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Live Roulette Online Canada

The set-up of a live roulette online session may make it look daunting, but once you settle on the table, you realize it really isn’t as complex as it seems. While it really is a game of chance, it has a few tricks and strategies that you want to learn, so they can come handy when you finally play for real money.

Live Roulette Casinos in United States
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How to Play Live Roulette

Live online roulette, just like the regular version, is not as complicated as some may have you think. As a game of chance, you simply need to get a few strategies going, and you will be on your way to win your first bet.

So, here is how you play live dealer roulette online:

    • Log in and select a table for a live session;
    • Place your bet or several bets;
    • Wait for the dealer to spin the wheel;
    • See if you win so can receive a payout equal to the odds placed;
    • If you lose you either bet again or exit the table.

Once you have logged into your account and have selected a live dealer session, you are ready for them to start dealing cards. The standard variations are French, American, and European, but you want to skip the American option when you are a newbie since the house edge is usually quite high. One of the strategies that never fail to work when you want to know how to play live roulette online is selecting several numbers and making many small bets instead of one large wager. This is because the chances of the wheel hitting one number are way slimmer than it landing on one of the several you would have chosen.

Once you have placed your bet/s, which you want to ensure is an amount higher than the minimum bet for that game, you will wait for the dealer to spin the wheel so that you know where your numbers land. In a live session, the dealer is in a physical studio while you will be placing your bets and watching the action through your computer or mobile device. If you win, your account will be credited with an amount equal to the odds for the bet, but you will deplete your bankroll if you lose. You can place another bet or bets almost immediately after depositing some cash in your account. There are specific terms used in live roulette that you want to be familiar with if this is your game of choice.

Inside Bets – they are bets that lay inside the betting area of the live roulette table. They are made on single numbers, and you can make as many as you wish. A straight is a single number bet with double digits such as 23 with odds of 35:1. If you place such s bet for, say, $1 and win, then the payout would be $35.

Outside Bets – these are placed on a group of numbers and they lie outside the betting area of the table. Some of the ranges of odds available when playing online live dealer roulette include Red/Black where you wager the ball landing on either of the two colors with the odds of 1:1. Odd/Even is a bet that the ball will either land on an odd or even pocket with a 1:1 odd. With High/Low, which is the last of the ranges with a 1:1 odd, you bet that the ball will land on numbers between 1 and 18 or 19 and 36. The first pick of a 2:1 odds is Dozens that says you will pick a number between 1 and 12 on the table.

Line Betting is made on two lines that have three numbers each so that they add up to six. You place your bet by placing your chips on the intersection of the two lines along the betting area of the roulette table. A typical 6-line bet has an odd of 5:1.

Block Betting – this is abet made on one block of numbers on a roulette wheel. Low and high bets are the sizes of your wager that will be determined by your proficiency in the roulette casino game. Different casinos will offer different payment platforms and so may have to open a live roulette PayPal account for your payout.

Advantages of Playing Live Roulette

Playing online roulette live is a game-changer for those not used to it. The setting is so similar to that of a land-based casino since the croupier is in a live studio. And then there is the knowledge that you have your competition on the same table, so there is the expected adrenaline rush just before the wheel is spun. The game has several advantages, including the following.

Play anywhere – The days are gone when you had to walk into a brick-and-mortar casino to get your dose of roulette. These days, it is brought to you wherever you are through a mobile device or personal computer as long as you have access to the internet.

Horne your skills – You don’t have to start at the pro level at once when you can play for free at first to get the feel of the game. Much as it is a game of chance, roulette has several rules. When you know them, you get around to doing much better than you would get in the game blindly. Playing roulette online free gives you the ammunition to go live.

Useful Features – You have a live studio to boot, and then there is the technology that makes it possible to place bets from the comfort of your home when you live roulette games online. All this shows you how much progress has been made in the gaming industry and how technology really makes life much better if you can get entertained while making an income on the side from anywhere in the world.

Interaction – You not only have a table full of opponents, but you can also start a banter through the live chats feature to complete the feeling of being in a land-based casino. These engagements make it more than just a meeting of strangers and more like a game among friendly rivals.

