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Play for a real money

What should the player do first of all?

  1. Regulate the lines (from 1 to 21) clicking the Lines 1 – 21 press;
  2. Choose the credit volume for the activated lines (the Max  Bet push offers the maximum available bet automated setting) clicking the Bet press;
  3. Activate the Start push to let the adventures absorb you.

The Symbols and the Coefficients

The Wild sign

Three portraits of the main heroes are the signs, which cannot be substituted by the Tin Can (the Wild).

The Bonus signs

The Ship and the Food pictures are two signs, which can lead you to the bonus rounds.

The Indexes

The following indexes are prescribed for the winning sets consisting of the indicated images (two, three, four or five units):

  • 15, 80, 500, 10000 – for the Robinzon’s portraits;
  • 10, 50, 300, 2000 – for the beautiful girls;
  • 10, 30, 200, 1000 – for the natives;
  • 5, 10, 50, 150 – for the wooden huts;
  • 5, 20, 50 – for the trunk sign;
  • 5, 15, 30 – for the spyglass and the wooden mark sign images;
  • 5, 10, 20 – for the barrel symbols.

The Risk Round

Every single win opens the access to the risk round, in which the player is to choose one of the downturned images. If the chosen card depicts Robinzon and Friday, the gamer is prized with doubled gain, if on the card he observes the native with a girl – the win is reduced to zero and the round is over.

The Ship Bonus Game

Three (four or five) Ships open the round, in which the player should help the main hero to transport the belongings from the ship to the island. The more things you manage to transport, the more substantial will be the win, but having overload the float-boat the gambler may send it to the bottom, reducing his own win.

The Food Bonus Game

Three (four or five) pictures of Food in the activated line let the gamer enter the next bonus game. In it, the task is to “borrow” from the natives as many products, as possible. The closer you get to the islander, the higher is the risk to be caught, but the prize increases too. If Robinzon is caught before he manages to “borrow” all the food, this round will be over, but the win will be preserved. Is it too easy? Having coped with the improbably difficult task to “borrow” all the food, the gambler can try the second level of this free casino slot. In it, he will have to draw the cigarette out of the native’s mouth. The successful try of this kind grants the tripled win, but the unsuccessful divides the win by 3.