Neteller Casinos

In Canadian online casinos that accept NETELLER, players can use secure payment without sharing credit card information, rely on maximum security, and receive bonuses for use.

Who doesn’t love a good bet every now and then? Gambling is a fun way to pass the time and be entertained, and some people prefer to take it to the next level and play in casinos. With so many online casinos operating in Canada, people now have the convenience to play from their homes. And you will need a good and trustable payment system, which we have covered. Neteller is a safe and secure payment system that allows you to play in online casinos in Canada with ease and peace of mind. You can play easy and safe with the relevant Casinos.

If you have ever played in a casino online in Canada, then you know how inconvenient it gets with the transactions and the withdrawals; it’s simply not viable to do directly from your bank account or credit card. But with Neteller payment system it’s easier. Most online casinos in Canada accept a wide variety of payment systems, and just your luck that they accept as well, amongst other systems. We will now give a brief but informative introduction to the payment system which you can utilize in various places.

What is Neteller?

So, the first question is, what is it? Neteller Canada is an online payment system that is designed to work with online casinos. There are specialized online places that accept this form of payment, amongst a few others. Basically, it works the way that an e-wallet (like Ecopayz) does. Interested parties can go to its official website and sign up there. The process to sign up for the payment system is very simple and easy, when you visit the official site for Neteller you will see a Sign-Up or Join by Free button, click on it to proceed.

From there, enter your E-mail, select Canada and the province you’re in and select CAD$ as your desired currency. Enter your personal details and the like, and then proceed to select a unique password, which you will use for signing in. Select the security questions, accept any privacy agreements and terms of use and then continue. You will then receive an Account ID and a company’s Secure ID which you will need when you gamble. Then make your first deposit in your Neteller Canada account. Using it in a gambling situation is very simple, just select it as a payment method and enter the required details, then you can deposit or withdraw by the click of a button.

Advantages of Neteller payment system:

  • Easy setup – As you can previously, it is very easy and simple to set up an online account. A lot of online Canada places use it for their transactions, and the Neteller payment method is one of the most highly favored among the gamblers as well.
  • Security – Its safe and secure. The best part is that you don’t need to store your credit card or bank information with the platform directly, you can simply use this service for that.
  • Anonymity – It keeps your transactions private, and since, your cards aren’t directly involved, the casinos don’t show up on your credit card or bank transactions. It only shows the deposit.
  • Rewards – Neteller offers many rewards to its loyal customers and clients from time to time. At certain Neteller casinos, the gamblers using the payment method will be able to enjoy a bonus for their games. So there’s always something extra to enjoy with Neteller Canada.

Casinos that accept Neteller:

So now as you have enough information from our review to know whether this is for you or not, you are now curious as to what Neteller online casinos are available out there. Well, there are several casinos online in Canada that can accept it among various other methods of payment. Here are some of the top rated ones out there currently where you can use Neteller Casino:

1. SpinPalace – This place offers over 600 games which the gamblers can play, plus they get a bonus here as well. They accept MasterCard, iDeal, Ecopayz and the Paysafe Card along with the payment option.
2. Jackpot City – They offer over 650 games to play along with a bigger bonus than the previous casino on the list. Like the one before it, it also accepts MasterCard, iDeal, Ecopayz and the Paysafe Card along with the Neteller Canada payment option.
3. Royal Vegas – An excellent selection of games to play, that makes the gambler feel that they are actually in the legendary city of dreams and hopes. This place offers the second biggest bonus from all the casinos on this list along with much more for new players and Canadian citizens.
4. 888 – This place offers over 165 games to play, a bit smaller in number than the few on our list but the most interesting thing is the bonus you would get from this place. It’s the exact number as the one in its title. It accepts, MasterCard, iDeal, PayPal and of course Neteller Canada as a payment option.
5. Platinum Play – And last but not the least, we have the Platinum Play which offers the same number of games as Royal Vegas (639+ games) with the same bonus as SpinPalace (1000$). It accepts both Visa and MasterCard along with Ecopayz, Skrill and also the one under discussion.

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