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AmEx Casinos in Canada

american epress casino
Playing casino with American Express is a burning trend among Canadian gamblers. No wonder – AmEx casino online will provide you with more perks than you have ever seen! Top credits, fast service, and fantastic cashback is just the tip of an iceberg! Read the article below for more online casino AmEx insights.
Top casinos that accept American Express
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1Planet 7 Total BonusC$600 Free Spins14 FS
  • American ExpressAmerican Express
  • BitcoinBitcoin
  • Credit CardsCredit Cards
  • MasterCardMasterCard
  • NetellerNeteller
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AmEx Casinos in Canada

Online gambling in Canada is on its way to becoming the most popular online hobby! However, for providers, an online casino is not about fun only; some of the financial groups and banks decided to become pioneers in the niche by providing their assistance in withdrawing and depositing.

Luckily, we are exposed to a wide range of options regarding banking operations. Every year, Canadian gamblers get a couple more payment alternatives due to new e-wallets entering the market. At some point, online Calgary casinos even started cooperating with the single payment system to unify all the financial operations and, more than that, guarantee their clients safe and fast service.

This is how you can encounter online casino that accepts Interac, an InstaDebit casino, and, obviously, an American Express Canada online casino. This corporation entered the gambling niche not that long ago. However, its appearance certainly warmed up the active Canadian players. Online casino accepts American Express is on the top of the world!

📅 Year Launched1850
👍 Deposit AlternativesSkrill, Neteller, Visa
💳 Payment MethodElectronic Payment Program
ℹ Websitewww.americanexpress.com

Credits to its excellent reputation, AmEx is believed to be one of the safest financial institutions at the same time providing attractive rewards. The first American Express originally appeared in 1853, when Toronto and Hamilton offices opened their doors for both ordinary Canadians and first-class business representatives. Today, these guys take a leading position on the Forbes list in the revenue section; the group was also recognized as one of the most careful employers. More than a century of experience made AmEx a company you want to trust.

Using its positive image in the niche, online casino that accept AmEx got spectacular advances in marketing. What is more, risk-free solutions for casino American Express are already proven on the international level. Play casino with AmEx – it will take care of your money better than the Gringott goblins!

How to Choose the Best AMEX Online Casinos?

It is a very responsible and necessary step for everyone to choose a suitable online casino that accepts American Express.

First of all, pay attention to the presence of the highest level of security. That is, the site must have two-factor authentication, use certain programs and software for successful data encryption, as well as certain specially designed protocols to protect users from possible fraudulent attacks. This will save you from fraud and your financial and personal data will be completely safe. At these AMEX online casinos, you can play for real money, transactions in which will be reliable.

Instant processing of money transactions makes it possible to replenish your gaming account on the AMEX website in a matter of seconds after you confirm the transaction with the required method.

The availability of mobile versions will make it possible to instantly carry out money transfer operations using your AMEX mobile applications supported by IOS and Android platforms.

Low commissions will also delight you. AMEX cards offer regular (every month or year) fees, but current transactions in one or another online casino are often free.

Safety and Security

It's no secret that American Express has a top priority for ensuring the safety of users and their funds. They are constantly working to improve this area by introducing newer innovative technologies. Today AMEX has a certain set of security measures that make this company one of the best in the world in terms of the reliability of monetary transactions. For example, there is a special two-factor authentication used for online money transactions. Each AMEX user can easily connect their mobile phones to the card and subsequently receive an original, unique code for each money transfer operation performed. You enter this code to verify and confirm the payment request. This procedure applies to deposits that gamblers make within the online gaming platform that accepts American Express.

It should also be said that AMEX has a mobile application that can be downloaded to devices with both Android and iOS platforms. As soon as you create or log into the previously created account, you will be able to monitor the situation 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Anyone who wishes, if the characteristics and capabilities of the device allow this, can log in using their fingerprint or Face ID as additional security measures.

Also, as an additional security measure on the Internet, the AMEX system, in case of detecting attempts to hack the account of customers, their cards, begins to monitor the account. However, there are many other AMEX customer security methods.

AmEx Online Casino Games

In general, the following main and most popular types of games in online casinos that take American Express can be distinguished:

  • roulette;
  • poker;
  • slots;
  • blackjack;
  • board games.

Slots work on the principle of a random number generator. That is, the outcome of the game cannot be predicted. You just spin the reels online and wait for the winning combinations to appear.

A widespread gambling game among users all over the world is blackjack in various variations. The player's task is to collect a combination that will be higher than the dealer's and higher than 21 points.

The main task in poker is to beat other players by collecting a more winning combination.

The online roulette game consists of a virtual roulette wheel with numbered cells on it. Your task is to guess at which number the ball will stop after spinning.

Choose any of the available gambling games, start playing for real money and win the coveted jackpots!

Types of American Express Cards

There are around 19 types of AmEx cards available in Canada. Depending on your daily routines and needs, you may order any of those. However, will, for example, “American Express AIR MILES® Platinum Credit Card” serve you at a regular AmEx Casino? Some of the card names sound like they cover just a concrete niche.

