Power Blackjack Multi-Hand

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Play for a real money

This is a game that is part of the portfolio of Blackjack games offered by Microgaming. This is a card game that needs no introduction and is a variation of the same that incorporates certain freestyle aspects. The player in the game managed to get up to five hands that include side bets as well as bigger profits. It is considered to be one of the games that offer a higher return on profits and is considered a real winner.

How is it played?

The Multi Hand version of Blackjack is played with two card decks. These are shuffled after every betting round, and the classic rules of the game apply. That means the goal of the player is to land 21 as hand value or to be able to beat the hand of the dealer. Betting can be up to 5 hands or between limits of £1 and £200.

The dealer would be forced to stand at 17 and card peeking is not allowed. Players can double down on numbers such as 9, 10 and 11 but that is not recommended after a split or to get insurance when Blackjack is obtained by the dealer. Surrender option is not available.

Payout options

Payout options are conservative for this game. Regular Blackjack games for standard wins are 3:2 or 1:1 and for insurance, it is 2:1. These are beneficial odds that make Blackjack one of the safest and profitable games to play, as per payout. The additional side bets that are usually offered in Multi-Hand Blackjack make payout options even higher. For instance, 7:1 is offered for the mixed pair, 15:1 is standard for collared ones while 30:1 makes a perfect pair.

How to play at Casino Online?

When you are playing this version of Blackjack, there are different kinds of modifications you can make to settings in the Options menu as per your preferences and needs. Auto Re-bet is a way of ensuring that the same amount of chips appears in the next game; Quick Deal is an option to increase the dealing speed while one does not remove the function of losing hands; these are some of the popular settings that can be tweaked as per the preference of the player.

Strategy tips

RTP of 99.6% in the game will require you to make decisions that are precise and fast. Expert players can do so, but that is not the same for those who are trying their hands at the game for the first time. There are strategy cards available that come in handy; one can take a peek before they make a move or when they feel doubtful. The opening hand that you get as well as the face-up card of the dealer will lead to certain actions such as stand, hit, double if possible and split.

Applying strategies to play Blackjack will help you to bring the house edge to an absolute minimum. This will help lower risks greatly even if you do not win. Chances of winning increase when you start playing with real money and have obtained a beneficial welcome bonus as well.

Testing the game for free

For those who are playing the game for the first time, they can opt to try the demo version for free. The demo version is beneficial for those trying their hands at the game for the first time. The short rules and their overview, as well as strategy cards, take care of what players need to do besides trying them personally at the game. The demo versions allow one to practice their skills and not have to risk real money till they are confident of playing the game in the full version.

With real money and bonuses

The Multi Hand version of Blackjack offers several advantages. Betting can be done up to five hands, which increase the chances of winning and can compensate for the instances when the dealer wins over the player. Even if you place a small bet, you will earn good payouts. The betting options are several, and if one has a generous limit on bankroll, they can opt for making them.

When the Multi-Hand version is played with bonus bets, one can play three independent hands with the dealer on the other end. Blackjack usually pays 3:2 and the dealer stands on 17s with a double down, hit, split or stand option.

Players can place wagers on bonus in all or any hand. They can do so with or without a bet on a blackjack hand. This gets one the chance to win five to 1000 times the bonus bet. Often a bonus bet screen comes up that offers the multiple bonus bets.


Blackjack in Multi Hand version and with bonus bets becomes a lucrative online casino game to play. Casino Online provides a supportive environment for the game to be played for all players, beginners or experts.