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The bright epoch of the Renaissance, the distant times of Leonardo da Vinci, has been reproduced true to life in details. Evidently, the EvoPlay producers have been greatly inspired by the unique drawings of Leonardo of those times, especially by the fantastic sketches of the helicopter and other aircrafts of ancient times. Can you imagine? In this free casino slot the gamblers become true aeronauts, who try to gather in their collection as many cute aircrafts as possible. They are so eager to get to the maximum possible height and the largest gain, join them and accomplish the mission successfully!

The Pictograms and Gain of the Aeronauts

The main pictograms of the slot:

  • The Coat of Arms with the wings – the Wild pictogram – substitutes the common pictograms in case of need to make up the winning set (is not paid for independently);
  •  The Logo with letters – the Coefficient – bringing the double win;
  •  The Airship – the Scatter pictogram –is independent of the position on the reels and offers the winning sets. They bring the additional multiplication by the total bet. What’s more, the procedure of ten free spins is offered after three airships emerged on the monitor simultaneously.
  • The Hot Air Balloon – the Additional Sign– allows the bonus income. It is chosen randomly, depending on the rate of the bet. Each time this image emerges on the reels, you’ll notice one lighted star on the additional screen. When five stars are lighted – you are to receive the gain.
  • The Bonus pictogram – the Vehicle of the Helicopter Type – sets the Bonus game on the separate screen (for three such vehicles).

Ordinary signs forming winning patterns are not quite ordinary as well in this casino entertainment (the flying bicycle, the fly-house, the rocket, etc.), but all of them provide quite obvious wins (as shown in the table of payoffs).

The Bonus Gambling

Thirty pictures, arranged in six levels will provide the activity, you are to choose them, starting with the bottom. The lucky choice gives the access to the higher level. It is the lossless game.


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