Disadvantages of Playing Roulette Live

Even with so many advantages, there are a few downsides to online live roulette.

Slow Connectivity – You will be accessing the session from anywhere in the world, and since it is streamed online, it is bound to be slower due to internet glitches. This also leads to a slower game as compared to real action or regular online roulette casino.

Only Real Money – Rockies may want to sharpen their skills and get a feel of the games, but you cannot play live roulette free. Real bets have to be made with real money, and so to sit on the table, you have to wager. The bets have minimal amounts allowed, so some people may be locked out.

Not the Same – If you have been to a land-based casino, then a live roulette Canada session doesn’t exactly send the same vibe. The music, adrenaline in the air, and staring down your opponent doesn’t feel the same from all those miles. It comes close, but you still lack the feeling of being among fellow players.

Roulette Live Strategies

The best results when playing online casino live roulette are attributed to a live dealer roulette strategy that works ideally. You make it better with consistent gaming and learning from your opponents.

Progressive betting, where you increase the size of your wager based on the outcome of a just-concluded round, is summed up by two strategies: Martingale and Reverse Martingale. With Martingale, you double your bet with every loss hoping for better results. It is popular among newbie players, but seasoned ones will hardly be seen applying it. Reverse Martingale is the opposite – a double of the wager after each win. It is a steep-progression method that feels safer to some as compared to Martingale.

Another strategy used in live online roulette casinos is the flat progression method that is the D’Alembert, where you do not increase or reduce tour bets based on the outcome. The wins may be few and far between since you are pacing inside best, but when you get lucky, you may end up winning way more than when using the other strategies.

The Fibonacci system is yet another casino roulette Canada – or anywhere, really – a strategy that uses the mathematical sequence to dictate bet progression. It is considered safer than the Martingale system but still delivers some wins.

Ian Fleming’s strategy, the James Bond System, works by placing bets on half the table in an attempt to turn the odds on a player’s favor. This one is non-progressive, and so you can manipulate your bet sizes as you please or leave them as they were – essentially flat progression – and it may or may not work since it is a game of chance after all. If you have big monies that you are willing to spend on a table in a live game, then Labouchere is your go-to strategy. It works with even bets.

How We Rate the Best Live Roulette Casinos

We are choosey of the live roulette online Canada casinos we promote on our site, so we do a thorough test and check before we put them here. As a result, you can read many reviews, such as Quatro Casino review, to learn more. Here’s what we look at:

  • Mobile Compatibility – It is futile for you to check into a casino that isn’t mobile compatible with the OS of your device. All the casinos on our site can be accessed by users of iOS and Android systems as they are the most popular in the world. This allows you to stream through mobile or personal computer.
  • Customer Support – Users will have questions and concerns about a service or product, and we prefer they get the answers straight from the horse’s mouth as quickly as possible. To this end, we only work with an online live roulette casino that gets back to its users within half an hour – or less – of being contacted.
  • Secure and Safe – Any online casino with $5 minimum deposit worth its salt encrypts user information so that you know it is safe. The site should also display its license number, so you know it is regulated by one of the industry’s governing bodies. We ensure to check for these before listing a site here.
  • Easy Deposits and Fast Payouts – we like the best Canadian casinos with several payment platforms because users world over could use the variety. The faster the payouts, the better it ranks on our radar.
  • Game Variety – Even though this piece is basically about live roulette, we choose sites that have lots of games for users to select from when they are not engaging in roulette live dealer session. The more the casino offers, the better its chances to increase a player’s lifetime value and naturally the more it makes.
Casinos that don’t meet these qualities don’t make the cut for us because we value a player’s online gaming experience.

Types of Live Roulette Online

There are several types of casino live roulette online. Though they may be a little different in theory, they are similar in strategy so that knowing how to play means you can play them all with only a few tweaks. Different developers have their strengths; for instance, NetEnt live roulette is best known for French Roulette.

