Novomatic Casinos

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Want to entertain you and raise some money but have no idea how to do it? Novomatic online casino will show you a bright and colorful world of amusements which are always at our disposal. No matter what aims you pursue, you will definitely find a novomatic free game to your liking.

Don’t hesitate and choose Novomatic Casino because:

  • It has wide range of games divided into categories (slots, poker, roulette and many others)
  • The website is in vivid colors
  • All amusements are bright and colorful
  • It is easy to search and play novomatic games
  • You can play for real money and earn!
  • You will be satisfied with everything!

Novomatic Games Online

All amusements are absolutely free to play and easy to use. There are 7 categories on the sites, and all of them can be used for entertaining purposes and for gaining some money.

mega-joker-slotIf you want to earn, you will have several options how you can get your money including the use of MasterCard and Visa cards. However, we give such an opportunity only for adults. Only those users who are older than 21 years old are allowed to participate.

In case you can’t choose a slot or other type of a game, our main page gladly demonstrates you both the list of all of them and the list of top slots. Our users’ reviews are also presented on the site.

On the homepage, you can also learn about our providers among which you will see such famous major companies as Casino Technology, Microgaming, Playtech, and Netent.


Novomatic online is not only the source of numerous games, but it also informs you about the latest news about gambling industry. They tell about casinos around the world, changes in the industry and any other type of gambling related news.

There is also the section of the website which will introduce you the articles about online gambling in Canada. You will be aware of the history of each game, the advantages you have when you play slots online, the level of legislation of this kind of activity and books that can help you to improve your skills.

Apart from the informational aspect, the company offers you even a more way to play. You can download a special app which is adapted to IOS, Android, and Windows and play novomatic free games from your smartphone or tablet whenever you want.

Play for a real money

For any taste and budget

We let you spend your time nice and profitably. We do not make you spend your money or play for them if you don’t intend to do it. You can play free and without downloading as well.

Each kind of amusement can be played for free or you can also enter the online game and gamble with real people and win all their money!

If you are not keen on casinos, you can participate in Keno lottery with us. It is an ancient type of entertainment which appeared in China 3000 years ago! However, this lottery is now popular in Canada. We will give you an opportunity to compete in Daily Keno which organizes two draws a day and has 20 prize numbers.

We collected the best gaming resources on our website and want you to enjoy yourselves gambling! You will not struggle to find your favorite slot or poker resource. While playing for money you also have different bonuses all of which are introduced in a special section.

You will be given a $100 or even a $1600 bonus in casinos and for each amusement separately. The world of entertainment and top gambles is waiting for you!