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PayPal Online Casinos in Canada

paypal casino
In today's world, we have a myriad of advanced payment systems. We can complete online transactions using many different methods – Visa, Credit Card, Neteller, Skrill and Bank Transfer for example. One payment provider that is extremely popular is PayPal. This payment system is renowned throughout the world and has a huge customer base.

In this article, we look at casinos online Canada that accept PayPal and the casino online PayPal benefits. We will show you why this is a fantastic platform to use, and how it can make online gambling a breeze.

To start, let’s look at a little background information about this online payment provider. Formed in 1998, it is one of the longest standing online payment systems in the world. It has a current annual revenue of approximately $13 billion USD. Furthermore, it boasts a user base of over 200 million. In short, it is an online payment powerhouse!

🔥 Number of Casinos20+
💳 Deposit AlternativesSkrill, Neteller, iDebit
💰 Max BonusC$5000
🎲 Casino Games1400+

Why use PayPal in an Online Casino?

As mentioned above, you can find a range of online casino with PayPal platforms. This has become a widely used form of payment for many gambling casino sites that accept PayPal deposits. But why would you use it to make deposits and withdrawals? What benefits does it offer over other traditional forms of payment such as MasterCard and Visa? In the below sections we look at the advantages and disadvantages of using online casino PayPal transactions:

⊙ What are the advantages of using PayPal

There is no denying that best PayPal casino online is a fantastic system. There must be a reason why millions of people around the world use it on a daily basis. Both individual users and businesses make use of what this transaction platform has to offer. The following are some of the benefits:plus-sign
+ Fantastic security
+ Great flexibility
+ Has a Phone App
+ No processing fee
+ Fast
+ Easy to use
As you can see, a casino that accepts PayPal has a lot to offer. First and foremost, this is one of the most secure transaction methods available. You rarely hear about security breaches or misuse of customer data. Secondly, the system is flexible – you can add multiple payment options and cards. Thirdly, there is no processing fee for standard transactions and processing times are extremely fast. Finally, PayPal is convenient and easy to use!

⊙ What are the disadvantages of using PayPal

Now that you can see the advantages, we must look at the negatives. Luckily, they are few and far between! There is not much bad to say about PayPal at all – it is a robust system that has much to offer. The following are the disadvantages of using this platform:minus-sign

- Lack of customer service to account issues
- Still, have to deposit to use PayPal
- Not available in many countries

The main issue is that use paypal is not a direct form of payment – you still have to first PayPal casino deposit funds into your account, to then make a paypal deposit or withdrawal with a casino. Other transaction types are direct – PayPal is effectively a middleman. This is not a huge inconvenience, however – all you have to do is periodically make deposits into your account to ensure there are funds available.

The other minor disadvantage is that PayPal is not known for its customer service. If you have account issues, you may struggle to get in touch with someone. This should not have much bearing on your PayPal casino Canada experience.

Best PayPal Online Casino Bonus Offers

The online gaming platform regularly provides bonuses to attract completely new gamers, you will be able to use PayPal to make a profit. Until now, games on the online casinos that accept PayPal in Canada platforms, such as blackjack and roulette, have a small value, namely 5% and 20% or nothing.

  • Paypal casino free spins offer

An incredibly common bonus of the platform is unpaid spins. Regularly, this money is provided to gamers for an auxiliary prize, as soon as users purchase a prize to their account. Many platforms similarly gathered to distribute free spins of $1. Occasionally there is a chance to find a casino real money platform where they are offered for individual benefit, there are online casinos where they provide unpaid spins without money.

  • No deposit deals

The free bonus is the same, in the direction of what it looks like, the user purchases funds freely to his online casino account, without any gaps. The amount that is provided is from 5 to 20 Canadian dollars. Together with free spins, it is one of the more desirable prizes of all online platforms for the sake of many Canadians.

