French Roulette

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Update: December 29, 2023
French Roulette
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Roulette is the most famous type of casino game which attracts users on a large scale. Among the several types of roulette games, French Roulette is considered to be the preferable choice. In French Roulette, the rules are somewhat different from American and European Roulette. If you want to win at roulette real money online, then play something lucrative and exciting like French Roulette which comes with massive tricks and trips. French Roulette is developed by pioneering NetEnt Developer.

The casino Roulette game comes with 37 pockets coloured with red and black together with single zero pockets in green colour. The maximum betting amount for this roulette game is 20 euro, and the minimum bet is 1 euro. Before you go ahead and play the online casino game, it is necessary to inform your bankroll by selecting chip values as well as placing your bets. Other than that, gamblers will come across cold and hot numbers, wager payouts as well as many other things which are quite necessary for rewarding and easy play.

How to Play French Roulette Game

When exploring how to play casino games, particularly roulette, you might have noticed that the layout of the wheel in certain types differs from the standard versions, with some inscriptions in French. This aspect is crucial in understanding how to play casino roulette with a French twist. For instance, the odd bet is labeled ‘impair’, reflecting its French translation. Additionally, in the right-hand corner at the bottom of the layout, players interested in learning how to play casino roulette will find options for Announce and Neighbor bets, which are unique to this variation. These nuances add an intriguing layer to the classic game, offering a distinct experience for those familiarizing themselves with different roulette styles. Let’s have a glance at them in detail:

Announce Bets: It is quite similar to call bets which are available in Racetrack of other games like European games, however, it is mentioned in the table. Some of the additions include Cheval and Jeu Bets. The ‘Finales en Plein

Neighbour Bets: It is similar to the Neighbor bets found on other roulette game. All you need to perform is click on the number and place the bet on numbers and it’s neighbours of the wheel. The neighbours are considered the best way to cover a huge part of the wheel in a few clicks.

French Roulette Terms

Another important feature of French Roulette is that all gaming terms are mentioned in French.

  • Here pair indicates even numbers
  • Impair indicates odd numbers
  • PassA@ denotes high numbers from 19 to 36
  • ManquA@ denotes low numbers from 1 to 18
  • Moyenne 12  or M-12 denotes the second 12 numbers
  • Derniere 12 or D-12 denotes the third 12 numbers
  • Premiere 12 or P-12 denotes first 12 numbers

How French Roulette Differs From European One

Basically, French Roulette game resembles similar to its counterparts with the massive difference in terms of the betting table. Other than that, there are couples of features which differentiate the French roulette wheel from European and American one. if you have played other types of online free roulette already but wish to play French roulette online, then these features are quite essential to consider such as:

  • En Prison Rule: This specific rule relates to zero slots of the game. Whenever the player places bet on odd/even or red/black & the ball ends on zero, the player gets the chance to postpone his/her bet during the next spin of the wheel. During the second spin, if the player wins the game, he gets it back, otherwise, loses the bet.
  • La Partage Rule: As per this rule, the player tends to lose half of their betting amount when the ball of roulette stops on zero.

Those who do not know how to play roulette game, the process seems to be quite easy and simple. The fascinating players will make their bets by trying their guess on the slot or segment of the wheel where the ball stops. After making bets, the dealer spins up the wheel and place the ball in it. Winners are declared when the wheel stops its spinning. According to bets, winning can be made on the basis of special aspects such as odd/even number, red/black colour, outside/inside section of the wheel.

Similar to other casino games, there are two possibilities available in playing options. By having enough training and skill, you are sure to play French Roulette for real money and win over the cash amount.


If you wish to play casino games on the web, then you are facilitated with a selection of casino games online. The selection will be based on software robustness, promotions, customer service, reputation, bonuses, and cash out options, graphics and many others. Play the French variation of roulette game to win massive jackpots with upgraded graphics and sound quality.

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