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Learn about Online Roulette in Canada

Online Roulette is all the rage nowadays. Many folks in Canada prefer to test their luck on the wheel in favor of other online casino games. Thus, if you do not know how to play roulette online and don’t realize what the craze is all about, you’ve come to the right place. There are three components of any roulette. One is the circular wheel that peaks in the middle and inclines towards the edge. The other is a small ball, usually white in color. And the third is the betting board.

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The Roulette That Really Spins

The roulette online has equal-sized notches or pockets, each labelled with a number from ‘0’ to ‘36’. Every pocket has a resembling color as well, either red or white. Only ‘0’ is presented with the green color for reasons unknown. The peak of the wheel sits on a pointed prop that allows it to spin. When the croupier spins the wheel, in a clockwise direction, the ball is spun in a counterclockwise direction, eventually settling inside a numbered notch. As a participating spectator, you only need to place your bet on the desired number, color, or number group on the betting table. If the ball sits on that number after the spinning ends, then you win!

Not Only the Royals Play Roulette

Why wasn’t such a simple game introduced earlier into the world? This game is not as recent as it is made out to be; only the fad is. The very first form of the roulette online was invented in the early 18th century in France? Back then, anyone from the simple cobbler to the lavish royalty was allowed to play the game.

Online Evolution of Roulette

The wheel of fortune has evolved so magnificently over the years that these days, only the loaded folks could afford to play it in grand casinos. But did you think that the game was only available in high-class casinos? Think again! Online houses like the Maple allows the people of Canada to enjoy the game from the comforts of their homes.
What is the Online Roulette?: Online version is similar to its real-world counterpart, with the only difference being that it can be accessed on the computer or mobile platform. The croupier is a programmed bot whose sole task is to rotate the wheel and the ball. The randomness of the result is guaranteed on popular software like Microgaming and Playtech. Reputed online casinos like Maple installs only trusted software in their systems. Thus, there is no real reason to worry once you gamble there.

Is it the same as normal?: The rules of online roulette Canada are simple. You need to place your wager on the table and predict the outcome of the game. You are free to choose the number, the color, all even values, all odd numbers, or the high/low group of numbers. Once your prediction is registered in the system, the wheel is turned, and the ball is released. If the outcome is in your favor, you win! You can now leave the table to encash your winnings or leave them to gather dust in your bankroll. Otherwise, you can wager them again for a chance to win a higher amount, or in more technical terms, you can ‘let it ride.’ Many experienced players allow it to ride quite a few times before leaving the table. This is done, in hope of landing on a larger reward.
Different types: The games are primarily divided into two types – the US and the EU one. The European type consists of a total of 37 pockets, each randomly numbered from ‘0’ to ‘36’. On the other hand, the US one has 38 pockets with an extra ‘00’ pocket. Here’s a small secret that most players are not aware of. The extra pocket in American Roulette grants the house a slightly better chance of winning. Go figure! Elite online roulette Canada, like the Maple casino, offer other types of select games, namely the Premier type, the Royale Spinner, and the Multi-Wheel Roulette. They are quite common, but in given place, the quality is outstanding.

Different Types of Online Roulette

Let us try to understand these three new types.
Premier type: This is a European version that features a 3D design. When you enter the Premier Roulette arena, you will feel like you are unnecessary sitting at a posh casino table playing high stakes roulette!
The Royale Spinner: A European game style that features a progressive jackpot! This is your chance to win a staggeringly vast amount of money since the game won’t stop until it hits the jackpot.
Multi-Wheel: As the name suggests, this type features eight boards spinning simultaneously. You can make multiple bets on different numbers/colors over different boards. It is eight times more fun and gives a lot of chances once compared to the regular one.
Now that you understand how the thing works, you can start betting immediately by registering at Maple casino. Time to push your luck and win a boatload of chips along with a ton of fun!

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