Thus, you might have concerns about your favorite Canadian online casino accepting AmEx card you already own. We prepared a couple of hacks after exploring the online casino American Express card system for you to be fully prepared for your play.
AmEx presents the following division of their cards:

  • Travel;
  • Aeroplan;
  • Platinum;
  • Cashback;
  • No Annual Fee.

If you don’t have much time for discovering the perks of every category, just separate all the cards into three basic groups: credit, debit, and gift cards. Usually, you may find this group in the paper instructions added to a card or on the plastic itself. All the reliable casino accept Amex credit and debit cards.

Whereas payment procedures with the credit and debit cards are quite ordinary, using your gift card might require additional steps depending on the provider. There are a few types of gift cards implying plastic and virtual version. Before using your gift card, get familiar with the additional recommendations of your favorite website or get in touch with the support department.

What are the Pluses of Using American Express to Play

  1. Top speed. You can see a profound difference between American Express online casino and any other website when it comes to making a deposit. When working with AmEx, you fill all the necessary info within just a minute and receive your payments right away.
  2. Top deposit offers. By choosing the online casino with AmEx casino, you also choose a big game for big bucks. Unlike other credit companies, it sets up higher deposit limitations for players meaning you can try your fortune any time you feel like. Even though you are not a millionaire (yet), just having an opportunity to bet large sums from your AmEx online casino deposit feels satisfying.
  3. Top credit offers. Signing up for credit has never been easier as it is for American Express online gamblers. Borrow money and keep playing: maybe just in a few clicks, you’ll get a jackpot not only to give back your credit spendings but also invest in your account.
  4. Top rewards & cashback opportunities. The more you spend, the less you spend – this is how it works. To inspire fierce loyalty of their target audience, they designed some mind-blowing bonuses.


What are the Minuses of Using AmEx in Online Casinos

  1. Withdrawal controversies. Some of the casino that accepts American Express have issues with withdrawing money. Such a disappointing drawback doesn’t depend on AmEx policies – the system is a proven friendly partner to any bank. However, some of the less popular institutions haven’t recognized American Express as a stable partner. Anyway, this inconvenience is just a matter of time.
  2. Casino account safety. By trusting your personal information to AmEx, you are guaranteed safety. By trusting your personal information to casino AmEx, you automatically prevent yourself from a threat of the data leak. Since the provider is responsible for all the personal data you give out, your security depends on their software. Hopefully, the problem will be solved in the nearest future.
  3. Cash dilemma. Again, we are waiting for the banks to unify their payment techniques since some of them may still require a cash fee before you can make a deposit. What’s the deal with AmEx for casino payments and other banks? They use protocols built of different principles, which may reject the operations requested by another payment system. AmEx for casino payments should serve an example for the outdated protocols some bank should reorganize.

AMEX Casino Bonuses

A very important factor in online casinos that accept American Express is the range of bonuses and promotions available. The bonus policy implies, as a rule, the presence of the following popular and generous offers:

  • welcome bonus;
  • free spins bonus;
  • no deposit bonus;
  • AMEX casino bonus.

We have put together a standard list of the most common bonuses, but this list is not final and you can find many other offers. For example, bonuses for inviting a friend or bonuses in honor of some memorable event are also popular. The fantasy of Canadian online casinos accepting AMEX knows no boundaries, so there are other amazing, attractive things created to conquer online gamblers. Try your luck on new playgrounds to get all the bonuses. Don't forget to visit SlotsUp, which will surprise you with the latest online online casino AMEX deposit promotions.

Bonus incentives are often very tempting but do not forget to read the requirements attached to them before receiving and activating a particular bonus. By themselves, they are a nice addition to the site, which you can use if you want and after fulfilling certain conditions. Please read these terms carefully. Also, do not forget that the effect of some bonuses is limited in time and have time to use it.

Play American Express Casinos for Real Money

As we have already mentioned, one of the core advantages American Express has is its proven popularity around the globe. More than 100 countries have access to their accounts due to the strong international presence of the corporation. However, just a few of these countries are privileged to enjoy American Express online casinos operating their funds with the help of this system.

Online casino that accepts AmEx became a reasonable alternative option for a standard gambling club, which is slowly losing its popularity anyway. Indeed, there are various advantages in playing online casino that takes American Express. Staying in your most comfortable environment, you can enjoy your favorite games getting a real money reward in the very end.

No need to wear a luxurious tuxedo and waste money on the entrance fee: American Express made it available to earn real money playing from you home PC or smartphone. Casino online AmEx offers you a wide range of unmistakably classic games you used to play at the gambling clubs. Rumor has it, by playing AmEx casinos online, you can actually win more. Perhaps, this is the reason behind the following statistics: 75% of Canadians played for real money online last year.

Talking about real money facts, the revenue from online gambling industry equaled $15.5B at the end of 2017. This number made Canada score on the 5th place of the most active gambling countries. Together with Australia, growth of online casino with American Express in Canada is estimated to be the fastest on the planet.

Finally, when you encounter a casino with American Express, you can be sure that there is an opportunity to play for real money there. AmEx means quite a high standard for every AmEx real money casino that would like to carry its financial operations with the help of this platform.