  • Match deposit bonus offers

Starting from the prizes for the game on the online casino platform, it fully meets any deposit entered to the gamer, in front of specific money. For example, when a gamer brings a hundred dollars, but the platform fully meets all the money to $600, the universal money, publicly available in the direction of the online casino, will form $200. Provided that the gamer puts $600, then the user acquires a whole set of money, his account has $1200.

  • Reload bonuses in casinos accepting PayPal

A prize offered to exist, users that in the past brought amounts to a personal account. For example, the online platform has the opportunity to provide a prize for restarting in the amount of up to thirty Canadian dollars, therefore, when the player brings $50, the user will take auxiliary prize funds in the size of $15 for the sake of gameplay. Some sites similarly enter an application for free spins without payment within the premium placement according to the reload.

PayPal Mobile Casino Payments

Among all the mobile payment tools, PayPal online casino takes a leading position. Due to the popularity of its mother version, it attracted thousands of users even before its launch. Indeed, this application serves a splendid way to operate your online expenses. Montreal casino with PayPal is not a new thing on the Canadian gambling market. Since there was a rapid rise of online casinos, the service appeared to be a perfect tool for banking operations you have to make using your phone. Depositing and withdrawing money is easy and fast; what is more, there is no fee charged for money transfers you do for your friends and family. The only drawback of casinos that take PayPal is an expensive currency conversion. However, looking at the wide range of online casino PayPal Canada, you may conclude that Canadian dollars will be enough even for professional players betting big bucks. Most of the reliable PayPal casinos Canada use this payment platform for all the slot machines and table games to guarantee your safety.

Creating an Account With PayPal

Creating an account is very simple, you need to:

  1. write the official PayPal online casino Canada website in the search bar, go to the website and click "Register";
  2. enter the country of residence, phone number, get a confirmation code, and enter it in a certain line;
  3. enter the current mail;
  4. user name and surname;
  5. create a password that you won't forget;
  6. date and place of birth;
  7. this area in which you live;
  8. the postal code of your city.

You can add your card. Be sure to specify the correct residential address. Having done everything now, there will be no need to do it later. You will receive various offers that you should refuse. Confirm by clicking on the link.

In fact, in the form of a PayPal account, you get at your disposal a digital wallet with which you can make online casino Canada PayPal payments.

How to use PayPal account in Online Casinos?

The process for actually using this service is quite straightforward, especially for the best online casino games Canada PayPal. The following is a little information about making deposits and withdrawals through this system:

⇒ Making deposits with PayPal

Making a deposit using PayPal couldn’t be easier. The actual method will vary slightly depending on the gambling sites that you use, but the basic premise remains the same. See the deposit method below:

  1. Sign in to your PayPal account
  2. Ensure your account has available funds
  3. Sign in to your PayPal gamble online casino Canada
  4. Open the payment sections (this could be called cashier, account or banking for example)
  5. Select PayPal as the chosen method
  6. Enter the desired amount
  7. Finalize the deposit

As you can see this really is a straightforward process. Providing that you have funds available, or your cards registered with PayPal have funds, you can pay with PayPal and make a deposit in a matter of minutes. Deposits should usually be credited to your account immediately – this will depend on the casino itself, however.

⇒ Making withdrawals with PayPal

In a similar manner, making withdrawals using this transaction system is also simple. Withdrawal times are usually no longer than 24 hours. This can again depend upon the casino though – some platforms may have longer processing times, despite the quick processing time through the system itself. The following is the typical method of making withdrawals:

  1. Sign in to your casino that takes PayPal Canada account
  2. Open the payment sections
  3. Select withdrawals
  4. Choose PayPal as the method
  5. Enter the desired amount
  6. Finalize the withdrawal

There should be no withdrawal fees for using PayPal itself, but the gambling platform could impose banking restrictions or admin fees.

⇒ PayPal commissions

This payment system does have associated fees and commission, but they will generally not apply to gambling activities unless you make a conversion of currency. The followings list some of the types of transaction and their fees:

    • Domestic personal payments: Free
    • Cross-border personal payments for EU countries: Free
    • Cross-border personal payments for Other countries: Varying depending on the country

How are users protected when using PayPal?

