Monster Lab

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The Important Data as for the Monster Lab Online Game

Two types of icons are met in this free casino slot, the first and the most expensive is the functional type. Here belong the Wild sign (the inscribed title), the Scatter image (the Purple molecule), and the Bonus pictogram. The Scatter pictogram is in charge of additional spins (from five to fifteen). The Wild sign takes the place of all the rest of images (only the Scatter is not counted). The funny monster with a snout of a pig signals of the extra gambling activity.

The second one is the ordinary type. The sea horse with one eye, the fish-frog, the monster with a trunk and the starfish with the only eye are the representatives of this group (activate the Paytable to get the details as for the prices).

The Gain Doubling

In the very beginning of the round, you’ll come to the lab again. The professor will be placed to the special flask hoping for the successful outcome, while near the control board you’ll see the real freak, who is activating all the possible buttons at a one time, while the professor is turning to a monster one moment and to the human being another one. You need to foresee the result: whether the character will stay a monster or will turn to a human again. Your correct forecast doubles the bet, but the mistake causes the gain annulment. The procedure can be repeated.