QIWI Casinos in Canada

qiwi wallet casino
Again, easy as it gets, we have compiled all the information you need about online casinos operating in Canada that allow for the use of this payment method. Here are major online casinos in Canada you can tie your QIWI account to:

These casinos all tie up perfectly with QIWI, and if you did not try those just yet, we would definitely recommend you to. Paired with the comfort of using QIWI, winning there would be the ultimate gambling experience at Casino Nostalgia.

What is QIWI Online Casinos

QIWI is arguably the most innovative online payment service to date that allows the users to deposit and withdraw money online using a simple mobile app. The system was developed by Russian entrepreneurs back in 2007, and over the years of functioning, it has gained a reputation of a reliable partner to millions of people around the world. QIWI offers a much broader scope of services to its users compared to what most of the similar payment systems offer, which certainly makes it an undeniable leader in its respective market.

QIWI is exceptionally user-friendly, which makes is a great choice for withdrawing money from online casino accounts. What is also stunning is how fast QIWI handles transactions making is even more attractive to active players who like to operate their money with high efficiency. QIWI unites more than 20 million users around the world, and that certainly makes this system worth attention.

Why Do We Like It

First and foremost, QIWI is a versatile payment service that can be used for literally any kind of transaction. This, of course, does not include illegal or suspicious transactions. The company switched to using blockchain technology in 2015, which allowed for the improvement in the security of the transactions as well as the overall quality of the service.

Qiwi is a versatile qiwi payments method that allows for numerous transactions being processed in a short period, which makes it a perfect choice for the online casino players who need to either deposit or withdraw their money instantaneously. QIWI is a reputable company that operates globally and cooperates with a variety of partners around the world. It is a very convenient tool for managing user’s financial transactions via the mobile app and using the help of QIWI support team that works 24/7 for the clients around the world.

What’s So Special

First of all, QIWI is a multi-platform payment system the users can access via different devices. It is very user-friendly and comprehensive so you can get started with it real quick and use the full scope of its functions with ease.

It is a fair system that does not charge you for every small transaction you make. There are, of course, certain fees but they are fairly small.

A broad scope of partners around the world allows you to tie QIWI account to the card of almost any major bank on the planet as well as more than 13,000 lesser banks. This makes financial transactions with QIWI casinos much more comfortable.

About the Downsides

Unfortunately, QIWI is not yet available in Canada, but it is our hope that it will be within the current year. QIWI is fully operational in the US and most of the European countries; hence, it is a matter of time only until it gets to Canada too. As of now, that one is the only downside to QIWI we can think of, but we might have figured the way to get around this problem.

How to Use QIWI in Online Casinos

Simple as it gets. First, you create an account in a Nova Scotia casino you prefer, but our guess is that you already have one if you are reading this. So, once you have an account in your online QIWI casino, you need to select your casino payment options. That is where you need a Visa Prepaid Account. In case you don’t know whether you have one, look at your bank card, and if it says Visa on it, you are good to go. QIWI plays a role of your wallet here, a virtual wallet you can put money in and out, and all of the QIWI’s transactions are based on Visa accounts, which complements the reputation of the service. So you will need to have a Visa card in case you want to use QIWI, which is easy to get since these cards are everywhere. You most likely have one already.

Once you have a Visa card, go to App Store or Play Market and download QIWI app to your phone or whatever device you want to use. That is where you create your QIWI account. Creating the account is a simple procedure you’ve done many times before; it literally takes two minutes of your time. Once you are done with your new QIWI account, you will need to tie it to your Visa card. Voilà – you can now use your QIWI account to deposit and withdraw money to and from your account in the online casino of your liking.

The terms of withdrawing and depositing your money might differ depending on what casino you prefer, but regardless of what conditions your casino offers, QIWI guarantees that money will always get to where you want them really fast. Additionally, you can rest knowing your money is protected by the innovative software used by QIWI Canada.

So what is the difference between your conventional card-to-casino transaction and QIWI-to-casino transaction? It is safer, faster, and much more convenient.

Safety First

We all love our money safe and sound, and luckily, QIWI uses blockchain technology that allows for strong security of data on all accounts. QIWI also uses the International Processing Services which guarantees to process of all data in real-time making sure all the money gets to where it is meant to be. The combination of the blockchain technology and QIPS strengthens the security of the QIWI payment service making it literally impenetrable for hackers and eliminating any chance of errors curring during transactions.

With millions of users around the world currently using QIWI, there has never been a single security breach that would compromise the reputation of the service. That is why we trust QIWI as one of the best online payment systems to date.

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