Play'n GO

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Play’n Go position themselves as the next-gen slot developers aimed at giving a new breath to the classic gameplay mechanics. This provider of gaming software is most interested in bringing innovations to the market. Compared to its long-time competitors like NYX Gaming, these guys make a strong emphasis on slots, and we can’t help but admit that these are some of the best slots on the market. Play’n Go take the notion of quality to another level, and the games they develop do give players an entirely new experience. This company reinvents the good-old slots and gives the players emotions that cannot be compared to anything in the world.

Just by looking at these games, you can tell the developer has put a fair share of effort in the development. Play’n Go feel what the young audience want and deliver just that. Their games look fresh, exciting, and extremely addictive. Their products are available in different casinos across the web, so if online gambling is legal in your country – go ahead and try some of their games.

Brief History

Play’n Go is a young company, especially compared to such developers as 888 Gaming, who’ve been around since the dawn of the online gaming. Play’n Go was founded back in 2005 and most of the developers working for this firm are young specialists who have a vision for innovation and growth. What makes Play’n Go stand out is its attitude towards its product. They do not abuse old and rusty slot-machine designs, – they reinvent the entire approach to slot games making.

Since the very launch, Play’n Go has been aiming for the young audience, which makes their games look fresh and exciting. What is more important, these guys do take their job and their players seriously. Play’n Go stays away from the silly and downright obscene design cliché that prevail in the industry. Looking at their games, you can tell they pay attention to what they do and treat their players with respect.

What to Love About Play’n Go

First of all, we need to acknowledge the great quality of their product. Their games run perfectly on any device we tried and are fully compatible both with iOs and Android devices. Of course, most of the modern developers care to make their games accessible for as many users as possible, but such flawless gameplay as Play’n Go provides is a rare thing. Only some of the largest mobile gaming moguls can guarantee such a flow of the game on any device with almost any quality of connection, which is a great achievement for the young team like Play’n Go.

Play’n Go surprises with the seamless flow of the game, which is also stunning considering the quality of the graphics in their games. It is fair to say that the quality of their games is probably the best on the market, and this quality is visible in every aspect of each game, starting with graphics and ending with such details as music and sound.

Most Popular Games

As said above, Play’n Go is a relatively new company in the industry, but it has already managed to produce some games that have become extremely popular among the users in different countries. Noteworthy, Play’n Go are not as prolific as some of their direct competitors. They do not release new games every month, which is a good thing since the developers have more time to make a really good game instead of copy and pasting the same old game over and over changing some minor details only.

Among the most popular games produced by Play’n Go are such masterpieces as Battle Royal, Cash Vandal, and Banana Rock. These three are just an example of how good a slot game can get when made by people who do care about the players. A peculiar thing about these games is sound. We are sure that Play’n Go pay some fat money to the sound designers since the music in their games rocks. Banana Rock is one of the games where the music plays a critical role in shaping the overall gaming experience, and the soundtrack for this game complements the gameplay.

In games like Cash Vandal, you can enjoy some of the most vivid graphics you’ll see in slot games. Battle Royal is just an ingeniously made game that makes you feel like a real king whenever you win. These games are just some of the examples of great slots developed by Play’n Go, and we can tell that most of the slots developed by this company are of the top-notch quality.

Things to Keep in Mind

Play’n Go like to experiment with their product, and sometimes they take it too far. Some of their games, although technically slots, do not look like that because they are overloaded by some new mechanics that make them look like something else but not slots. That is not necessarily a bad thing since it might be a step to the new era of online casino gaming, but as of today, such games look odd, to say the least. But when Play’n Go sticks to the classic formula, they come up with real masterpieces of casino gaming that can surely be taken to some sort of hall of fame of slots.


Play’n Go is like that little cousin we all have, – the one who comes to your house and teaches you how to use your smartphone because you are too old to play around with it. These guys are young and perspective, and they can teach them, old grumpy gaming moguls, how to make a good game. Despite they sometimes go too far in their desire to innovate, but it is not a bad thing.

It is better to keep trying and make mistakes than to stop developing and stagnate as some companies do. That is why we look forward to seeing new games from Play’n Go because they never leave us bored. Over time, we have noticed that whatever game from Play’n Go we try, it always leaves us excited regardless of how good it was. That is why we wish this developer the best of luck and wait for the new games.