Cabin Fever

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Play for a real money


Slots are one of those casino online games that everyone likes. It’s straightforward, and it mainly happens because of how simple they tend to be, and how big their awards are. If you’re doing nothing with your free time, you should consider playing them; we’re pretty sure you’ll love them in a second. Cabin Fever is one of the options that have the most popularity, and it’s easy to see why; it provides its users with lots of rewards and outstanding features that make it stand out from the rest.

Are you ready to start winning and see results? Spin the reels and cross your fingers that luck is on your side this time. There’s entirely nothing to think about as here no strategy is required, and there are lots of welcome bonuses available to you. What’s not to like? Start playing today!


If there’s one thing you will not have to think about before you look this game up, is on whether or not it’s graphics are good or not. This Microgaming-powered option has, of course, the best quality design and sound effects, which will account to make your experience unique. That means that you’ll have access to colorful patterns, background sounds, and other aspects that’ll make you feel elsewhere. Talk about a real experience. You shouldn’t wait any longer to start your journey!


Since this is a slot game, it’s safe to say that your goal is one and one only; to land winning combinations in order to receive cash prizes and other special bonuses. You will have to set the value for your credits and the number of paylines you wish to play with. You will also need to determine the credits you want to bet per line, and then you’ll have three buttons that you’ll need to become familiar with, since they will let you carry out every single thing you wish to do, and they’re as follows:

  • Spin: this option will allow you to start a regular round; that means, spin the reels and wait to see the combination you land. Let the adrenaline rush begin!
  • Bet max.: if you wish to play with the highest bet possible, then you should consider this button.
  • Autoplay: this one is for the ones who love taking risks. If you’re on a winning streak and you wish to play multiple times without being interrupted by anything, click this button.


Symbols are significant if you want to become a pro. Why? Because they determine whether your payouts will be significant or not. Hence why you must keep them in mind at all times. In Cabin Fever, these are very colorful and nice. These are some of them:

  •  Wild Blizzard
  •  Squirrel
  • Bears
  • Watermelon
  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Sun
  • Cherry, and many others.

Look into each of the symbols before you begin to play in order to understand what the value of each is and the different prizes that they allow you with. You could become a pro in a matter of time and who wouldn’t like that? Start paying today and see for yourself how excellent the experience is!


In slots, you have access to lots of fantastic bonuses and exclusive rewards, and that’s one of the aspects that make them so accessible. Once you begin your online experience, you will see for yourself. Some of the many bonuses you’ll find on Cabin Fever include the following:

  • Welcome rewards: these will incentivize you to set higher wagers; what’s not to like about that? They come in the shape of cash or percentages off of your initial deposit. It’s all up to you, and they sometimes come with pre-requisites, but they’re very worthy.
  • Free spins: users love free spins the most because they allow them to play with free money, meaning that they don’t risk their own, but still have high chances of winning. You can earn these upon landing determined combinations.
  • Double ups: this feature allows you to double your bet or winnings by taking a risk. Are you ready to feel awesome? Then give it a shot!

There are many other rewards and unique features that you will find, but you’ll have to play in order to take full advantage of them. Don’t think about it too much and start playing today!


After testing lots of options on the web, we can conclude that Cabin Fever is one of those games that you need to try at least once in your life. It’ll keep you on the edge of your seat and want more every single time. Isn’t that awesome? Lucky for you, you will be able to find this option in lots of Manitoba casino sites, and Casino Online is one of them. We strongly recommend this one because it has lots of other options available, as well as outstanding bonuses and unique features. They understand how to keep clients happy, and that’s all you should acknowledge before you begin to play.