European BlackJack Multi-Hand Gold

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Multi-hand European Blackjack Gold is an online free blackjack software where you play with two standard packs without jokers by the European rules. Multi-Hand European Blackjack is a multi-hand side bet blackjack games, which means it gives up to five chances for any player to play at once. The concept is to offer players online the ability to play multiple hands in a fully alert or heads-up format against the dealer. In three co-occurring hands of blackjack, the player will be given chance to play against the dealer. Then the player is of liberty to play any of the three hands or perhaps the entire player hands (3).


The game is played with the rules and regulations biding the Standard European blackjack which are;

  • Only like pairs can be split (matching in denomination, not in suit). Since this is a Perfect Pairs game, it’s like an additional bonus. Ten-value cards are not considered equal. Pairs can only be split once (Aces included).
  • Aces can be split and multiple cards can be dealt to them.
  • The Dealer must stand on all 17s and promises not to peek for BLACKJACK.
  • Doubling down is allowed ONLY on hard totals of 11, 10, and 9.


Two standard decks of cards (which are 52 in number) and the game has the ability to handle 10 separate bets each game (as you can place 5 bets on the side bet, the other 5 bets on the BLACKJACK game). Multi-hand European Blackjack Gold compared to most competing bets, the wager strictly cares about the two first cards of each hand. You are wagering that your cards will be a pair of some kind. If they are not, the side b2et is lost; however, if they are of pairs, they are paid according to the following payout table:

  • If the denominations match, the payout is seven to one.
  • If the denominations and the colors match, the payout is fifteen to one
  • If the denominations and the suits match, the Perfect Pair payout is thirty to one.

With ten separate bets (5 on the side bet, 5 on the BLACKJACK game), it’s easy to put a lot of money down per game, so be aware of your total bet when you are playing so that you can use your credits responsible With ten separate bets (5 on the side bet, 5 on the BLACKJACK game), makes it easy to bet with a lot of money per game (thereby making winning to be cumulative), so be cautious of your entire bet during your play to be able to plan and well utilize your credits responsibly.


The game is characterized by wonderfully animated chips that allow player to place bets from 1 to 200 credits. Multi-hand European Blackjack is only available in a multi-hand format (i.e. ability to play multiple hands in a heads­‐up format against the dealer), and it’s only available in the Gold version, which means you’ll enjoy superior speed, graphics, animation, and Expert mode options.


Multi-hand European Blackjack Gold game is available with the various language user interface. If perhaps you download this app in language you can understand, the function buttons are easy to understand.

The control panel is available in two modes: Regular and Expert, also provided with various user’s settings.

The computer deals you with a card to twenty or stops the deal at seven without any warning if you give such a command.


All games of golden series by Microgaming are provided with a very convenient and beautiful interface. Multi-hand European Blackjack Gold is provided with a friendly, easy to navigate and eye-catching interface you will get friendly without any guide assistance. That is the reason for playing online Multi-hand European Blackjack Gold is very pleasing not only because of its rather juicy conventions. If you are uncertain of your knowledge and skills in any casino game. Multi-hand European Blackjack Gold is made available by Crazy Vegas casino which gives the opportunity to play the game for fun side and even to place a real bet. This edition of blackjack is made available for download and also in flash modes. It can also be gotten on some other online casinos, powered by the software developed by Microgaming. It is possible to test this model right at without registration by the virtual bets.