Ethereum Casino Online Canada

While many casinos are available to players in Canada, not all offer the best payment services. Players have often expressed dissatisfaction with slow deposit and withdrawal payment systems because they frustrate their game experience. Several casinos, however, beat this obstacle with the special Ethereum casino payment system.

Top Casinos that Accept Ethereum
# Review Total Bonus Free Spins Payment Systems Website
1 7Bit Casino Total BonusC$5000 Free Spins100 FS
  • BitcoinBitcoin
  • Credit CardsCredit Cards
  • EcoPayzEcoPayz
  • EthereumEthereum
  • iDebitiDebit
  • +12
  • InstaDebitInstaDebit
  • InteracInterac
  • LitecoinLitecoin
  • MasterCardMasterCard
  • MuchBetterMuchBetter
  • NeosurfNeosurf
  • NetellerNeteller
  • PaySafeCardPaySafeCard
  • SkrillSkrill
  • TrustlyTrustly
  • VisaVisa
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An Ethereum casino is generally a platform that has an Ethereum payments system. It allows players to explore cryptocurrency fast speed when they deposit and withdraw. Ethereum's payment system is extremely trustworthy due to its transparent payment system.

As long as the casino where players wager is licensed, every transaction can be easily traced on the blockchain platform. The Ethereum payment system is one of the most transparent systems when compared with other options available on platforms. Ethereum speed is also another advantage.

This article will consider all you need to know about Ethereum casinos and why you should choose them as your game choice.

What Is Ethereum (Ether)?

Ethereum casinos are a wagering platform that allows the use of Ethereum (cryptocurrency) as a payment method. Cryptocurrencies are becoming more famous in gaming, and Ethereum gambling is one of the known payment methods in some casinos.

Ethereum is a simple technology home to digital money, global payment, and application. This technology was created with the sole aim of making people earn digitally. On various platforms today, Ethereum technology is accepted as a payment method. This includes casinos that allow cryptocurrencies. All you need to do is to ensure you have a grounded knowledge of how crypto works generally.

Ethereum's cryptocurrency system of making payments could be traced to have started in 2014. It uses blockchain technology to provide another payment alternative in casinos. And this had been a significant avenue for casino players with experience in cryptocurrencies.

The crypto market is very volatile, which is still a major reason many platforms do not accept their payment method. However, if you understand how crypto works, this is not a very serious issue. You just need good internet to help you ensure the value of your Ethereum when you are making a payment at that particular time.

Where to Buy Ethereum

As of May 2022, Ethereum is one of the largest cryptocurrencies. As a matter of fact, it only comes second to Bitcoin. Its market value is $246 billion, while bitcoin is roughly about $571 billion. Today, despite the falls and peaks in the crypto market, one can testify there is still a great deal of interest in the space. As a result of this, many platforms, including casinos, use crypto as a method of making payments. Hence, the reason we can hear of Ethereum casinos today.

Aside from being a payment alternative on various platforms, there is more to the Ethereum trade. And when it comes to making trades, it is essential to identify and trade with the best platform that suits your needs. Speaking of trading, we will be discussing a list of the best platforms where you can buy or trade your Ethereum. The following are excellent platforms where you can buy your Ethereum.


  • Coinbase is one of the most reliable platforms where you can buy your Ethereum. It is a famous platform with an established reputation.
  • It is a platform suitable for casino players as they wager and make payments on their best Ethereum gambling sites.
  • It is known for its user-friendly interface. You do not find it challenging to make use of the platform to purchase your Ethereum. It is very easy to navigate
  • Another thing to consider is its relatively low charge on Ethereum purchases. Unlike some other platforms, coinbase does not impose high fees on the purchase of cryptocurrencies.


  • Coinmama is another excellent platform that will be mentioned regarding where you can buy your Ethereum. Firstly, you do not have anything to worry about its reputation if you are thinking of buying your coin on this platform. It is a respectable company
  • Coinmama is a good recommendation for you in terms of where you can trade and buy your Ethereum token, especially if you are into Ethereum gambling.
  • With its good support, coinmama is an easy way to buy Ethereum with your debit card.
  • The platform has been since 2013 and has a fast turnaround for buying Ethereum in the industry.


