Monopoly Live Game From Evolution Gaming

The popular Monopoly Live slot not only won the Gaming Intelligence Award for Best Game of 2019, but Evolution Gaming also won the coveted EGR in the Game of the Year category. Of course, when you see Monopoly Live slot work in augmented reality (AR), you find yourself in its “living” studio, surrounded by a stunning three-dimensional city with a classic board game inside. Evolution Gaming has created and taken Monopoly Live Game to a whole new level, and fans of games with modern physics will have real fun when the camera first takes you on an exciting trip on board. The surrounding city is full of life, and you will want the “Monopoly” to come down from the board and walk along the main street for a moment.

Monopoly Live was released in 2019, and quickly attracted a wide range of players. It was another live game from Evolution Gaming that became a hit in a short period. This game combines the wheel of fortune with the popular board game Monopoly. You’re probably wondering how it works, so it’s important to understand the nuances of the gameplay. In the game overview below you can see all about Monopoly Live, how it works, what to expect, whether to play, and much more important information. If you are interested in this game, read the information presented in this review. This game is not available in the demo version, the free version, so it is important to understand that the game is for real money, which can be multiplied or lost. You must immediately bet on real money, so it is better to know the rules of this game in advance and be prepared for the intricacies of the gameplay. Check the content of each round of payments, and choose the best way to play the game.

Important game features of Monopoly Live Game

The Monopoly Wheel of Fortune consists of 54 different segments. Each segment is separated by pins that help slow down and eventually stop the wheel and display the prize that is displayed in the segment. However, you can choose and bet on one of four different numbers before the presenter spins the money wheel. These are the numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10, and they pay the same amount as the numbers (ie 1x, 2x, 5x, and 10x). You can also bet on two different bonus game options. One consists of 2 rolls and the other of 4. You can pre-bet within 12 seconds, and all bets will be void a few seconds after the money wheel starts spinning. You can bet on multiple numbers/bonus games at once if needed. All 48 segments on the wheel are numbers, there are also 2 random chance segments and 4 bonus start segments. A special bonus round Frequent Feature leads either to an immediate win, or the multiplier increases all values ​​on the money wheel. In the latter case, the wheel rotates again for each bet. This way, you can get a circle multiplier of 10 times. If you get a new multiplier with extra turns, the previous multiplier will be multiplied.

The bonus game in Monopoly Live Game

If you are lucky, after the multiplier, a special bonus game will begin by throwing dice. The real fun begins here. Watch Mr. Monopoly wander around the studio in augmented reality before heading to the classic board, surrounded by a beautiful 3D city with a market in the center. The default value of the multiplier is from 1x to 100x, and Mayfair is the most valuable property here. However, if you previously had a multiplier map, such as 10x, the starting value for the entire field is 10x to 1000x. Whether or not you have a multiplier on a previous random card, Monopoly always assigns a maximum random multiplier. 10 times more bonus than this property before the game. Combining this with a 10x multiplier makes it all really interesting thanks to its 10,000x bet property. You have 2 or 4 throws, depending on the version of the bonus game you are running. Each time a double number is added, an additional roll of dice is added (for example, 5 and 5). When you roll the dice, Monopoly moves accordingly on the board and receives a multiplier for the saved property. The farther from the starting position, the more valuable the property becomes. When Mr. Monopoly goes full circle around the board, all the values ​​of the properties are doubled. Mr. Monopoly can also get random cards and public cards for chests, which give good rewards to players. Surprisingly, this can also reduce the real rewards in bonus games. If you find income tax or super tax, you will lose 10% or 20% of your income, respectively. What you need to avoid is going to jail. So you get stuck and have to make double rolls of dice to get out. If you are unlucky, the prison can ruin your entire bonus round, as there are already a few throws to start the bonus game (only 2 or 4). Many grew up before video games completely conquered the world. Popular with many players, Evolution Gaming has won numerous nominations for Best Monopoly Live, including the EGR Operators Award, and Best Game of the Year. This is a well-deserved award because it is a truly innovative and bright slot machine. Of course, the main game is probably not so exciting, but bonus games fascinate many players. Mr. Monopoly’s presence as an AR animated character in a live studio is also new, as the bonus game offers huge payouts of up to £ 500,000. Important things like RTP and volatility will also vary from bet to bet, as some bets have only a theoretical return of 91.30%.

Exclusive live bonus

You already know that Monopoly Live is a combination of a legendary board game and a wheel of fortune. The bonuses in this game are closely related to these two factors. Bonuses appear often, so players will not be bored during an exciting action game. However, please note that you must bet on each bonus to be eligible to participate in the bonus game. In this case, it makes sense to bet on the number and bonus. This way, you are more likely to win at least one bet.

