High Limit Baccarat

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Update: April 25, 2023
High Limit Baccarat
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High Limit Baccarat is considered to be the most appealing version of traditional baccarat and it is developed by the famous software developer named Microgaming. This game is played using 8 standard card decks. As the name indicates, it facilitates for placing increased bets, and it is suited perfectly for high-rollers. This specific game is one of the three baccarat variations developed by Microgaming and it stands apart with higher betting limits as well as other features like Watch Game Feature.

This game allows the players just to watch the game instead of placing a bet. High Limit Baccarat game differs from other gaming versions because it is not played with a single deck of cards rather it is played using 8 standard decks of 52 cards. However, the objective of the game remains the same. In order to win over the game, the players have to make a correct guess whether the player’s or banker’s hand will be nearer to 9. In addition to the player and banker bets, there is a tie bet where both of the hands will be having same value & nobody wins.

Players can select betting credits from 10 to 2000 whilst the chips arrive with following values such as 1, 2, 10, 25, 500 and 2000 credits. Baccarat games have plenty of betting options to try, and the overall gaming experience will make you highly pleased.

Rules of High Limit Baccarat

The High Limit Baccarat rules are quite the same as the normal baccarat rules. Here are the simple rules to consider while playing high limit baccarat online.

  • You might either bet on the player, the baker or tie
  • The player and banker each will get two cards initially. In some cases, one or both hands will get the third card
  • Face and Tens card will be considered as 0, the ace count is considered as 1, and all other cards will be considered as their normal face.
  • When you add the total, only the final digit counts. For example, the total value of 13 is considered as 3.

Gaming Experience

High Limit Baccarat comes with basic design aspects with high-quality graphics to attract the players. In addition to that, the game has a standard layout and does not own the true casino online atmosphere similar to other releases. Yet, it facilitates players to adjust with several gameplay settings and sound features that can contribute more to the better gaming experience. Before the start of the game, the 8 decks of the card will be shuffled and the player places a bet by clicking at the wagering area of the table.

When the player hits the deal button, both the banker and player are dealt with 2 cards and the combined value is shown below every hand. This Baccarat version comes with the choice of disabling or enabling dealing face-down cards.

Specific Features

Baccarat is a simple casino game and the High Limit Baccarat version is no exception for the gamblers. There are several strategies which players must understand prior to starting playing the game for real money. The primary thing seems to be the payout available for winning bets. If the winning banker hand seems to pay 1:1 and winning player hand pay 1:1 however 5% of the win is offered to the bank as commission fee amount.

If the winning bet pays a lucrative bonus of 8:1, then you will sure to enjoy playing the game, but it happens rarely. Only veteran plays are interested in place tie bet. Moreover, this bet cannot be placed by a player and banker simultaneously. The players are allowed to bet on it with one on another. Being a fast-paced game, it is extremely difficult to understand the twists and rules of gameplay for new gamblers.

Due to this reason, they can either play the game using practice mode or allow Autoplay option with minimal bets. There is also a feature that permits them to view numerous games without placing a bet. This game suits the players who adore gambling for the sake of watching animating and getting benefit from astonishing graphics.


Thus, High Limit Baccarat is considered to be the wonderful game which is available for centuries with rich features and aristocracy. In fact, baccarat seems to highly accessible by the players in recent years. With this high-limit table, players are facilitated with the thrill of playing games with high stakes and consider taking risks by allowing betting limit up to 2000 per player. With regards to appearance, this game has modernized graphics and animations which offer a pleasant feel for the players.

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