  • BitPanda was Founded in the year 2014
  • Bitpanda is a nice platform to trade or buy your Ethereum. It offers the purchase of Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies through different payment methods. It is, however, most suitable for EU residents.
  • It has an easy and excellent user interface. You won't be having any issues buying your coins from the company.
  • It features low fees on their transaction. So you won't have to worry over excess charges.

How to Choose A Reliable and High-Quality Ethereum Casino

With numerous casino births daily, choosing a reliable and high-quality casino might be challenging. It is pretty easy as we've highlighted some features to look out for, which are explained below:

License:  when choosing your reliable Ethereum gambling sites, you should consider the platform's license. Ensure that the site you choose has a license visible to customers. Today, different platforms paraded themselves as being reputable but were later found out to be a scam. To avoid getting defrauded of your fortune, ensure your game with a platform with a visible license.

Payment speed: another thing that should come to mind when choosing to game with an Ethereum gambling site is its speed of payment. Different reputable platforms have issues with the quick payment procedure. When customers make withdrawal requests, the process could take weeks. But today, you can easily find sites with good payment speed, processing your requests in a few hours or a day.

The richness of games: the richness of games is a factor to consider when selecting an Ethereum gambling site. This is because as you go playing your usual games, you could get bored and may want to try something new. You can decide to play other games for fun just to learn something new that you can bet on. There are different Ethereum platforms with a plethora of games on the internet.

Customer support: before gambling on the Ethereum platform, be sure of their customer support. This is essential because as you use their site, you may encounter an issue or difficulty. Who do you seek or ask help from when faced with such difficulty? Customer support is the best position to help you out with anything you want.

Interface and design: Many casino platforms and players are very conscious of the site they gamble with when it comes to design. This is essential because the interface and design help give players to ease and a real gambling experience. You sure don't want to play with a site with a poor interface and design.

Bonus and promotion: promotions and bonus packages are also what you should consider when choosing a reliable Ethereum gambling site. Different sites have different bonus packages they offer. As a player, you should go for the one whose offer suits you the most. Some offer bonuses higher than others. Ensure to game with the platform with the best bonus package, especially if you are a gamer.

Mobile version: today, online casino has become very popular, and many players prefer playing from their comfort zone to trekking miles to casino houses. This is why you must ensure your site of interest has a version that is compatible with mobile devices. You can easily play your game with your smart devices anywhere.

Strengths of This Virtual Currency

The ETH payment system in online casinos is among experts' most recommended options today. Players can be assured of many advantages and incentives using this virtual currency that have come to stay. Below are the perks that come with using this virtual currency.

  • Low fees for processing payments: One of the advantages of gaming with the Ethereum gambling sites is the low charges on payments. Different from other methods of payment, Ethereum requires low fees when you want to make a payment. You won't be having issues with unusual excess charges. This is seen as a major factor when players want to make payments. This is because there might sometimes not be much to spare, and so they consider the method with the low payment fees. This is where Ethereum gambling comes in.
  • Availability of Ethereum-specific casino bonuses: This is one of the pros you can benefit from when gambling with Ethereum. Amongst the best Ethereum casino sites, there are always Ethereum-specific bonuses that players are entitled to. It is essential to mention the bonus being mentioned here has nothing or less to do with the gambling platform. It is unlike the welcome or loyalty bonus given to players of a specific platform. These bonuses are solely concerned with the Ethereum method of making payments.
  • Secure Payment Option: Making a payment with this virtual currency is safe and secure. It is an encrypted method, so as a player, you shouldn't be worried about making payments with this Ethereum. If unsure of the payment method, you can go through the Ethereum casino reviews just to clear your doubts. You have less to worry about if you are gaming at a platform with a reputation and license. This is why it is essential to always gamble at a reputable Ethereum casino.
  • Swift Withdraw Times than Other Methods: This is another advantage of using Ethereum casinos. The withdrawal requests are swift. Unlike some other methods that may take days or even longer to process payments, Ethereum casino processes withdrawals faster.