Very interesting things happen when a large card with the word Chance appears on the Wheel of Fortune instead of numbers. This card contains additional rewards for players. Often this is a completely random cash win. This card also often contains a payout multiplier. In this case, the dealer spins the wheel again after the payout multiplier is displayed. The multiplier is applied to the number that fell on the playing field. So if you bet on it, your bet will increase accordingly. After drawing a random option, the next option may be the same card. When multipliers reappear on the screen, they are added, and the player has a better chance of winning.

3D bonus round

Exclusive live bonus rounds are what all players have been waiting for. This is very exciting and will surely delight fans of the board game “Monopoly”. If you want to play this bonus game, you need to bet on 2 or 4 spins. If the wheel of fortune attracts one of them, you enter the game. Most of the features of the classic game “Monopoly” are present. To understand the rules, you must see and feel them with your own eyes.


  • Animated version of AR Mr. Monopoly in the live broadcast.
  • Great 3D animated board game as a bonus round.
  • Prices range from 10 pence to 2,500 pounds.
  • Chance to win up to 10,000 times your bet (£ 500,000 limit)


  • The RTP of the popular game slot is in the flexible range from 91.3% to 93.9% for most betting options.

Exclusive real-time strategy

Monopoly Live is one of those games where you can’t go far without a good strategy. This is important to know before playing. The manufacturer does not offer a demo version of Monopoly Live, so you can play the game only by investing your own money. There are several fields on the wheel that can be bet on, such as a bet multiplier and a field that transfers the player to the bonus game.

As in all games, the higher the possible multiplier or bonus, the less often the wheel will spin. This is why some players choose to bet with both low and high multipliers. This brings big payouts at best and minimizes losses when it’s bad.

Conservatism in games is also a good tactic. This means that your bets are low, but you have all the fields you can activate (Monopoly Live offers this option). This way, the player has a guarantee that he will win something every time, and it will not be a brilliant big win (at low bets such again is hard to win), but capital can grow over time. Regardless of the option you choose, you should bet on 2 and 4. This is not only great fun, but also an opportunity to win decent cash prizes.

Graphics present in the game slot and soundtrack

The audiovisual experience known to game makers is very important. Here, everything is refined to the smallest detail.

The graphics are almost perfect due to the feeling that the players are actually participating in a TV show, and the 3D bonus round is not only an opportunity to get attractive bonuses but also a very attractive visual effect. This show in itself impresses players. Remember, this is a live game. The game includes more than 12 cameras that transmit HD images. Due to the frequent change of frames, the impression of watching is almost real, and the proximity of the Ferris wheel in the center does not confuse the presenter.

The host of the game behaves like the host of an entertainment program: he greets guests, turns the wheels, and improves the mood, often with harmless jokes.

This type of game is characterized by inherent sound effects. Hear music that increases tension; hear the voice of the host and even the applause of the audience.

After all, who wouldn’t want to feel like a guest on a TV show while sitting comfortably at home?

Monopoly Live has all the features that casino players have been waiting for.

It gives you a great chance to win, causes incredible emotions, surprises (with bonus 3D rounds and other game attractions), and participation in unusual game entertainment congresses.

If you want to feel the excitement of the players in front of the video camera during the tournament, visit your favorite casino website and play Monopoly Live.


If you are a fan of the classic Monopoly board and love to gamble, you will love Monopoly Live from Evolution Gaming. This is an amazing hybrid that combines the wheel of fortune with a popular board game. We know it’s hard to imagine at first, but in fact, Monopoly Live has very simple rules that won’t be a secret after a few games. The game is very dynamic, something always happens, and the bonuses are especially interesting. Therefore, you should bet not only on numbers but also on bonuses. Players often choose Monopoly Live because of the high potential for prizes and bonuses. This is an interesting variation of slots, and if you haven’t had the opportunity to play live, this is a pretty good game to start with.


🎰 What is the payout percentage (RTP) for Monopoly Live players?

The payout percentage in the game ranges from 91.3% to 96.23% according to your bet. Make the most of your bets on numbers 2 and 10, which have the highest return, while other options offer a lower payout percentage of 94%.

🎰 What determines the volatility of this slot?

Volatility depends on what you bet on. Of course, bets on 1 (22 of 54 segments) are less volatile than bets on a bonus game with 54 segments (3 or 1). While the payout in the bonus game can potentially be huge, a bet of 1 gives you only 1x – that’s just one bet.

🎰 How does the bonus dice game work?

This bonus game can be activated with 2 throws (3 wheel segments) or 4 throws (1 wheel segment). Mr. Monopoly, animated in augmented reality, leaves the studio in a three-dimensional city with a board game in the center. The value of the multiplier has different properties, you roll the dice to move around the board of Mr. Monopoly and win big money.

🎰 Can I play Monopoly Live for free?

No, you can’t play Live Monopoly for free because there is no demo mode for live play. However, if you wish, you can rate the game. Proven online casinos offer many good options for playing with a nice welcome bonus.

🎰 What is the maximum payout in this slot machine?

The odds of the dice bonus game can increase the bet by 10,000 times, but the maximum payout is limited to £ 500,000.
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