Fruit Fiesta 5 Reel

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Play for a real money

Fruit Fiesta 5 Reel is online casino slot game made by Microgaming company that is responsible for many other gambling games in online casinos. Players from Canada always look for a good online casino where they can play their favorite slot games and this 5 reel slot is the best online reel slot game. Our team of expert gamblers played this fantastic progressive slot game that has 5 reel system of play with fifteen pay lines. We have to say that we did make some money in this slot game!

What Does Fruit Fiesta 5 Reel Slot Game Offer?

One of the first things that caught our attention was Jackpot. First of all, you need to understand this is a progressive slot game where your Jackpot amount grows over the time. The more you play, the bigger it becomes and more money you can win potentially. This is not a classic-themed slot game where you need to spin the reel to achieve a winning combination – the designers wanted to provide a fresh and attractive design that will keep players gambling for hours.  We have to say they did a great job.

The Progressive Jackpot

This feature offers a possibility of winning a huge prize that is increased by the determined amount of money every time the spinning is ended without any wins. It means that the more you lose, the bigger your Jackpot prize becomes so potentially you never lose any of your money. It is just stacked at the Jackpot.  However, Jackpot prize can be obtained only if you set the maximum bet and get five wild symbols on the 15th pay line.  Not impossible but rather challenging for online casino gamblers.

Fruit Fiesta 5 Reel Slot Wild Symbols And Scatter Symbols

As you probably know, in all gambling games you have the symbols that can replace a certain card in order to collect a winning combination. This online slot game has wild symbols that can be substituted for any of fruit, bell, or bar, creating winning combinations with multiple symbols in a line. However, it does not substitute the scatter symbol.

Scatter symbols do not have to appear on the pay line that is enabled. The place where it appear is not important since it creates a winning combination when three reels appear. The scatter payout is calculated by your total bet.

Fruit Fiesta 5 Reel Graphics

This 15-pay lines slot has green colour makes the whole interface friendly and relaxing to watch, while the bright colours of fruit make spinning much more interesting and fun. Beside pineapples, oranges, plums, apples, you can collect bells, bars and the rare lucky number seven. Graphic part of this game ensures you perfect colour design that will make your gambling experience outstanding. A lot of players praised the graphical part of this game and we have to agree with their opinions.

Fruit Fiesta 5 Reel Expert Mode For Experienced Players

Fruit Fiesta 5 Reel offers cool regime of play where you can automate your gambling. The expert mode offers faster gameplay but it is not recommended to rookies players, but rather to players who are experienced with online casino slots. The Expert button is right next to display where your credits are shown. The Expert mode is distinguishable due to AutoPlay options. You can set the following parameters in the AutoPlay regime and make things much easier:

  • Number of spins you want to play
  • Number of seconds between spins (you can set the delay)
  • Until stop (the session plays until you decide to stop it)
  • Stop if a win equals (the session will be stopped as soon as the win equals or exceeds the selected limit)
  • Stop once the spins are completed (stops playing upon completing the selected number of spins)
  • Stop when Jackpot is won
  • Stop on any win (as soon as you win the spin, the game stops)
  • Stop if credits increase by (if credits exceed a certain amount you selected)
  • Stop if credits decrease by (if credits drop below the selected amount)
  • Stop on feature (the game stops as soon as you get Free Spins or a bonus feature)
  • Start AutoPlay without this dialogue (the next session will start without this dialogue, keeping your settings from the previous session)

Fruit Fiesta 5 Reel The Final Words

Fruit Fiesta 5 Reel slot game should definitely be one of your top choices when it comes to online casino games that offer gambling for real money. As a professional online casino gambler, you need to consider this game due to great graphic design high payout amounts, cool features that offer for easier gambling and the progressive jackpot that becomes bigger the more money you lose. Technically, you won’t lose any money with this slot game, so try it out today!