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People are not the only creatures, who like gold for some animals, especially the gophers desperately love it. Can you imagine that? They spend day and night underground to get more of this adored element, but playing this funny online slot you will see it for yourself. These small animals are constantly working hard to get their stock of this metal. Like preparing for winter time,  when they make some reserve of provision. To get to know where the gophers find the precious metal, play this free game online. Clicking “play” you’ll start your journey to the unusual and magic world, where all the animals and people talk one language. The secrets and incredible meetings are waiting for you in this free slot!

The Acquaintance

Having started the gambling performance you will notice, that all the native inhabitants are not very talkative, and you’ll have to find yourself the dark little burrow somewhere in the wildwood. This is the home of the main hero of the game – the gopher, which is the digger. Wait a little nearby the burrow and you’ll see the owner carrying some impressive sack full of gold bars.

Try to find a contact with the animal, offering some delicious treat (the carrot or the chocolate), which will make the gopher describe you the place with such solid gold deposits.

The Interface Peculiarities

This free slot machine was invented by the Microgaming Company. Though the animation and graphics do not bear any special characteristic, the slot, in general, is irresistibly cute. It is also easy. Even the greenhorn can cope with it. Only five reels and the same quantity of pay lines are represented in this video casino game. No spare spins are offered in this casino slot. The Wild symbol of the game is the logotype, for five images with it you will get the multiplication by 12 000! The winning patterns are very frequent and the coefficients abnormally generous, take advantage!

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