How to Deposit at American Express Casinos?

Here is a short guide for those who want to deposit at the online casino with AmEx:

    1. Go to your American Express online gambling website and press the necessary buttons to send you to the payment section;
    2. On the payment methods list, choose American Express (if your casino accept American Express);
    3. When the respective section appears, fill in your banking details about your AmEx casino deposit. In case you have already done it before, your browser/application will remember the previous settings;
    4. After the procedure is over, you have to wait for a notification from AmEx to ensure the successful transaction. As a rule, you get the double notification both from the system and your provider right in the game.

This procedure is quite usual for the banking world; thus, no issues shall occur. Contact the support department to double-check the details of your problem in case you got one.

How to Withdraw Winnings from AmEx Casinos?

The withdrawal operation is quite similar to the one where you made deposits. However, there is a slight difference in timing: your money can be on its way up to 5 days. Moreover, playing online casino accept AmEx doesn’t mean you can always withdraw your winnings. Let’s uncover a few more details about American Express casino online!

    1. Go to your American Express gambling website and press the necessary buttons to send you to the payment section;
    2. On the payment methods list, choose American Express;
    3. When the respective section appears, fill in your banking details and set up the sum you would like to withdraw;
    4. After the procedure is over, you’ll be sent a notification from AmEx. Make sure that your bank approves the transaction – otherwise, you’ll have to deal with the limited options offered by your bank. Unfortunately, it makes no sense that online casino taking AmEx cannot always guarantee you a fast withdrawal.

AmEx Mobile Casino Payments

Most of the positive reviews at the Google Play Store and App Store confirm that the AmEx application is user-friendly and fast. You are welcome to exploit all the regular features; for example, American express casino deposit functions in the same way.
The only thing you might find inconvenient is switching between the windows while conducting a financial operation. Some mobile online casinos that accept AMEX might take much „random access memory” (RAM), which means that switching between the widows will be accompanied by two applications working slower.

If you want to check which online casino accepts American Express, go to their payment methods section. Just the logo of AmEx in the casino application makes you feel safe, doesn’t it?

American Express Fees and Limits

American Express has been used by many online casinos Canada AmEx for many years to make deposits and withdrawals securely and promptly. First of all, it is important to note the existing limits for this payment system. For example, a very important limitation is the minimum and maximum amounts of money within a transaction. In online casinos that accept AMEX, you can deposit at least $10, without limiting the amount of the maximum deposit limit. You can withdraw from $20 or more, and the maximum is $5,000 in one week. Every gambler wants to make the most of his finances. That is why it is necessary to be aware of the size of the commission for a monetary transaction. Often, directly gambling sites that accept American Express with gambling entertainment on the Internet do not imply taking any commissions for replenishing a game account or withdrawing funds. However, if you use AMEX accept Canada, then you need to take into account that this payment provider, as a rule, involves the withdrawal of a certain part of the fee. In this regard, we strongly recommend that you study the settings of your AMEX account and check if the online casino Canada AmEx of your choice has been commissioned for making transactions, and if so, which ones.

Alternatives to AMEX

If you are not convinced by the benefits of AMEX, then each player, if desired, can use any of the alternative payment methods. In our review, we'll take a short and detailed look at the best of them.

  • In this matter, it is impossible not to mention the well-known Neteller. This payment system accepts over 20 different currencies. The main advantage of this payment method is considered to be a very high level of protection of the personal and financial data of customers.
  • Skrill also enjoys wide popularity among regular players and newbies as well. Many argue that this payment system is one of the safest payment methods in the online gambling industry. Also, its important characteristic is low transaction fees. Skrill money transfers are instant and free.
  • Fund your gaming account on gambling sites using PaySafeCard and receive free, high-quality, and safe service along with a simple service procedure. The principle of this system is the use of prepaid calling cards. You keep information completely anonymous when making a deposit or withdrawing winnings to your account.
  • Bitcoin is undoubtedly one of the most talked-about payment systems in the modern world. Only recently it appeared and has already managed to conquer the whole world. Cryptocurrencies are used to pay online. Bitcoin in the field of online gambling guarantees complete independence and security of payments, which sets this payment method apart from others.
  • MuchBetter allows you to instantly fund your online casino that accept American Express accounts without commissions. All money transfer transactions are processed instantly, without delays. MuchBetter uses advanced technologies that can prevent fraudulent attacks and thus ensure the safety of its users. This e-wallet is quite common in many countries and for a reason: the speed of this payment system is amazing, not to mention its innovativeness.


😉 What are the best casino sites that accept American Express?

Jackpot City, Spin Palace, 888, and Mansion Casino are the most reliable websites for Canadians to use AmEx.

❓Are American Express casinos online Safe to Play?

AmEx guarantees the protection of your personal data; however, your safety while playing online depends on the provider as well.

💳 Are AmEx Deposits Instant?

Yes, they are! Fill out your banking data and get a notification less than in a minute.

👌 Can I Use AmEx in Mobile Casinos?

Yes, you can! Lookup for AmEx on the list of the payment options offered by your mobile app.
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