Ottawa Online Casinos

For a gambling enthusiast in Canada, living in the capital city is not the worst place to be in. It’s not the most extended market, at least when compared to neighboring districts, but it still offers plenty of interesting options: some land-based casinos in Ottawa, a local authority governed online casino Ottawa based and a lot of offshore websites to play at.

Online Gambling In Ottawa

At this moment it’s possible to have access to the best gambling games in Ottawa Canada casino, but the road until here hasn’t always been a swift and pleasant ride. Canada’s capital city went a long way before becoming the relaxed betting market that opens players with open arms. History had its share of ups and downs on this bumpy path, but a decisive law was the one in 1969 through which it was settled that the regulatory power in the field of gambling, was to be held by local authorities. Thus, each province had the right to choose the way it wanted to position itself on this subject of discussion.

As luck has it, Ottawa is situated in a district that allows all forms of gambling. District authorities would clearly prefer that residents would spend their money in the land-based venues, or at least in the online casinos Ottawa-based, governed by local authorities.

However, access to offshore-based websites that rival the local ones has continued to be permitted. Clearly, a part of the gambled money is leaving the district and goes across borders, seeing how competing with some of the huge multinational companies is hard, even for a government-backed organization as Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. Nevertheless, perhaps even due to this relaxed stance towards betting and online gambling, in particular, profits kept on increasing, with revenues from this industry going up, quarter after quarter.

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On the other hand, speaking about the other side of the same coin, there have been some heated debates as of lately, on the matter of online gambling and the prospect of regulating it in a more strict manner. The supporters of this idea base their request on the increase of the number of gambling addiction cases, which they pin the blame for, on betting sites and the easiness to join an Ottawa online casino.

Play Top-Rated Online Casino In Ottawa

No action has been taken so far towards restricting the degree of freedom of gambling Ottawa has, but the discussions continue, and any development is kept under close scrutiny. Until a clear measure should be taken against this industry, however, residents of Canada’s capital city have many online Skrill casinos in Ottawa to enjoy playing at.

As the list that we supply, of recommended Ottawa online casinos, has to show, wagering games can be found:

  • while joining the locally-owned online casino, which runs under the OLC supervision,
  • by accessing any of the reviewed websites that we have recommended in our list, some having other jurisdictions than Canada.

As far as the chances to find at least one game that is bound to get players hooked up, they are basically unlimited. Gamblers have the possibility to choose from hundreds of slot machines, with different designs, stories, and gameplay, issued by the various gaming software provider. Some of these Ottawa slots aren’t even available in any land-based casinos in Ontario. Also, another of audience’s favorite, poker, has many forms that it can be played by fans. Ottawa online casinos provide:

  • Video poker
  • Poker rooms
  • Live dealer sessions
  • High-limit poker rooms
  • Texas Hold’Em
  • Omaha
  • Three or four cards poker
  • Seven cards Stud
  • Razz
  • Chinese poker

The list can go on as no option is left uncalled for. As is the case with all other table games, ranging from blackjack, baccarat, roulette, dice and keno.

Mobile Casinos Ottawa

A common concern when talking about online gambling, which travels mostly among youngsters, refers to the possibility of accessing their favourite games from their personal smartphones. Indeed, we are living in a period when the dependency of mobile devices has reached an all-time high.

Fortunately, for those gambling in Ottawa, this concern has no negative impact on the betting activity. All websites have been adapted to work flawlessly on all mobile devices, maintaining the visual quality and original design.

Online casinos that accept Neteller pride themselves on being able to properly function on any type of smartphone, doing their best to maintain compatibility with all software, quickly reacting to any changes of the operating system, through constant updates. In order to keep in check the maintenance activity, they have developed two ways to allow access to their services:

  • Downloading an app that needs periodical updates to stay in line with technology’s innovations
  • Through direct access of the site from a browser, thus keeping all modifications within the page’s code.

Live Casinos Ottawa

Another perk imagined by software providers of Ottawa online casinos is the live streaming of table games, which players can access online and participate. This gives gambling in Ottawa Canada a whole new dimension. It’s as close as actually being part of the game in a classic brick-and-mortar casino.

The authentic experience is highlighted by the fact that there are real live dealers that split the cards and deal the hands, right in front of the player’s eyes.

The main trait of this experience is the accessibility, having the option to join a live room, independent of the player’s whereabouts. And surely, the fact that the game is constantly filmed in a studio, with top-quality equipment, only enhances the real feel. We could be witnessing a whole new change in the paradigm of gambling and the way it functions.

Ottawa Offline Casinos

As mentioned before, Ottawa Canada gambling offers the full plate of options to wagering enthusiasts. Online is not the only alternative, as some are more conservative in their choices and thrive when looking the dealer directly in the eyes, or relish the cold touch of slot machine’s lever. For these guys, there are a couple of brick-and-mortar establishments that are gladly awaiting them:

  • Rideau Carleton Raceway Casino is a casino resort that spreads on many square feet, equipped with 1250 slot machines. It presents two peculiarities: it has no live table games, only video terminals and it holds horse races to bet on live, alongside other similar races broadcast from all around the world.
  • Casino Lac-Leamy, which is actually situated close by, in Quebec, holds its doors open to Ottawa gamblers and gives them access to the full range of 1800 slot machines and 60 live gaming tables. Furthermore, the minimum age for gambling here is 18 years old, not 19 as everywhere else in Ontario district.

Ottawa Casino Bonuses

Entering a great hall filled with hundreds and hundreds of slot machines, in all colours, buzzing with the spinning sound of reels and jackpot winning alarms can certainly add to the charm of wagering. But in the end, once this special feeling fades away, all that the experience is reduced at and what keeps gamblers coming back for more is the amount of money won. And in this aspect, online gambling in Ottawa holds a clear advantage over the classic land-based casino, through the promotions they use to attract customers.

The list of casino bonuses is extensive, and the gambling operators put their imagination to the test and in the job of their clients when coming up with new ways of granting bonuses. The most frequently used bonuses are:

  • Welcoming bonus. It’s the one that has the biggest potential in multiplying an original deposit. Most often, it presents rollover requirements and withdrawal limits, so carefully go through terms and conditions.
  • No-deposit bonus. It’s usually a small amount given for free, with the condition to play it at paypal casino canada or at a specific game, with the additional benefit of keeping the winnings. Also, wagering and withdrawal rules apply.
  • Free spins. Similar to the no-deposit bonus, this grants playing a number of hands for free, with the possibility of using the amounts won, if some conditions are met.


👌 What is the legal gambling age in Ottawa?

The Ottawa legal gambling age is of 19 years old, for casinos, online or not, lottery, bingo or any other gambling game.

😉 Are online casino sites safe?

Yes. The ones owned by OLC are audited by the state itself, while the offshore casinos from our list have been reviewed by us personally.

💳 Do I need to pay taxes on winnings?

Ontario residents and through extension, Ottawa citizens, are exempted from paying taxes on their gambling winnings.

💰 What are the best payment methods?

The methods used in a fairly wide number are the bank cards, under the MasterCard and Visa brands, or virtual wallets, such as Neteller or Skrill.
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