Security is obviously an important aspect of online casinos accepting paypal. When using any form of the online transaction system, you may be concerned about your personal information. How do you know that your details and cash will remain secure? Luckily, PayPal has numerous protection systems and security in place to ensure you are fully protected. The following measures are employed:

    • Buyer protection
    • Fraud prevention
    • Data encryption

Buyer protection means that if you complete a transaction, and the seller (i.e., a casino) doesn’t match your payment, the company will reimburse you. This is a fantastic security measure that can protect you from unscrupulous platforms that would steal your funds. They also employ fraud prevention – basically, each transaction is monitored. Any suspicious activity such as phishing or identity theft is outlined and eradicated immediately.

Finally, transactions through PayPal to online casinos are encrypted – this means the data is turned into an unreadable format that cannot be translated if intercepted. This provides a file safe if any breach of data occurs. In short, PayPal is an extremely secure system that puts customer security first.

Where to find Online Casino that Accepts PayPal in Canada?

So what options are available for mobile casino PayPal Canada platforms? Unfortunately, there are none available. As it stands, Canadians are not allowed to make deposits to PayPal casinos online using this platform. There is specific legislation within the government that prevents this platform from being used as a direct means of payment for casino online slots and sportsbooks. You can still use this service to move real money PayPal into different accounts – you just can't make direct payments.

When using Canadian casinos, it is advisable to facilitate your transactions using PayPal, but choose an alternative method such as Visa or Bank Transfer to actually make the deposits. In time, the legislation could change surrounding PayPal, but for now, this is the only way that it can be used.

PayPal Casino Games

In each case, as soon as the user applies the online platform for Canadian casinos,

which contains a procedure with available funds, the user leaves his choice for PayPal about a more stable payment option. Thus, PayPal is included in one of the most common payment systems for games of this kind on casino PayPal gambling sites Canada, because it is reliable, and the transaction occurs instantly.

There are a very large number of different online casinos that provide high-quality entertainment for gambling enthusiasts. There are different types of slot machines, to choose you need to rely on a license that confirms the legal existence of the casino.

The game's software and graphics are also important. The casinos that we provide to our readers have a Paypal payment system. The only caveat is that such a payment system does not work in all countries. In Canadian online casinos that accept PayPal, she's doing a great job. You can play roulette, table games, poker, blackjack.

Most companies from this sector are registered through other states, therefore, people have the opportunity to help gamers reliably use PayPal to receive or online casinos that accept PayPal deposits money to their gaming account.

Here is a list of stable, PayPal casinos where you can safely play without any doubt:

  • Jackpot City
  • Spin Casino
  • Ruby Fortune Casino
  • 888 Canada
  • Roxy Palace
  • Casino for parties
  • William Hill
  • PlayAmo Casino
  • BGO.

PayPal Live Casino

According to the degree of growth of changes in recent years, the emergence of ways of gaming with the help of live dealers was inevitable. Propaganda implied that shortly any gaming platforms could contain matches starting with live dealers.

Playing with them, Canadian gamers have the opportunity to feel the old friendly atmosphere of the main institution for a different online platform, which will make any gambling procedure some kind of great.

Remember that alternatives to the gameplay with live dealers similarly provide ways of cooperation, remuneration, and communication with the dealer, since only a few years ago was a big innovation. Nothing moving further, there are no smart arguments at all, to try to interact with live dealers for gamers.

In both cases, no commission is collected during the introduction of the online casino PayPal deposit. They thus have the opportunity to take a certain amount, which is the smallest.

This is only for some publicly available banking methods from the place of payment for the work done.

PayPal Mobile Casinos

The great news in the sense of portable games is that many online PayPal platforms provide excellent help for mobile devices. Now, without much effort, you can easily purchase an entry for the iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or iPad version.

