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Play for a real money

What is the theme of Resident?

Espionage… One of the most ancient activities of the mankind for there was always need in some smart secret agents capable of proprietary information intake in the profit of some state. What a slot! It gives the best opportunity to dive into the atmosphere of cloak-and-dagger and military secrets with the highest possible authenticity, which involves serious money. Having started the game, you’ll come to the secret boot with multiple strongboxes full of serious documentation and the gold bars inside.


Before the undercover agent can perform any action, he should worm himself into the confidence of the enemy. Just like the real agent, you should think of your tactics and strategy, having set the active lines and bet for each of them. And surely, the player should do his best while spinning intrigues to accomplish his mission successfully.

Pictograms of Resident

From time to time during the game, the player will come across various attributes (gas masks, combat tactical vehicles, fire extinguishers, medals). The fire extinguishers can easily double your prize fund.

The risk and the bonus rounds

A climax comes when the strongboxes emerge on the reels, and three or more symbols of this kind testify of the resident’s professionalism for he is already in the secret boot. Good job! To accomplish this mission the resident has to activate all the strongboxes, which guard some valuable units (mind: the artful enemies have mined some of them). Inattentiveness can cause the explosion and thus, the player will come back to the main game. But, despite any failure, the confidence should be preserved! It is advisable for the gamer to be armed with the fire extinguishers (which can get under the explosion). For the most experienced agents, who coped with the risk around, there is the super round. Your job in the super round of this free online casino slot is to guess behind which of the offered doors the beautiful radio operator is hidden. In the case of a win, the gain and the beauty are yours!