European Live Roulette

The wheel on this game has 36 numbers, one to 36, and one zero. It is arguably the most popular type, partly because of a 97.3% Return-to-Player and a house edge of 2.7%. Many variations are attributed to different developers, mostly due to features like multiple shortcut keys. When playing, you can choose between inside bets – where all the bets are made inside the roulette table or outside bets that are made outside the same table. The strategies apply across the game, whether to go for progressive or non-progressive betting.

American Live Roulette

It is not a favorite for most players, thanks to a 5.26% house edge and a lower RTP – 94.74%. The wheel has 38 pockets with two zeros (00), and you can apply the same known strategy when you play live roulette online casinos on other variations. When you play these numbers; 00, 0, 1, 2, and 3, the house edge goes way up to 7.89%, which then means you are just lining the casino’s pockets with each game you play. Better to get another version with a lower house edge, whether you are a seasoned player or rookie.

High Stakes Live Roulette & Low Stakes Live Roulette

Some tables allow you to make very high bets – to the tune of $40,000 or even more – depending on the depth of your pocket. If you are playing progressive betting with smaller bets that you increase over time depending on the last outcome, these wagers add up, and you become a high flier before you even know it.

There are, of course, those players who prefer smaller bets with no or flat progression that you will find at tables placing best below $1,000. There is no shortage of these tables since this is the strategy that most players make. Bet strategy and size of bankroll are a personal discretion, but you can bet the adrenaline is off the charts at high stake live roulette tables.

Speed Live Roulette

Here, the game has a reduced spin-to-spin time so that games move faster. There is no dealer at the wheel, and spins move at speeds of even 2 seconds at some tables. NetEnt live roulette has its spin speed at 42 seconds, which is a little slower than some, but still better than regular live roulette sessions.

Immersive Roulette

This game is in a class of its own with state-of-the-art HD cameras and angles way better than most. The presenter is seated at the wheel without a table, but with HD cameras showing the roulette table in the live studio. Once bets are placed, the wheels are spun at lightning speed, and the game moves on quite swiftly.

Mobile Live Roulette

There is no significant difference between a mobile online casino roulette live game and roulette live online played through a PC. The features remain the same, save for those that would be too large to fit even with significant compression. The same strategies apply too, and so if you can play a regular game from your laptop, you can win it mobile too with casino Google Pay.

Because you need real money to play live roulette casino, there are no free versions, even on mobile. It helps to perfect your skills and strengthen your strategy through regular mobile or online roulette versions before heading for the big tables.

Live Roulette Bonuses and Promotions

Online casinos live roulette have devised ways to keep players coming back – bonuses and rewards. And they are quite various to capture al players from rookies to loyal users.

Welcome bonuses are for new players opening an account with roulette live online casino for the first time. It is mostly a match-up to your deposit that is capped at a certain amount, and naturally, you will need to meet set wagering requirements.

Promo Codes and Specific Offers – These are given weekly or even daily at the management’s discretion, and they target the casino’s regular users. They have lower wager requirements than the rest of the bonuses. Hardly will a best live casino roulette offer no-deposit bonuses since you always have to wager some cash to play, but you will get these rewards at regular roulette tables that aren’t live.

There are limited offers too that a casino could make available for, say, a day or happy hours, which usually have very low wagering requirements – or none at all. Since they are timed, you would have to know in advance when they are available to take advantage, and so consistency is key. Some casinos have VIP clubs for high fliers and loyal members who get advanced rewards and special treatment.


🍁 Do all online casinos offer live roulette games?

Not all casinos offer live roulette because the set-up is a little complicated, and so you want to check before opening an account if you really want to play. Most of them offer the regular version.

🍁 Can I play live roulette for free?

Not really because you will need to place a bet for the dealer to spin the wheel. This version of table gaming requires you to play for money with real money.

🍁 What languages are spoken at live casinos?

The language that the online casino has made official. If the site operates in Spanish, then the dealer at the live studio will use the same. Worth noting, though, is that croupiers are multi-lingual and will speak any language listed as official on the site.

🍁 Can I win money playing live roulette?

Yes, you can when you select winning numbers. Once you have placed your bet and the wheel is spun, you will know your fate in seconds. If you lose, you deplete your bankroll, but you can deposit some more and bet again.
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