Island 2

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Play for a real money


  • operating the digital buttons choose the lines for activation (any uneven number)
  • the bet is determined by the Bet key (1-25 credits in each of them)
  • hit the Start to play

The Island 2 Symbols and Indexes

The Wild symbol of this free casino slot is the Dolphin, capable of other signs substitution in order to form a winning pattern. The dolphin-formed sets can earn up to 2000 index of multiplication, the patterns with the Game logo offer up to 5000 as big wins.

Other signs let you have the following multipliers for the patterns with them:

  • the flotation ring (30, 100, 500),
  • the turtle (20, 50, 100),
  • the steerable wheel (10, 30, 100),
  • the can (5, 10, 50),
  • the bottle (2, 3, 10),
  • the seagull (3, 5, 20).

Risk Game

Bet doubling risk activity is offered to the gamer each time after the win takes place. Manage to divine which of the represented cards is of higher value than the rival’s and repeat it to double the bet one more time. The cards of same value let you try again. The lower value of the card signals of the end of the risk game and burns the win.

The Island Bonus Activity

Three or more Island pictures on the reel permit to play the bonus game of this free casino slot. The hero sailing in the boat has to choose the safe direction (out of five) of the journey not to be caught by sharks. Try hard! Each correct answer is prized, if the gamer sails up to the island he is awarded the pass to the super bonus round.

The Super Bonus Activity

In the super bonus round of this online casino fun to get the prize our hero is to choose the correct ham. One mistake – and the gambler will end the game having fallen into a trap.

Have a luck!