Weaknesses of this Virtual Currency

Ethereum has so many benefits that it may become almost difficult to notice lapses. However, there are certain areas where this currency falls short. It is not the friendliest virtual currency available globally, and players may experience transaction limits occasionally; some of the downsides include:

  • Not as User-Friendly as Bitcoin: Ethereum is a nice technology that has been used for some time. It is an excellent payment option that is used on different platforms. This includes casinos as well. However, it is second to bitcoin, which has a more user-friendly interface. A lot of players who are crypto gurus are more expectant to make payments with bitcoin than Ethereum. This is because most players trade in bitcoin and tend to make payments with it. This is not in any way implying that Ethereum is not a reliable method. It is, however, second to bitcoin when it comes to being user-friendly.
  • Limited Numbers of Ethereum Casinos: Ethereum may be second to bitcoin only in cryptocurrencies, but its gambling sites are not as many as other payment methods. The number of best Ethereum gambling sites is limited. You would have seen casinos that accept other payments like skrill and the likes before seeing an Ethereum casino. This is one of the major weaknesses of virtual currency as a payment method in casinos. As a result of this, many tend to use other payment methods. This is because they have more variety than the few Ethereum casino sites.
  • The Volatility in Value of the Currency: This is a major factor many platforms generally don't allow payments in cryptocurrencies. This is not Ethereum-related only. The crypto market is decentralized, so a single person does not own it. However, there could be a range of factors that can influence the price of a coin, such as Ethereum and others. Sometimes it could be a spike in the price or a fall. The issue is that the price when a player makes a payment may change when the company gets its money. It can be a fall in price, causing a loss on the side of the gambling platform.

How to Make A Deposit with Ethereum?

The process of depositing with Ethereum may be quite different from the other payment methods. Here we will discuss the step-by-step guide on depositing with Ethereum casino online.

  1. Have a wallet – The first thing to do if you desire to make payment with your Ethereum is to have a wallet. You must have a wallet where you can hold your Ethereum currency. This is not difficult as there are several reputable wallets that you can make use of. Some of the wallets include Bittrex, Gemini, coinmama, etc.
  2. Fund your wallet with your fiat currency – You will need to fund your wallet with regular currency. You can achieve this through your bank or with your debit card. Your funding option may have limits attached to it.
  3. Purchase ETH using Fiat – This is one of the major steps, speaking of guides on how to make deposits with Ethereum. It is the time when you now have to purchase some Ethereum. You will be presented with so many cryptocurrencies that you can buy. You should buy ETH as the currency of interest. In this paper, there is a discussion on reputable sites where you can buy your Ethereum.
  4. Transfer to your casino account – Here, you can now head to the best Ethereum casino of your choice, where you will have to sign up. Go to the cashier section, where you will find different payment options, including Ethereum. You can now transfer from your crypto wallet to your account.

Withdrawals at Ethereum Casinos

Just as depositing with Ethereum casino online has a guide, so does the withdrawal process. Although the process can differ from one casino to the other, the procedures are relatively simple. Here we will be looking at the guide on how to make a withdrawal with Ethereum;

  1. The first step is to meet the wagering requirements, as this is to confirm if you can withdraw from your available balance in your casino account. This is because you may have to make wins with your bonuses before you can cash out. Cashing out your given bonus may not be accepted. You have to meet certain wagering requirements before withdrawal.
  2. The next step is to head to your website, which has your cashier option. You should pick Ethereum as your withdrawal option. Of course, you want to cash out using the Ethereum method. It is essential to mention that you withdraw an amount that falls between the minimum and maximum limit of the platform.
  3. At this point, all that is required is your patience. You must wait for your fund to be transferred to your Ethereum wallet. This step is usually completed within two to forty-eight hours.

Fees and Time Frames

One of the major advantages of an Ethereum online casino is its fast payment process. If there is a payment system that does stick to its instant payment mantra, it is Ethereum. Canadian players with ETH wallets can be assured of a swift withdrawal process at any time. Any delay will only come from the casino and not the system itself. This situation is, however, very rare for a licensed platform.

Another important factor that players must also take into consideration is the transaction cost that Ethereum casinos attract. Every transaction will require a small fee. While this fee is not big, other payment options may not charge at all for processing payments, making Ethereum a little bit less attractive. However, its advantage outdoes the small, almost insignificant fee that players have to pay,

One of these advantages is ETH safety. The system is safe and transparent. It is fast and works 24/7.

Exclusive Ethereum Casino Bonuses

While casino bonuses are always great and appreciated, it gets better when playing in an Ethereum Casino. With a great payment system like Ethereum available in the platform where players wager, they can be assured of enjoying better rewards and gifts, which is extremely important for a satisfying gaming experience.

