Canadian Casinos with No Deposit Bonus

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no-deposit-bonusCasinos love to give bonuses to their customers. If you look at any online platform, they will have a dedicated promotions or bonuses page. Furthermore, they will usually offer bonuses to new customers or have VIP programs. This is an effective means of enticing new customers. It is also a good way to prompt current users to spend more money.

One type of bonus that is often seen, is the no deposit casino bonus. As you would expect, this form of offer does not require you to directly spend any real cash. You effectively gain something for nothing. There are many types of offer such as this – from free spins to friend referral programs. In the text below, we look at the no deposit bonus and how it is used in online gambling sites.    

Casinos with No Deposit Bonuses
#CasinoReviewBonusBonus TypeGet Bonus
BoVegas C$20No deposit Get Bonus
Rich 25 FREE SPINSNo deposit Get Bonus
Cool Cat C$25No deposit Get Bonus
Planet 7 WELCOME200 - Bonus CodeNo deposit Get Bonus
Captain Jack C$2000No deposit Get Bonus

Why do No Deposit bonuses exist in online casinos?

First, let's look at why websites provide offers such as these. Think about it – what does a free bonus no deposit provide? It gives you something for free! Who doesn't want to get something for free? In our everyday life, if we can get something for nothing, we feel fantastic. This feeling and the psychological reaction are compounded for online casinos no deposit. When real money is involved, getting a bonus for free makes any future investment seem worthwhile.

Online no deposit casinos use these offers to entice new customers. They also use them to push existing and recurring customers to open their wallets and spend more. If one platform offers a no deposit bonus, and a competitor offers a bonus where you have to pay $50, which do you think customers will go for? Obviously the first one! This form of offer can give a competitive advantage and make a casino Сanada no deposit appear more attractive. It also ensures future business and helps the longevity of the company.

Types of No Deposit Bonuses

As you can see, Saskatchewan gambling sites no deposit stand to gain a lot from providing bonuses for free. It might seem counterproductive, but the overall gain far outweighs the cash they lose giving out free bonuses. So what different offers can you usually find? We have broken the no deposit bonus down into 5 main categories. There may be more variations, but these are generally the industry standards:

Free spins

Free spins are one of the most common types of no deposit offer. This is a really easy offer for gambling no deposit site to implement. Free spins are usually available on casino slots no deposit and some table games too such as roulette or craps. Essentially, customers will gain a set number or value of free spins (20 spins for example, or $20 worth of spins). They will then be able to use these on a set variety of games no deposit.

The terms and conditions will state explicitly which games the spins can be used on. They will also state any wager requirements and how you can withdraw your winnings. The most common form of no deposit free spin bonus is a sign-up bonus. A site could offer X number of free spins to the newly registered customer for example.

This offer is a great way to get a feel for the different casino games no deposit available. It is also a viable way of winning something for free. The downside is usually the wager requirements – to withdraw the free spins or to make money from them, you usually have to play through several times – this ultimately will reduce your chance of winning.

Free bets

In a similar way to free spins, free bets are also quite common. This form of offer is common for both online casinos and sportsbooks. Casinos will entice new players with free bet/wager offers. Basically, a customer will sign up and create a new account, and receive either a set number or set value of free bets.

Online casino no deposit platforms will commonly give free bets on games such as poker, blackjack, baccarat and other table games. For example, you could create a new account, and then receive 5x free hands of poker or $20 in free wagers on blackjack tables. The terms and conditions will state which games the free bet applies too. They will also state the maximum wager limit and other stipulations such as odds or maximum values.

Free bets don't really have any downsides. The only negative aspect is the wager requirements. As with free spins, you will usually have to play through the bets a set number of times. This can limit the potential you have to win any real cash. Generally, though, free bets are a great way to try out table games and get used to the casino platform.

Welcome packages

This type of promotion is not as common as the others but still exists in many casinos. The welcome package could include any combination of free items. This offer will apply to new customers who have registered a unique account.

The welcome package could contain anything such as – free spins, free bets, free chips, free cash to wager with, or even free entry to a VIP program. This can vary greatly from platform to platform and there really is no set formula.

Welcome packages are some of the best no deposit bonus offers around. You basically start a new account again a heap of free stuff – who wouldn't want this? You just have to bear in mind any wager requirements and stipulations on how and when you use the promotional items.

