Perfect Pairs Multi-Hand

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Play for a real money

This is a game that can be played with virtual as well as real money. It is a one of the classic Microgaming casino game. Among the different variants of Blackjack, this version is popular for several reasons. There are different kinds of bonus payout programs to offer as well as a side bet options. This is played with two card decks and has a minimal game house edge less than one percent.

The benefits of Multi-Hand perfect pairs

This variant of the Blackjack Perfect Pairs is more popular than the single hand. There are certain online casinos that can provide this game for playing a single hand, but in most cases, this game is offered as a multiple hand variant. Players can play up to five hands in this.

The bonus bets are usually placed in most of the hands that are chosen for the game. Here we talk about the Gold Series version of Blackjack that makes it a popular game at this online casino. The graphics are enhanced which makes the game attractive. It is also easy on the eye, and most players are attracted to this version of Blackjack.

Opportunities for betting

The game involves a base bet as well as optional side bets. These make the game perfect, and those who wish to wager on the game can click on the chips that are shown on the betting box. This is showcased on the left of the main arena screen.

The game involves bonus payouts when two initial card hand results show a player has received a pair of cards. These need to be a match and a winning payout is then provided. If two unlike cards of 10 value is dealt, then a player would not get any bonus payout.

There are three kinds of payouts that players can achieve:

  • A winning side bet that involves a 30 to 1 payout; this requires card pairs to be of the same suit.
  • A payout of 15 to 1 is achieved when a pair is of the same colour.
  • For those who end up with mixed suits and pairs, they would find a bonus payout of ratio 5 to 1.

Rules for players and dealer

The rules of this game are similar to playing European Blackjack online for money. The only additional aspect is the side betting that is provided for this game. The betting decisions of the base game, as well as rules, are similar to European Blackjack.


  • This is played with two full decks.
  • These are shuffled at the beginning of every game.
  • The dealer will start when he has a hand 17 or soft.
  • If you are playing with real money, the dealer deals only one card initially and will wait to see for the player to play off his or her hand before he deals with the remaining cards.
  • When the player is dealt out an initial hand of two cards with a valuation of hard ten, nine or eleven, the dealer will offer options. One can double the hand in which case the player needs to pay for the extra card. In this case, the initial wager is charged again.
  • When a pair is matching dealer allows gamers to split their hands only once. With a pair of Aces split multiple cards can be dealt out. A pair of unlike cards cannot be split.

What payouts to expect?

The base game offers payouts that are standard in the industry. Winning payouts are usually in the ratio of 2 to 1. This is mainly for insurance bets that are successful. The payout is 3 to 2 for winning players and payouts involve even money for all other combinations of winning hands that include split tens as well as Aces.

Tips for playing

There are general tips for this game that are easy to remember:

  • When you are dealt pairs of 3s or 2s, you need to hit such hands, but only if the dealer is not showing his face up card.
  • If the dealer shows his card and it is a value of 4, 5, 6 or 7, you need to split the pair and form new hands with them.
  • When you are given 10 valued cards in pairs, then do not split them as you can optimally use them.
  • Insurance wager is high on your bank account though it does come with a high ratio of payout for wins at 2 to 1; it is best to keep away from the insurance wager and not take that as your chances to win as well as your bankroll diminishes.


The above sections showcase how the multiple hand perfect pairs game is played. This online casino ensures a safe and secure playing environment that makes it a welcome platform for the gaming enthusiast.