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Playing Multi-Hand Blackjack at online casinos

Several hands of this traditional table game can be played in a brick and mortar casino as well, but the convenience of the online game is greater. There are easy game interfaces showcased at Casino Online where you will find it easy to plan your bets and use your hands. The strategies to apply can be tried and tested as you do different rounds.

If you are new to the game, start with a demo mode. This will help you understand the game and how to execute it; once you are confident of the game rules and how to wager real money in the game, you can get started by wagering real money through your account on the site.


Principles of the game

This version, as with other versions of Blackjack, begins with holding an inherent advantage as a player over the dealer. In most versions the dealer needs to stop when seventeen is reached; this could also be when Ace and six are drawn since Ace is counted as eleven in this case. For the player, however, even if a six and Ace is drawn, the player can choose to have another draw. For cards that are 4 or of lower value, one has a great hand. This is equivalent to higher odds of winning. When cards become higher than 4 Ace becomes one and players can continue to play.

Better outcomes

When one draws a ten the best outcome is seen as well as a face card whose value is equivalent to ten; the same is the case with Ace whose value is either eleven or one. The cards add up to Blackjack or twenty-one, in which case the gamer has a win. When you are playing Multi-Hand Blackjack, with five hands available for wagering, the possibility of winning has increased five times. The game is with multiple decks, and 32 Aces can be for each round.

How to enjoy Multi-Hand Blackjack?

There can be several strategies deployed to increase winning odds at this game. Since it means that five games can be played at one time, it works in the favour of the gamer more.

  • One hand can be played aggressively while one hand can be held as a cautious one.
  • The dealer keeps drawing till 17 is reached, and this is a set rule, whereas gamer can choose different strategies to maximize winning possibilities.
  • Insurance can also be taken on different hands if the dealer holds an ace.
  • The gamer can split when presented with a pair.
  • When two hands comprise two pairs, one can be a twenty while the second one is split.

The above points showcase the different ways a game can win and maximize on the odds.

Basic strategies of table Blackjack

While playing the Multi-Hand Blackjack game, you can remember some of the fundamental strategies that are used in the traditional table game. In the table game version, the dealer’s card, as well as player’s cards, are also taken into account. The table recommends that the game stands when the dealer hits a 6 but place a hit when the dealer holds a seven. These basic strategies are also worth following when playing the Multi-Hand version.

Points to remember

When playing the Multi-Hand strategy, it is necessary to apportion the bets accordingly. Before playing one should decide their risk limits and how much would satisfy one in wins. This can be divided not the number of rounds to play. It is best to stick to limits set and increase odds when you find yourself ahead in the game.


The Multi Hand Power Blackjack variant brings in a lot of advantages. In contrast, the traditional table game, the extra hands that the player gets to wager on introduces several options. He or she can play the different hands with different strategies; it also helps players increase their winning odds and minimize risks.

Casino Online offers a safe and fair playing environment. This particular game interface is easy to understand and play at. There are helpful demo modes that new players can get used to before they wager real money in the game. There are several bonus programs that one can avail of when playing at this casino. These help to increase the amount you can wager on the games. With increased amounts to place bets on the games, you can increase the hands and increase your chances of winning. For regular players, there are other exciting offers to try as well.