High Speed Poker

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Update: February 23, 2023
High Speed Poker
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The majority of poker games are played regularly, with a regular tempo in most of the online casinos. High Speed Poker, developed by Microgaming company, is one of those online casino games that attract experienced players who do not want to waste their time. It does offer to play with demo credits for inexperienced players but we would like to note at the beginning that you should not play any kind of high-speed poker since you need to be a professional player to be able to go with the flow of this game. Now, let’s take a quick glance at some of the features this game offers, without forgetting its pros and cons that could help you to determine whether this game is for you.

Basic Conception Of High Speed Poker

The initial difference between a standard online and high speed poker is that the latter offers around 300 hands per hour which mean it has a fast gameplay. This is important to professional online poker players who don’t like to waste their time on waiting of slow-paced card dealing and bet placing. Today, many of the fast-paced poker games offer playing at micro bets which is not appealing to experienced players. However, High Speed Poker is not like the majority of online casino poker applications.

The game is played with the standard deck of cards and like all high speed pokers that have no special cards, this type is not different from others in this category. Instead of “blinds” that are always part of every game, High Speed Poker offers “ants”. Those are predetermined starting bets that must be placed before playing a hand; it is a sort of an entrance fee. The minimum amount of “ant” is 1 while the maximum amount can be 200. You have the choice to put your bets on five separate hands which increases the chances for winning.

Playing And Placing The Bets At High Speed Poker

After you place the bet, you can hit the “DEAL” button. The cards are dealt and you see all cards, except for dealer’s cards that are down-faced. Now you have “PLAY” and “FOLD” options, which you are familiar with probably. The first button doubles your wager while the second option discards the current hand and you lose your ant/initial bid. As you know, your main goal is to have the strongest hand, while the dealer qualifies with a queen or higher card.

Bonuses That High Speed Poker Offers

This game offers really great bonuses! However, you can put bonus bet only if you have the ante already. The coolest part is that the bonuses are not connected to your playing outcome – they are paid out regardless of your outcome.  The bonuses have also a separate payout table which makes things much more interesting.

The Overall Design Of High Speed Poker

When we speak about the overall design of this poker, we have to say that the Quickfire developers hired a skillful graphic designer who created an authentic and poker-like atmosphere for online casino gamblers. This online high speed poker has a table with appealing light-green color, making this gambling experience genuine. In the combination with the yellowish details on the table, which are marking spaces for the ants and bonuses, it enhances the whole gambling experience, giving it professional look. You have a feeling that you play the game in a highly-recognized brick-and-mortar casino.

It would not be okay if we forgot to mention a few cool cosmetic features. All the buttons in this game are designed carefully and with a great attention to details.  For example, note that you can see easily the amount of bet you selected; each amount of bet is “blinking” so you can see clearly which one you selected. Also, you can notice the name of combination that you currently have in your hand (if you have any). The designers wanted to make everything as easy as possible so you can only sit back, relax and hit the DEAL button after you place your bets.

The Best High-Speed Poker – Hands Down!

Taking into account the design, speed of play, amount of bets and bonuses, it is safe to say in the end that High Speed Poker is the best application for playing fast-paced poker! We could not find any flaws for this game so we are giving this online casino poker game 10/10 rating! It is a super cool poker app that will make you eager to play more and more!

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