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Mobile phones already became an irreplaceable part of our lives. Today every second person in the world has a smartphone. It brought owners of entertainment companies to the necessity of having their casino games available on user’s mobile phones. Every operation system for smartphones has a shop with thousands of mobile apps that are intended to make our life brighter and easier. Starting from bank apps and shops, up to social networks and live games. And all of these opportunities are fit into a small, portable device in your hands.

Mobile casino games gained popularity from the first days, they are easy to use, can be played anytime and anywhere, and they are fun.

As the technological progress was growing, entertainment for mobile phones changed and improved; nowadays there are thousands of games of any kind and purpose, for any possible devices.

There are apps for mobile phones that users must pay for. But as the popularity of mobile entertainment grows rapidly – free mobile games options appeared. Today almost every high-rated mobile facility can be available for free in the store, or will be available after several months from its release. For this type of all you need – is simply download it from your operation system app store and you can use it for free after it’s installed.

Top 3 Biggest Mobile App Developer Companies

Gameloft – developer of many famous mobile casino facilities based on movies and popular console games. The company is responsible for some of the best mobile entertaining apps, like Despicable Me, Gangstar Vegas, Ice Age, Spiderman Unlimited, Thor: The Dark World, and many others. Gameloft free mobile soft stays claimed since 1999 when the company entered the industry. According to the research, about 2 million Gameloft apps are downloaded daily. And about 5000 developers are working on the creation of new options.

Rovio – another big name in casino gaming, it is an industry-changing company and creator of global successful Angry Birds series. Angry Birds became an international discovery within several months after release, today it keeps a position of number one downloaded app of all times. Rovio created numerous top apps under the Angry Birds brand. The brand grew so much that in the end of spring 2016 world will see favorite characters on the full screen in “Angry Birds the Movie”.

Well-known Electronic Arts have not less successful mobile prototypes of their consoles. They created mobile versions for their best projects. Now we can enjoy our favorite FIFA, the Simpsons, the Sims, Real Racing, Need for Speed, and others on our phones. Their products are one of the best and get good rates and reviews.

The Most Popular Mobile Games Categories

All-time popular free mobile games are strategies. Strategies have been receiving the best reviews lately, and even more – after they were connected with social networks, which mean that players can play for free in the same application on their phones and Facebook, and even synchronize them. Clash of Clans is one of the highest rated strategies for mobile phones, it has a cool, realistic graphics, and gives an amazing experience of being an emperor, knight or a commander. Game of War, Clash of Kings or Boom Beach are other options.

Along with strategies, arcades are often played for free and good rated. Subway Surfers, by Kiloo, takes leading position among arcades for already 3 years, it is available for android, ios and windows phone. It was created and released in May 2012, and by July 2014 about 150 millions of users downloaded it to their phones and tablets. Its main feature is so-called “World Tour”. This option was created in 2013. And it gives to players an opportunity to run through the world’s biggest cities, and it updates every month – so users never get bored with it.

Flash category is also popular among mobile users of all ages. Players can find many flash mobile options as well as computer platforms. If you are a lover of flash category then Pogo Club is exactly what you need, it is a good online platform with flash options of all kinds, advantages of it are no ad interruption, 44  games, sign-up bonuses, awards and gifts, and discounts for members. To get a membership at the Pogo Club users need to go through the sign-up process, however, club’s membership is not free.

FreeCell Solitaire is one of the best free online card facility. It is also free and is in flash category. FreeCell is good for players of different age, as it trains brain and logic, you can find it online and play from our computer or download it to your phone and play offline.

Some of the popular ones are Android free mobile games. Mobile games or games are for 18+ users, they usually involve an online world, where players are able to create their characters and play with other users. This option usually requires an internet connection to log in and play in the virtual reality, they are not acceptable for all users, but it’s a good option for seekers of a unique gaming experience.

A lot of popularity gained Mobile Casino Games. Bingo, Poker, Slots, and other casino games are available as apps. Here players will have many choices of how they want to play: it can be games against robots, online tournaments with real people, a wide range of slot games and other. Most of the online casino apps are free to download, some of them will require deposits and other will give you a chance to play for casino bonuses online. They can be played with any type of smartphone. So if you are not ready to try real gambling action in the real casino yet – you are welcome to test your skills playing online mobile casino games.

There are already many opportunities to get great gaming experience from your smartphone. No matter if you use android, ios or windows, you will have what to choose from. You can play strategy, take part in a poker tournament or get a taste of casino slots, you can play any flash games by yourself or share the experience with your friend in the one that will have a multiplayer option. Regardless of your choice, you will have a lot of fun and good impression from your playing! So get your favorite apps downloads and enjoy.

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