Many gamers are also obliged to keep in mind that there are both different versions of the release of portable games, including the Internet fast game and application-based games. The initial choice consists of conditions for those gamers who do not have the desire to download different documents at all but are prepared to take input for different matches directly from the Internet.

Another option, directly, is the fastest and is aimed at gamers, since mobile platforms online provide many functions, soft alternatives to the introduction of money, and distinctive features.

As soon as the work comes to the results of the games available for gamers, it is better to note that all "mobile phone improvement" matches have the opportunity to exist quietly and online, excluding any difficulties. The result means that almost any online games in the public domain are now completely easy to use from every device.

Alternatives to PayPal

  • Neteller

This payment method requires a minimum payment of 10 and a maximum of 10,000. Everything happens very quickly and without delay. The enrollment period is within two days. The commission percentage is 3.5%. Crediting money to an online casino account with the assistance of Neteller is one of the easy options. Before you put money into the account, be sure to check the license and the functionality of the site, you can read the terms of use on the official gambling sites that accept PayPal.

  • Skrill

The Skrill online platform costs ten cents a penny today, therefore our goth team show to illustrate the excellent Skrill online casinos that accept PayPal, so you can protect yourself doubly better and fight fraud on the internet. Provides an accurate UKGC license.

The plus is that there is no commission at all, which means that you will not lose some part of your income. A package of various cool offers is also provided for you.

  • Paysafecard

It is practically the most reliable way where your data will be stored without spreading information.

The Paysafecard account is publicly available in 46 states. The gamer has the opportunity to choose the right currency and money in cash.

The user, if desired, has the option of spending the money that you have invested on your card. The usage is very easy and accessible to many users. There is no commission.

  • Bitcoin

It has no commission, is easy and fast to use, has a minimum deposit of 10 euros and a maximum of 1000 euros, which you can find on the website. The casino that accept PayPal has an official license. It works without failures and delays. To create, it only needs the Internet and that's it. Virtual money has just started to develop in an active mode and after a while, it will be available everywhere.

  • MuchBetter

There must be both a minimum and a maximum deposit for all users. The payment is expected to arrive within four days. There is also absolutely no commission. Includes a special code for your security.

It can be used both on the phone and on another device.

Big money limit. Works online, the user will be safe. Multi-tiered transactions with many superior characteristics will make it possible to receive money quickly and affordably. You can use it on any device at your discretion.

PayPal Customer Service

PayPal account maintenance is also free for both personal and business accounts. The disadvantages of PayPal PayPal accounts are often abused by criminals. With the help of fake emails, a PayPal customer may be directed to fraudulent websites where he is asked to disclose his data or enter a password from PayPal. Therefore, always be careful if you receive such an email from PayPal, and never click on the links. Go to the PayPal page directly from the browser. Your PayPal transaction data is mostly stored on servers in the United States. When registering, you sign an agreement on unconditional consent to the transfer of your data abroad. PayPal doesn't tell you where. Therefore, it is unclear exactly where your data lies, and what precautions are taken to protect them there. PayPal shares data with third parties. This is necessary to process transactions or comply with the rules of other services.


🍁 Is it safe to play with PayPal casinos?

Yes, it is. PayPal is a 20-year old service with an excellent reputation. Thanks to the elaborate architecture of their mobile app, there are no chances to encounter a scam.

🍁 How does PayPal casino payment option work?

PayPal casino Canada allows you to conduct transactions in a rather private manner. Linking your account to the gambling website profile or actual bank account will take just a few minutes, thus you can spend more time playing and winning. There is no need to share your bank data with the casino since this online payment system will automatically transfer it whenever you need that.

🍁 Do all casinos accept PayPal deposits?

Most of the Canadian online casinos accept this payment option and use it as one of the main payment options.

🍁 Can I use PayPal to withdraw my winnings?

Yes, it functions as a standard e-wallet, and the option of withdrawal is also available.