Yggdrasil Gaming

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Yggdrasil Gaming is the provider of software solutions for online casinos, which is mostly involved in the development of the next-gen slots. This is a young and small company that does not yet have a stunning portfolio, but it is possible to admit that these people surely know how to do great games. The Yggdrasil team is young and relatively small, but you can say that they are really passionate about their art. Art is the definition that fits their games best since they try to make them as vivid and as captivating as it is possible.

The games produced by Yggdrasil Gaming can be fairly considered so-called AAA games in the world of online entertainment. This company brings a so much needed fresh breath to the industry and breaks the conventional views on online gaming. The company operates in Poland, and its products are available in online casinos across the globe wherever online casinos are legal. Their games are, naturally, can be played on all devices that are connected to the web and have a screen so that it is easy to access their extraordinary games for any player.

Brief History

There is not much to talk about when it comes to the history of Yggdrasil Gaming since the company was established only 6 years ago. Since 2013, the young team has been on their portfolio and reputation, and boy didn’t they make a small name for themselves. In less than 5 years, Yggdrasil gaming has become a partner to many online casinos providing them with software solutions such as their brand-new social media sharing tool called Brag and numerous games.

Games are what interests us the most, and naturally, we have tried most of their games to give you our advice on whether to try them or not. These games are all new so that you might have never heard about them, and that is why we are here. First of all, Yggdrasil does not just make slots. These guys can supply a fully-operational online casino with their games. They have everything an average player might need including blackjack, poker, slots, and roulette.

Over the short period of their existence, Yggdrasil Gaming has managed to create memorable games that excited us the way we would not expect of the young and seemingly inexperienced team. We were glad to be surprised so we would like to talk some more about their games.

What Do We Like Them For

First of all, Yggdrasil Gaming pays attention to storytelling, which is unusual for online casino game developers. You don’t usually expect a slot game to feature a story, but the slots by Yggdrasil do. Sure, these are not some in-depth Shakespearian plots, but they add up to the overall experience and create an additional sense of involvement. These slots have characters, and you might really like some of them.

Wolf Hunter is the slot set in a Gothic style with you as the player trying to catch the werewolves. In Nitro Circus, you are one of the bikers who risk their lives for the amusement of the audience, and you can really feel this tension. In Champions of Rome, you become one of the gladiators fighting for life in the great Coliseum. These stories are basic, but we believe it is better to have at least some story to boost up the engagement of the player.

Talking about the table games, you can find whichever game you need on their official website. These are all the famous table-games we all love but under a new sauce. Do we really need a millionth interpretation of poker? Don’t know, but why not. It is always fun to see a new take on the old-fashioned game we all know through and through. There is no telling as to how many of them already exist in online casinos across the web, but the games produced by Yggdrasil are certainly the decent ones, so we are glad to see them coming live.

Things to Keep in Mind

Yggdrasil Gaming is a young team that still works as an independent company. Considering the quality of the games they produce, it is most likely that some larger company will acquire them soon. It is clear that such companies as 888 Gaming and Realtime Gaming are interested in having such a promising new entrant under their wing so we would not be surprised to hear about Yggdrasil becoming a part of some group shortly.

Becoming a part of the corporation is surely a good thing for the developers since it ensures a steady income and great growth opportunities. For us, as the players and fans, it might mean the worst – Yggdrasil Gaming losing its soul and starting to develop mediocre games for the sake of profits only. This is what we fear most since Yggdrasil looks like the most promising developer on the market, and it would be a shame to lose it.

With Yggdrasil most likely becoming a part of the corporation shortly, chances are that they will keep on making good games, but it is equally plausible that they will lose their passion for real gaming.


Yggdrasil Gaming is one of the youngest companies producing online gaming software for online casinos. They do not host a casino themselves, but they surely have enough of their own games to start one. There is a great team of creative and talented people working for Yggdrasil, and it is great to see them putting passion in their product.

The company is really focused on producing quality content for their clients and end-consumers. The visuals in their games would satisfy the most seasoned of the players, and the sound design complements the picture really well. It is safe to say that Yggdrasil has the potential to become one of the best game developers in their field in case they keep it high. Again, the only point of concern is that sometimes such promising companies lose themselves while pursuing contracts and money. We, as fans of online gaming, wish Yggdrasil all the best of luck and hope you will give a try to some of their games.