Free cash

Plain and simple – a set amount of cash for nothing. This is possibly the most common promotional offer. You can see many casinos promoting their no deposit bonus such as, “create an account and receive $20.00 free – no deposit required”. You are essentially gaining cash to do as you like with. Although this is not strictly true – there will, of course, be stipulations and limiting factors.

The most common stipulations are wager amount, what you can use the free cash on, and playthrough requirements. Playthrough requirements, for example, will stipulate what equivalent value you must use before you can withdraw any winnings. Let's say you have $10 free cash and the playthrough requirement is 5x the value. That means before you can withdraw winnings you must use $50.

Always be aware of the stipulations of using free cash. Also, look for the expiry date – it is very rare that these no deposit bonuses Canada will last indefinitely. You will usually have a set time period to use them in. Free cash offers usually only give a small sum – you are lucky if you find offers spanning into the $100’s.

Friend referral

The final type of offer is a referral offer. If you have a casino account, you may be eligible for a referral program. This is where you refer the casino to your friends. Your friends would then have to meet the referral criteria and you would receive some form of a bonus. For example, there could be an offer, for every friend you refer who creates a new account and deposits $20, you receive $50. Obviously, your friend has to make a deposit, but you don't!

If you have a casino account you could easily benefit from a referral program and gain extra cash for free. The main downside is that your friend has to be willing and may have to put their own hand in their pockets. Furthermore, there may be limitations on how you can use free cash such as wager requirements or playthrough stipulations.

No Deposit Games

An offer such as this usually only relates to a specific set of games. For example, it is rare that you will find a no deposit bonus Canada relating to bingo, keno or live dealer titles. The following is some information regarding the different no deposit games you can commonly find:


No deposit slots Canada are probably the most common game that this type of promotion applies too. You can usually find free offers in the form of either free spins, welcome packages or free cash. Casinos use slots no deposit because they are easy to use and usually don’t have as much value as table games and other areas of their platform. No deposit online casino can easily give away free spins and still make a profit in the long run.

Aside from the offers we mentioned above, it is always worth checking a casinos slot page. They may promote individual slot offers or give free spins on certain games at certain time periods.

Table Games

Table games are also often used for no deposit promotions. Games such as Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack, and Craps are hugely popular and among some of the most played in online platforms. Because of this fact, a site may entice people to play them by offering free chips and free hands. For example, you could receive 5x free hands of Poker, or $10 worth of chips for a Blackjack game.

Always check a websites table game page. You can see various different bonuses available relating to the individual games.

Trial versions

Finally, we have trial versions. Many gambling platforms have a trial version of their games. This means that you can try out their game – such as a slot title for example, and not have to place any deposit or spend any cash. You will not win any cash either, but you can at least try the games to see which ones you like the most. Furthermore, you can make note of win patterns and any other useful information you may find to improve your chances of winning.

How to Choose the Best No Deposit Bonus

So now that you understand more about free no deposit casino bonus formats, you should understand how to choose one. Literally, every casino has something like this – choosing the right one can seem like a total minefield! How do you know that the promotion is worthwhile? How do you know that it's not a scam, or that you even have a fair chance of winning any cash?

Luckily there are different signs and considerations you can look at. The following are some important considerations you should make when choosing a Canadian no deposit bonus casino:

    – What wager requirements are stipulated?
    – Is there an expiry period on offer?
    – How can you claim the promotion?
    – What criteria do you have to meet?
    – What is the overall value of the promotion that you will receive?
    – Does the casino have good reviews?
    – What have other people said about the offer?

Consider these things and choosing the right promotion should become that much easier. It all boils down to how much you stand to gain from the no deposit bonus. Is it actually worth your time and effort? Furthermore, you must also consider if you like the casino platform or not. There is no point getting a promotional offer for a site that you find difficult to use or has a poor game selection.

To finish off, we have created a list of common questions that are asked regarding this subject. These 4 questions should answer any queries you have in relation to this form of promotion:


🍁 Are bonuses no deposit available to everyone?

In most cases yes. Some offers may only be eligible to new customers only who have created a unique account.

🍁 Do you have to provide card details to obtain an offer such as this?

Usually no. Unless some form of monetary transaction is taking place, you will not have to give card details.

 🍁 Can you claim the same offer multiple times?

No. No deposit bonuses are usually one time only promotions.

🍁 What is considered a suitable wagering requirement?

This can depend on the offer in question. In most cases, anything above 5x wagering requirement is not suitable
Last update: 2020.08.19