Spanish Blackjack

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Update: July 16, 2024
Spanish Blackjack
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About the game

Spanish Blackjack, also known traditionally as Spanish 21, was first made popular in the nineties in the offline casinos. The game is based on the classic version of the game, and though certain rules remain the same, the game does offer interesting twists and rules as well as other variants which can also be found at the online casinos such as Blackjack Surrender or Pontoon which is a British cousin of the game.

The casino game involves a classic table layout that bears similarity to the classic Blackjack game. It is based on playing with six or eight decks of cards. The ten cards that are all suited are excluded from the game. The Kings, Queens, Jacks are kept in the shoe, and about twenty-five percent of the 10 count cards are not used.

Useful facts to know

When you are a novice learning to play blackjack for free, here are some useful facts to remember:

  • The game is played with six to eight decks of cards.
  • These are used invariants that do not contain the 10 point cards.
  • Dealer’s 21 is beaten by the player’s 21.
  • The house edge in the game can be reduced to less than 1%, and it comes to 0.4 to 0.7% if basic strategies are applied as well.

Differences with Blackjack

The classic game of Blackjack has been around for long, but Spanish 21 is a variant that has been around for only a decade. It has been gaining popularity in online as well as offline casinos for certain reasons, mainly because of the house edge that can be minimized in this game in favor of the player. Spanish 21 works with the basic principles of Blackjack. The procedure of the game requires bets to be placed during the initial part of the game in spots for placing bets. The dealer will then distribute the initial hand, and you decide the move you wish to make next. Maneuvers in the game are the same as in Blackjack games, split, stand, hit and double.

Though the 10s are missing from the deck of cards used to play Spanish 21, there are rule changes incorporated to make the game interesting and to make up for the lack of these cards from the playing deck.

Rules that exist for Spanish Blackjack

Here are some rule clarifications that would make it easy for those trying out Spanish Blackjack for the first time:

  • The dealer can hit, stand with soft 17.
  • 21 OD a player beats 21 of a dealer.
  • Casinos allow bets to be redoubled three times.
  • Late surrender is allowed on the first two sets.
  • Before playing the ten spot cards, four in number are removed.
  • A double can be taken after a split.
  • Aces are split, and then players can draw the different cards.
  • Bonus payouts are made for hands such as 5 card 21s, payouts like 6-7-8.

The rule of a hit, stand and split

The rules regarding splitting, standing or hitting are the same as the game rules of the classic table. Players are allowed to take any of these decisions after they have had their bets placed and the initial hand has been dealt out.

The rule of late surrender

This allows a player to surrender their hand late, which means you might give up your hand by taking a loss equivalent to half of what you wager. This is often advantageous for the player as one gets to minimize their losses and even then get back half their bet.

Other rules

The other rules such as re-splitting is another benefit that allows split aces and also allows re-split as well as doubling or redoubling after a pair is split. After a player opts for doubling or splits, he or she can still opt for late surrender. This becomes a good option to save half the money when you have wagered high.

Spanish 21 also offers bonus games and side bets additionally. Match the dealer is a popular side bet which makes this online casino game favourable. Here the bet is won for the player if one or both cards match the face-up card of the dealer.

The super bonus rule is another option that is popular in many online variants. Here large amounts are offered on a six-deck or an eight-deck game which increases enthusiasm among those playing with the hope that their luck will turn and help them win the super bonus.


If you love playing traditional Blackjack, you will find more advantages in your favour when playing the Spanish Blackjack. Casino Online makes it a lucrative and interesting game to enjoy for the players.

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