European Adventure

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Play for a real money provides players from Canada with gambling games that are among the most popular ones when it comes to online gambling. The European Adventure’s programmers who worked on this online casino game did the great work in terms of gameplay and graphic design. The game itself has enough graphics details to recreate a genuine gambling experience – it looks like you are sitting in some Casino in Europe, somewhere in Italy and you play with your hard-earned money. Well,  with one difference – European Adventure Online actually gives more money to its players than any brick-and-mortar casino.

Review Of The European’s Adventure BlackJack

The game of BlackJack is one of the most popular gambling games but also one of the trending casino games. One of the best online casinos has to offer a smooth, funny and generous version of online blackjack real money game – a lot of players reported that the odds are often easy to win. We have tested this game and came up with the review on it so you don’t have to double-check whether this online casino has to offer everything you could need.

Fast Loadings And Straightforward Online Casino Game

The first thing that comes to our eyes regarding European Adventure is a very fast game loading, whichever game you decide to choose. The BlackJack was loaded in a few seconds literally and as soon as the game is loaded, you can hit “DEAL” button and start your game. You start with 100,000,00 demo credits that are waiting for you to spend them. Very convenient for rookie players. The graphic design is simple and straightforward; there is nothing to confuse you and to make the gambling experience difficult.

Minor Setbacks That Do Not Ruin The Overall BlackJack Experience

The one setback is maybe the small detail –  you don’t see an actual dealer. This can be a bit problem to some players, but it is a minor cosmetic glitch that cannot spoil the overall gambling experience. Also, the quality of sound is not of high-quality but it does not ruin the overall gambling experience with this game. The majority of players, including our team that tested the game, will play this game with the volume turned off, while listening to some of your favorite playlists.

8/10 – Great Online BlackJack For Free

It is a simple free-to-play BlackJack that does not require any downloads so there is no chance that you will not like this game. It offers everything you could ask from a simple online casino BlackJack game. Our overall score for this game is 8/10, due to few minor drawbacks and the lack of possibility for gambling with real money. It is possible though, but you will be redirected to other online casinos.


  • demo credits
  • straightforward, yet effective, graphic design and interface
  • no download, play from your browser
  •  genuine BlackJack experience
  • perfect for practicing


-you get redirected if you want to gamble with real money

-poor sound quality

-no dealer’s appearance

-no bonuses

-not interesting to hardcore players

Why Should You Gamble At European Adventure Online Casino

As we want to explain and give you all the essential details regarding the European Adventure, we must explain why should you stay at this casinoand gamble. Besides the fact that they offer a lot of other online casino games, few facts judged in the process of reviewing this online casino. We have played almost all games this online casino offers, and now we will give you enough reasons to stick to this gambling house.

The Safest Online Casino

Up-to-date and modern security measures ensure you safe and reliable gambling. The leading encryption software is responsible for your deposits, withdrawals, balances and money transfers. You can be assured that your personal information will not leak to third parties.

Good Payment Methods At European Adventure

Verified payment methods are one of the most reliable points for identifying of trustworthiness of online casinos. The European Adventure offers all sorts of electronic wallets, credit cards, and wire transfers. You will find one of the payment methods that suits you best, whether you are trying to deposit or withdraw money from your account.

Reliable And Rig-Free Gambling Provided By European Adventure

It is all about the fair play; you cannot cheat but the house cannot provoke intentional glitches and bugs that can affect your balance. The game is revised and licensed by the professional gambling association that ensures fair play both to players and online casinos.