Club World Group Operation Mess

Recent news about iGaming resource surprised the audience. The matter is that the reliable partner program appeared to be linked with the fraud iGaming group.

The worldly trusted casino resource, Club World Group was founded in 2004 and since that time has always been acknowledged the most reliable provider among the iGaming space representatives. Years of thorough and devoted work of partners and players have proven its worthiness. What has happened?

The change in the administration of the acknowledged parent company led to the undesirable consequences we witness today. The long-lasting feud between founders in the Interactive Technology Corporation (standing behind the mentioned group and the related brands) caused current situation, as reported in the Casinomeister’s Bryan Bailey article.

The situation became worse. Three brothers Stuart Jeffrey Ferster, Jonathan Ferster, and Warren Dennis Ferster failed to find common ground. Jonathan Ferster quitted the occupied since 2004 Chief Executive Post in October without any pre-notification. What was the reason? As represented by the two brothers, the former Chief Executive turned out to be connected with fraud actions. This conflict resulted in transmission of the operation part to the people whose experience in the gaming sphere is insufficient. Stuart and Warren Ferster had to arrange the business they had little knowledge about.

To fix the matters and arrange chaos the new administration represented a set of new rules including authorized people taking charge of monitoring of all the operations. The administration assured that the difficult times past. Perhaps, this corresponds to reality, but the need of such consultants’ presence ruined the reputation of the company.

The detail that can make the situation less favorable is that the named consultants are related to the Affpower which is known for its fraud activities. This online casino provided pirated NetEnt fun on its platform. Why should a group with a blameless name like Club World Group ask for help from the doubtful provider?

The piece of news highlighted by Casinomeister, the resource leaving online casino reviews of events in the online casino domain, the partner program of Club World Group named Affiliate Edge does not get pay-offs for the users related to the gambling houses of this group. That does not seem a reliable interaction! Soon after October 2016, the representatives occupying senior positions in management of the mentioned affiliate left their posts that mean something is wrong with the operation. Hopefully, the current management of parent company will fix the issue effectively.

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