Vegas Strip Blackjack

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Update: July 11, 2024
Vegas Strip Blackjack
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Origins of Vegas Strip Blackjack

The traditional game of Blackjack is a favorite in casinos, both in the real world as well as online casino platforms. The reasons are several; not only is Blackjack a great game with rules that are easy to follow, if the strategies are implemented right, it can lead to profitable rounds as well. Vegas Strip Blackjack is a variant of the traditional version; for those who are foraying into the world of poker games for the first time, this is an easy version to start with.

Vegas Strip Blackjack is a version of the card game as made popular by Microgaming. The online version offers great graphics, and the interface is easy to figure out, even for new players. The options of the gameplay are standard, as found in the traditional Blackjack game. Players would be playing against the dealer who would hit until they reach a hard 17; after that, the players stand at an advantage. The online version of the same as casino online Ontario also offers a user-friendly interface for the players to get started.

Rules to follow

The rules of this variant are similar to basic Blackjack. The aim of the game would be to get cards that amount to 21 or less since a score over that means the hand is busted.

  • Every card is usually at face value, that is, if there is a card with 7 of hearts, it amounts to 7.
  • Royal cards of every suit are valued at 10.
  • Ace is played as one or eleven, which depends on the benefits that such a card can provide to a certain hand dealt with the gamer.
  • Best hand considered in this game is when a player is in possession of a 10 and an ace that leads to a Blackjack.

How to wager?

Those who are opting for Vegas Strip Blackjack would aim to use cards that come to 21 or less and so forth. If you are confident of wagering with online casinos, you can proceed to so doing by using the plus or minus sign that is at the bottom of the game screen. Bets can be from £1 to £200. Opt for Deal when the bet has been placed finally. The software deals out two cards that are face down; you can then decide to stand or hit as per the value of the cards received. The dealer, on the other hand, would have two cards where one card is face down, and one is up.

Stand option

This is the option to take when you wish to increase your total against the dealer. The hand is determined by the card values which near close to 21. This can be the dealers or the players. The dealer needs to hit if the hand is less in value than 17 and when this threshold is crossed, the dealer would have to stand. The 17 total is called a soft one without any aces while the score with a single ace is called a hard 17.

Split and double down options

The split is an option to choose when a gamer has two cards of the same value; in this case, they can split and ask for another card. After that, they can opt to double down. This option is taken when a split is done or after the first two cards are received by a gamer.

Payout options

The dealer gets a payout at the ratio of 3:2 for this game. It is the common practice in Vegas casinos as well. The house advantage can be lowered to a bare minimal if the right strategies are used.

The glamour of Vegas Strip Blackjack

Seen the pro players at the table games in the Las Vegas casinos? If you wish to play as a pro yourself on your next visit to Vegas, this variant of Blackjack is a must try for anyone. Blackjack is a popular table game, and there are different variants out there. If you wish to familiarize yourself with the classic version and its variants, it is best to play the game at an online casino.


Vegas Strip Casino is an easy variation of Blackjack that is easy to pick up. The user-friendly interface of Casino Online makes it easy for anyone to get started. Opt for playing at demo mode when you wish to learn the ropes of this variant. Once you feel confident, you can easily begin to play with real money through the secure and safe platform of this online casino.

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