There are several casino games bonuses players can go for. These rewards come from free spins, welcome bonuses and other gifts that contribute significantly to player casino success.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus in an Eth Casino is one of the best. This is because it makes it much easier and faster for Canadian players to enjoy the immense benefits that a platform offers. The welcome bonus is usually dependent on a successful deposit. Given the fact that ETH is one of the fastest currently, players will be able to get their welcome rewards when they start playing in a new eth casino.

The welcome bonus usually comes as money deposit offers, which could be up to CAD$1000. Also, there may be other gifts, but this depends on the firm. Something that players can be sure about is that a welcome bonus is often worth it.

No Deposit Offers

Ethereum Casinos are well big on No deposit offers. What are no deposit offers? These are rewards and gifts that are given to players despite not yet making a deposit. Players do not need to do anything special to activate their no deposit offers. They only need to sign up, and the platform will become open to them.

There is often a catch, though, when it comes to No deposit offers, and they will be explained in detail in the table below

No Deposit conditions  
Wagering Requirements The wagering requirement is the number of times players will have to wager any bonus they win from No deposit offers before they can withdraw the remaining wins.


Limited Bet options No deposit rewards often have limited bet options. They are mostly limited to the minimum coin size and bet size so that players cannot win astronomical amounts


Limited game options No deposit rewards will likely not work for all games in a casino

Free Spins

A good Ethereum gambling site allows players to enjoy free spins without any limitation. As a player, you can enjoy immense free spins for slots. The slots for which a free spin bonus will work are often stated so players know.

With free spins, players can play for a long time without limitations. They may need to stick to getting the free spins in batches. It all depends on the platform you choose to play in.

VIP Program

Most Ethereum Gambling sites offer players their amazing VIP program. Often called the Loyalty Program in many Ethereum casinos, this option rewards players who stick to play there.

The VIP programs are set up at different levels. The higher a player goes, the better its benefit

Ethereum Gambling Sites VIP Levels
Stake 5 VIP Levels
BitCasino 4 VIP Levels

Ethereum Mobile Casinos

One important question that many Canadian players may have is if there are mobile casinos that accept Ethereum. The simple answer is yes. While Ethereum is undoubtedly a sophisticated and extremely reliable system, it is very adaptable to mobile devices. You can access an Ethereum casino easily with your mobile phone.

No special mobile device is needed as a Canadian player. A good Android, iPhone, or IPad device will be extremely good enough to access the Ethereum casino. Players only need to ensure they have a platform in mind to access and are of legal age to play.

Some Numbers about Ethereum Online Casino

The cryptocurrency world has continued to grow; this has been good news for Ethereum. The surge in ETH was highly significant in the last quarter of 2020, down to the end of 2021. Ethereum largely outplaced Bitcoin throughout 2021 as it increased by 399.2%. Thanks to its high acceptance of NFTs and high Casino patronage.

This surge moved into 2022 before a drop in their values following a dip. However, despite the slump in all crypto values, the stats have shown that new casinos are significantly accepting the Ethereum payments system, which is encouraging.

Many Casino players have been warming up to Ethereum, which is evident in the over 100% surge in 2021 compared to 2020 when Ethereum casinos became popular. As a Canadian player, you must ensure that you play an Ethereum casino with an excellent reputation, and you will enjoy good value.


🍁 Is it safe to deposit with Ether?

Yes, it is very safe to deposit into an Ethereum casino. The process is one of the most transparent compared to other options available.

🍁 Is it legal to gamble with cryptocurrency in Canada?

Canadian players will not be prosecuted for gambling in an Ethereum casino. Players are free to wager on any online platform. However, they should wager on those legally able to operate in the country.

🍁 Why should you choose Ether to play online?

Ether is one of the major payment systems, and choosing it when playing in a casino will help you enjoy better bonuses. This could include special crypto bonuses.

🍁 What are the benefits of playing with Ether?

Ether has many benefits. It is transparent and fast, and the entire process is straight t the point with very little technicality.

🍁 How to choose the best ETH online casino?

Consider playing on a platform with many games, bonuses and an Ethereum payment system. The platform should be optimized for mobile too.
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