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A diamond is a mineral that occurs as a crystal in various formulas. Diamonds are among the hardest natural materials and are very popular. People have been taking advantage of the properties of this mineral for a very long time. Tools are made with it and objects are built with it. The diamond games show you this world.

They say all girls want a simple lonely diamond. But true gamblers, male or female, know that 3 is always better than one, especially if you don’t sacrifice simplicity. This slot can also be enjoyed just for fun when played in a demo version.

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Triple Diamond Slot Game Review

As you have already guessed from the name, “Triple Diamond ” is mainly inspired by diamonds. Many of the older and classic slots like to use this theme. This gives the game a bit of shine and glamor and lets players dream of great wealth.

In the free online game Triple Diamond on Internet, the player swaps sparkling gemstones and tries to get as many points as possible.

Triple Diamond is a free-to-play match-three game; in which everything revolves around glittering diamonds. At each level, you will find a field full of sparkling stones that you have to get rid of. Whenever you line up at least three symbols of the same color, they split up and land on your account in the form of points.  For each level, you only have a certain number of moves that you must use to achieve a set number of points or another predetermined goal. If you fail, you lose and have to start again to advance further on the map. But don’t worry: you have an infinite number of attempts – at some point, it will work!

As gambler might expect, the visual detail in this slot game is on a low level and there is hardly any modern animation on the individual reels. Nevertheless, we have a classic slot in front of us here. The game developers paid more attention to the game’s payoff potential rather than focusing on the visual appearance.

Gameplay & Features

The crystal was said to have magical powers very early on and it was started to be worn as a good luck charm and talisman. People got into a diamond fever. Digging diamonds has become a daily goal for many. The enthusiasm was overwhelming when the diamond digger came across a valuable jewel. In modern times, the diamond was also counted among the gemstones and less as a material for hand tools.

“Triple Diamond” has a simple design with three rollers and three corresponding rows of rollers. In practice mode the game developers have built 9 pay lines into the game, giving you more chances of winning than most classic slot machines, where the number of pay lines is usually only between 1 and 5.

The “Triple Diamond” paytable consists of the symbols “Single”, “Double” and “Triple Bars”, the “Sevens Symbol” and the Wild -Symbol.

The greatest excitement and highest payouts in the game can be experienced with a little help from the wild symbols. If a wild substitute for another symbol in a winning combination, the relevant total payout is multiplied by 3. If two wilds result in a win at the same time, the possible payout is provided with a 9-fold multiplier. Thanks to the additional win multipliers, the payouts for normal game symbols are much higher than usual.

The winning combinations in the game result from hitting three matching symbols on a pay line. The highest win with “Triple Diamond” you get when you hit three wilds on a pay line. This is followed by the “sevens” symbol in the winning order, followed by the symbols “single”, “double” and “triple bars”.

The payout rate for “Triple Diamond” is 95.06%. Compared to modern video slots, this payout rate is below average, but compared to most classic slots, this value is higher. The slot has a low to medium volatility so that you can expect frequent wins for the game and thus your gaming account does not drop too quickly to zero.


The attractive gemstones are of great value and many a royal family owns a whole collection of jewels. Mind games are about connecting sparkling stones so that they form a single picture. Or it is about you going in search of the coveted minerals in mining. Often this is a tricky business. Because the crystals are well hidden and the places where they are difficult to reach. Think carefully about a strategy, then you will reach the goal. In addition to adventure travel, playing other free diamond games from IGT.



🎰 Who develops the Triple Diamond?

The slot can be viewed as a continuation and further development of the “Double Diamond” slot from this provider, which is particularly popular in land-based casinos with IGT slot machines.

🎰 What are the key features of the Triple Diamond slot machine?

This is a slot from IGT, return to player is 95.06%, 3 reels, and 9 pay lines to win. Payouts up to 1,199xtotal stake.

🎰 Is it safe to play Triple Diamond – or is there manipulation?

Yes, it is safe and, no, it is not tampered with. As long as you use reputable online casinos recommended by us. Often the casino operators have no way of changing anything on the RTP (which is specified by the developers).

🎰 How do you know which slots to play?

The player can place bets in the range from $ 0.1 to $ 100 with the possibility of increasing the bet by x5000.
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