Vegas Downtown

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About Vegas Downtown

We all love the downtown area of Las Vegas, whether we have visited it ourselves or have read about the casinos and the glamorous retail and hotel destinations there. If you want to relive the feel of a Las Vegas casino sitting in your own home, simply log onto live casino In Canada and try its wide range of classic casino games. This particular game is one of them that incorporate the rules of traditional Blackjack along with certain variations.

The name of the game was derived from the downtown area of Las Vegas, where the casinos first started to offer this version of Blackjack to the customers. It is known to be a loose variation of the basic game. The rules of the game are liberal, and payouts are decent, for which many are attracted to this game and wish to try it out. The gambling experience in this game and thrill of the same are unparalleled.

Basics of Blackjack Vegas Downtown

The goal of the player remains in defeating the dealer. Hence, even with other players around the table, the aim is not to beat them but to beat the dealer’s hand. The aim of the player is to get a hand that is better than that of the dealer. At the same time, the hand of the player cannot exceed the value of 21 in order to have a winning hand. When the game starts, the players are given or dealt two cards with the face-up. The dealer has two cards as well, but only one has the face-up.

Every player can opt to take on a strategy such as a stand, split, hit, double down, place an insurance bet or surrender. When the dealer reveals the other card the value of his or her hand is revealed and accordingly the winner is known.

Rules to follow

The game is played with cards of two decks, of the standard size. The different strategies that a player can deploy are the following:

  • Splitting two cards that are identical for instance, King and Jack can be split, Queen and Ten can be split; with this strategy at hand can be split, but only three times, which leads to four different hands that can be obtained; if aces are split then only a single card is dealt.
  • Double down is the other rule to follow; this can be done on two cards, no matter what their value is this is also a strategy to use after a split.

Other points to remember

The card is defined as a game of hole card where the dealer can check for blackjack if the card with the face turned up is an Ace or a Ten. When face up is a blackjack, both the card values are revealed; in that case, the players cannot take any further action.

The online game ensures that the cards are reshuffled before they are played, and that ensures that the game is fair and unbiased.

Payouts and more

The payout is standard as in the case of classic blackjack games. The payout ratio is 3:2; in case the player has taken an insurance bet and won, the payout is 2:1. The advantage of playing Vegas Downtown Blackjack is that the house edge remains small and hence, the players stand at an advantage.

Tips for winning

There are certain strategies as per the hands of players and dealers that prove useful:

  • When the dealer has a 17 hand, he or she has to stand; for the players, it is best to stand when the score is 17+, a soft 20 or 10s pair.
  • When the hand is 11 in worth, double down is an advisable strategy no matter what the value of the dealer’s hand is.
  • With a pair of Aces, it is best to split them.

In this game variant, the dealer stands on a hard 17 and hit when there is a soft 17; players can double down after the first two cards are given out; double down after splitting is also allowed and re-splitting is also possible after three hands have been dealt out.


Casino Online has this variant of blackjack for the customers to try. There are several possibilities that players can opt for making this game interesting. You can try the demo mode for free in order to understand the rules and how the game is played. Once these aspects are understood, you can then proceed to wager in the game with real money. The safe and fair playing platform at this casino ensures a pleasurable playing experience.