Crazy Time Game

Numerous multipliers, several bonus games, wheels of fortune, and crazy gamble features; those are some of the things that can be used to describe the Crazy Time game from Evolution gaming. This game is unique, fun, and highly rewarding. The game design is impeccable, and the varying levels are exciting and will have you at the edge of your seat, waiting to see what would happen next.

How to Play Crazy Time Casino Game

There is a top slot located at the top of the money wheel, which is the main screen. If you are looking to delve into all the perks that this revolutionary product offers, you need to find top casino sites that offers it and heads to the live game category. Once you choose Crazy Time, you will need to place a bet from the predetermined alternatives.

It has four bonus rounds and a base round. When setting your bet, you will need to specify whether it is for the main game or the bonus ones. Gamblers can stake on both. The design and execution allow players to make several decisions throughout their play.
These choices determine the size of the multiplier you get and what it is applied to.

This, together with the different games, contributes to ensuring that players have a unique experience. The aspect of unpredictability speaks to the popularity of the Crazy Time Game.

After setting the bet, the wheel starts spinning; the slot generates a multiplier for a random bet spot or bonus. The multiplier can be used on a bet spot or a multiplier in the bonus games. If the multiplier aligns with a bet number, this is considered a match, and it is applied to it.

Each round and bonus game adds to the value of your multipliers. While this game is intriguing and you might want to get into the fun, there are levels of play, and they might be confusing. It is crucial to ensure that you understand how the game goes.

If you are uncertain about the game, you should consider watching other people play before investing in it. All players can watch as the game unfolds, but only those who have placed a bet can play. With all the thrill and excitement, you will likely want to join in the excitement.

How to Win in Crazy Time

The lively hosts will take you through all levels of the game; for most of them, you will not have to do anything. There is a real-time update of the wins for each round. Players that win at a certain level are displayed on the screen, and this list changes often.

In the main game, you can win in two ways. First, when the flapper lands on a number you bet on. Your wins are multiplied using the number you got from the top slot spin. Secondly, when it lands on a bonus game. While the latter does not offer a direct reward, you get to proceed to the next part of the game, which offers more significant prizes.

The bonus game starts immediately when the flapper stops. There is a lively animation that acknowledges your progression through different levels.

Bonus Rounds

Crazy Time has 4 bonus games. On the wheel of fortune, some of these rounds appear more often than others, and these are the ones you are highly likely to land. The coin flip has 4 compartments, cash hunt, and pachinko have 2, while crazy time has 1. The frequency of appearance is tied to the value of possible wins, in that the crazy time bonus has a higher payout than the rest, and it is the one you are least likely to get.


The pachinko screen is purple, and it has gifts at the bottom: these are in the form of pegs. This part of the game does not require player participation. The screen has 16 drop zones and multipliers.

This bonus game involves having the host drop the ball on a wall with physical pegs. The ball bounces several times, hitting the pegs and moving in different directions before it lands on a prize at the bottom of the screen.

Before starting the game, the word double or random multipliers are added to the screen. Since the host drops the ball from a random spot on the screen, sometimes, the ball falls on a double icon. When this happens, the number of multipliers on the pegs is doubled, and the host repeats the process.

This doubling process can re-occur several times, with the likelihood of winning you a 10,000 times multiplier. The attraction in the pachinko bonus game is that it is impossible to tell where the ball will land, which creates room for varied wins within the same session.

At times, the ball lands on one of the multipliers added to the game as it was starting. If it lands on the 2, 3, or 4 times multiplier, you get a rescue drop. In this case, the host drops the ball again. The pachinko bonus game is based on a game that originated in Japan, and it ends when the ball lands on a prize multiplier.

Cash hunt

The host walks up to a screen with 108 multipliers, and you can win any of them. Before the time starts, they respin to the icons used to cover the value of the multiplier. Reshuffling the screen is not only excellent at ensuring fair gaming, but also increasing the intensity of the game. Exposing the multipliers before flipping gives players a clue of what they are looking to win.

When playing cash hunt, you will need to identify the symbol you want to bet on, possibly by marking the row and column number. Then, use the cannonball to target the said symbol. This feature adds to the allure of the game, and the accompanying animations help balance the anticipation and excitement. Once you have confirmed the number, release the canon to reveal your prize.

Coin flip

You already know about heads or tails method to determine who wins at something, well, the Crazy Time game incorporates the basics of the game, but with blue and red coins.

Since this bonus has four segments on the wheel, it is the one you are likely to get, often. Before the host starts the game, random multipliers are revealed for the two colours. Then, they click on the button, and the coin flips from the bottom and top part of the screen.

Gamblers win this bonus round depending on the colour the coin lands on. This earns you the multiplier attached to the coin colour. You could win up to 5000 times the size of your bet from this game, but you will need a 50 times multiplier on the top slot part of the main game.

The game automatically goes back to the main screen after the multiplier is awarded, unless you received a low one. At this point, you get a rescue flip that might redeem your play.

Crazy time

The host walks through a red door that reveals an amusement park with trains, roller coasters, and other fun activities. While you might want to enjoy everything available, the focus should be on the wheel.

If you are lucky, you will come across a host that is both enthusiastic and fun. In this part of the game, to make the game more engaging and exciting, some hosts will introduce creative ways to spin the wheel.

The dancing and cheerful host might use their head to press the red button, and all this is for your amusement, so don’t shy away from letting out a hearty laugh.

Playing this bonus game could win you up to 20,000 times the size of your bet. To play the crazy time bonus, you need to pick a colour for your flapper; your options are blue, green, and yellow. After selecting one, it’s time to flip the wheel. The host presses the red button, and you wait for your prize to be revealed.

You win whatever the flapper lands on, except when it ends up on the double or triple sections. Here, the value of the multipliers is doubled, and you get to respin the wheel. This extended playtime allows you to enjoy it for longer, while at the same time giving you more chances of winning something big.


🎰 Can I Play Crazy Time Game in Canada?

Yes. It is available on many online casinos, such as Leo Vegas and Livecasino24.

🎰 What is the RTP of Crazy Time?

96.08%. This might vary from one casino to the next.

🎰 What is the maximum payout?

Players can win up to 25,000 times the size of their multiplier.

🎰 Can I play Crazy Time on my mobile phone?

Yes. It is highly responsive, and you get to enjoy all the features despite the size of your screen.
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