and conditions when withdrawing winnings from free spin casino. Usually, you can only withdraw the winnings themselves – you cannot withdraw the original value of the rolls too.

How can you choose the best casino with available free spins?

Now that you understand more about this awesome form of offer, you need to know how to choose the best casino in Montreal. There are literally hundreds of platforms that give best free spins casino bonuses. Knowing which one to choose to maximize your winnings is difficult! The following are some pointers to consider:

⏵ What games are the bonus available on?
⏵ Do these games have favorable odds and payouts?
⏵ What are the wagering requirements?
⏵ Is there an expiry time on the free spins bonuses?
⏵ What value deposit do you have to make if any?

Ideally, you want a minimum pay-in, maximum reward scenario. I.e., you want to pay a minimum deposit and gain a large sum of free spins as a reward. You also want spins that can be used on fun games with favorable odds. It could prove beneficial to research the games free spins beforehand and look at the rewards and odds.

Finally, you must also look at the small print of the bonus. There is usually an expiry time on the reward – usually anywhere between 7-30 days from activation. If you do not use them within this time period, the rewards will disappear. Don’t forget to look at the wagering requirements – there could be an offer for hundreds of dollars’ worth of online casinos free spins. This might look amazing, but in reality, the initial deposit may be high, and the wagering requirement could prevent you from winning anything at all!


🤩 Can you transfer free spins to other accounts or games?

No. This bonus can only be used on the specific games mentioned, for your account.

🤩 Is it possible to cash out your bonuses instead of using them?

No. Free spins can only ever been used on games – they are not a source of free cash

🤩 Can you claim a bonus multiple times on the same account?

In most instances no. The only types of spins that can be claimed multiple times will be recurring events, such as a weekly bonus.

🤩 Do I receive winning straight away?

This will depend on the wager requirements associated with the offer.
Last update: 2020.08.04