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History of the game

The Prohibition that was put on production, as well as sales of alcohol at the beginning of the twentieth century, has inspired the making of this slot game. This online slot machine game is marketed by EvoPlay and has gained popularity in many online casinos. If you are trying it out for the first time in Casino Online, you will find several features attractive about this game. The game involves 3D graphics that are great as well as includes other gaming functions and features that are unique.

About the game

This online video slot with 3D features is a five reeled version that comes involved nine pay lines. Any of these lines can be activated as per discretion of the player. Bets for each line is placed that can range from one to hundred coins in the value of one’s or tens and can be played with currencies accepted at this online casino. Hence this slot machine allows one to place bets spanning a wide range which can be as small as one cent to even nine thousand credits.

The symbols show up in three rows on the game screen. Game functions are in a wide range such as standard symbols, gambling feature, special elements and thematic bonuses.

Payouts of the game

Players receive payoffs in varied ways, such as standard combinations which comprise of doubling winnings in the prize games. The winning combinations are:

  • Chains continuous of similar symbols.
  • Combinations need to start from the left reel.
  • The valuable combination in each line comes with a payoff.
  • Winning depends on a bet placed on each line as well as a combination index that varied from five times to 5000 times as seen in the model.
  • When there are different combinations found in the different lines, a summary of the payoffs is considered.
  • Most valuable is the combination of each line along with a payoff.

The customer collects the money or can increase the stakes and play again.

Gambling feature

This feature is around presented in the slot machine game where customers need to guess the colour of the face down card of the dealer who looks like a mafia member. The same round can be played several times, and winnings can be collected at any time.

Symbols of the game

The slot machine has several thematic icons, for instance, the symbols on the reels are that of gangsters, a speaker at a stage, criminal code, a cigar in an ashtray, lady bag with the necklace, illegal whiskey bottle and others that are linked to the prohibition era in the US. The special symbols also incorporate special functions such as:

  • Wild, which indicates contrabass playing musician.
  • Scatter indicated by the bottle and glass of whiskey.
  • Bonus indicated by a black car.

Scatter is a payout independent of the screen location; the payoffsare calculated as per total bet in every round; three or more symbols trigger free spins ten in number while bonus triggers one out of the three games offered for bonus rounds in the game.

Bonus games in the slot

The prize rounds are three in number, in this video slot game. These are thematic and include the following features:

  • Three black cars bring on the first bonus game; here the player needs to look for alcohol in the basement by clicking on different items.
  • The second game is triggered when a player picks up ten guns; the customer gets them as lady bags. The player needs to shoot by the bottle and earn wins for the hits.
  • Another bonus round is triggered when a gentleman in white is seen with an ashtray and cigar; fifteen cells are seen on the screen, and these can be opened in a random manner where the payouts are showcased behind them.

Other features

When you opt to play this slot game you will find reels on the screen; there is a lady with white hair wearing a red dress; the control panel is found in the bottom with several buttons. Here are some popular symbols and what they represent:

The spin button is to be selected for new spins.

  • Lines indicate the active lines of the game.
  • Bet per line indicates the number of bets per line.
  • The double game indicates choosing the gambling feature.
  • Choose a coin lets you choose the coin values you wish to use for bets.


This is a popular slot game that offers you interesting odds. To enjoy it at Casino Online start playing with real money. You can do so by opting for a customer account on the site. This will help you to opt for the lucrative welcome bonus programs as well.

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