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House of Doom 2 The Crypt Slot Game Review

Free 3d slots have been the number one choice among gamblers for several years. The possibility of a fast and exciting game with the ability to increase your capital in one click has always attracted gamblers from all over the world. In this article, we will show you all the key aspects of such a video slot from Play’n GO as House of Doom 2 The Crypt.

First of all, let’s take a closer look at the developer company itself, represented by the aforementioned Play’n GO. This project appeared to the world in 1997 on the territory of Sweden. At the beginning of its path in the gambling industry, Play’n GO was not an independent developer but only acted as a contractor for other more famous projects. This alignment of events did not suit everyone, and therefore, based on its ambitions, Play’n GO became an independent developer in 2004. Success was just around the corner because this project began its independent development path in the online slot world already having quite impressive development experience behind it. This, in turn, led to the merger of Play’n GO and another developer in 2010. This fact significantly influenced the outcome of events and the quality of the company’s games, because the project with which the merger took place specialized in computer graphics. Thanks to this, every slot machine game from Play’n GO boasts stunning cinematic graphics, smooth and colourful animations and musical accompaniment.

Now we will smoothly move on to the main guest of our today’s article, namely to the slot game House of Doom 2 The Crypt. You should not be confused by the number “2” in the name of the online slot machine, because this game is a sequel to a not very popular project. The theme of this slot machine was inspired by songs from the Swedish metal rock band “Candlemass”. That is why a distinctive feature of this slot is the musical accompaniment to the accompaniment of the rock band’s compositions. Candlemass was specially commissioned by Play’n GO to record three unique soundtracks for House of Doom 2 The Crypt. This fact, combined with the gothic design of the game, will be able to please even the greatest aesthetes and connoisseurs of the most beautiful. The use of advanced technologies in web development such as HTML5 and JavaScript scripting language transforms just a beautiful picture into a real live performance with an abundance of special effects and colours.

Gameplay & Features

House of Doom 2 The Crypt Slot Game has a stunning visual and graphical performance. As for the technical, then here, too, you need to understand in more detail all the features and the gameplay itself in general.

House of Doom 2 The Crypt Slot Game consists of 5 reels, which offers 20 pay lines, which in turn increases the chances of a positive outcome for each game played. Game symbols mainly consist of some otherworldly symbols, among which a gambler can see candelabra, skulls, swords and much more. As for the RTP of this internet slot, it has several meanings, which depend on various circumstances. The return to player (RTP) ranges from 84% to 96%.

To get a positive outcome with payments, you need to collect 3 single symbols in a line in a row. There is also an opportunity to get extra payouts thanks to Wild Symbols, which appear randomly in the online slot. There can be 4 or more such special symbols at a time, and their payouts are increased 25 times. To get a win, you need to have as many as five Wild Symbols in a row.

As we said earlier, Candlemass made three different soundtracks for this slot. This figure is not accidental, because playing House of Doom 2 The Crypt you can take part in 3 different events, each of which has a song. Each of these events entails certain conditions that slightly change the cards in the slots or the payment system. For example, “Fire Mistress” assigns multipliers of 2,3,5 or 10 at random to each card. This greatly transforms the gameplay and thanks to this in House of Doom 2 The Crypt you can play for fun.

This online slot offers its players the opportunity to play for free thanks to two special suggestions. The first of these are bonuses that allow you to get free spins. When the usual Crypt scatters in the amount of 3 hits the odd-numbered reels, you are given one additional spin of the normal game mode. The second offer is completely free and available as a demo game. You can start practice mode and try your hand at this excellent online slot without investing a dime in the game.


We have carried out a detailed analysis of such an online slot as House of Doom 2 The Crypt. We were able to highlight many advantages that make this game stand out from its competitors. The first is the high variability of the game, which is due to the presence of 3 different variations with a unique soundtrack. It is also worth mentioning that you have the opportunity to get additional game rounds. As for the disadvantages, it is quite far-fetched, because it is the gaming atmosphere itself. Not all users may like it. Based on these facts, we can recommend you this online slot for a pleasant pastime and the possibility of getting big wins.



🎰 What is RTP and how does it work?

RTP is a return to the player of his invested funds in online slots. For House of Doom 2 The Crypt, the RTP is 96.25%.

🎰 What are the maximum payouts you can get in House of Doom 2 The Crypt?

In this online slot, you can win 6000 times your stake, which is a very good chance to get big payouts.

🎰 Can I get free spins in House of Doom 2: The Crypt?

You can get an extra spin by playing any of the three variations of House of Doom 2: The Crypt.

🎰 How do I start playing House of Doom 2 The Crypt?

To start playing this video slot, you need to find an online casino with it, register and make a deposit.
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