How to Play Slots | Step-by-Step Instruction by CasinoOnlineCA

In online casinos, slots are among the most demanded games players engage in. Even though you might win by luck, playing the game without the basics can be challenging. There are a lot of crucial guidelines you should be aware of when learning how to play slots. Our CasinoOnlineCA experts have combined their research efforts to provide you with everything you need about slots.

☝ Remember This Before You Start Playing

Slots have rules like other casino games. Therefore, before you begin to play, it is crucial to understand some of the gambling terms that describe the gameplay. Slots can be addictive if you do not have a playing plan to follow. Our CasinoOnlineCA team encourages you to play responsibly to avoid negative consequences later. Nonetheless, below are some of the regulations we recommend.

🎲 Randomness
🙅 Avoid Complicated Slots
🎮 Play Demos
🚧 Know When to Stop
🎲 It’s All about Randomness
This is by far the most significant tip to grasp before playing slots. The slot machines operate using total randomness. This means you cannot use past results or experiences to predict what will occur next in the game. Therefore, don’t listen to individuals who believe they can expect a successive win. Instead, play slots for fun and ensure you play within your budget.
🙅 Avoid Complicated Slot Games
Some slots require high expertise for you to play. Therefore, if you are unfamiliar with them, try not to play them. As a beginner, playing a complex slot game reduces your winning chances. It can be tricky for you to monitor things like progressive jackpots, multipliers, and bonuses. The key to making more wins is maintaining simplicity, mainly if you are a beginner. First, learn how to play slots in casino until you have learned the strategies in complex slot games.
🎮 Play Demos before Playing for Real Money
Do you want to know how to play casino slots? If you are interested in playing a new slot game, starting with the demo is ideal. The free demo game will not demand any fee for you to spin the reels. Additionally, a demo game does not require registering for an account, it is free. You can go into the online casino of your choice and play in the demo account directly.
🚧 Know When to Stop
Online gambling is known to be a recreational activity. However, not everyone has the discipline to play within limits. It is ideal to learn when to stop playing since excessive playing can lead to gambling addiction. If possible, set a time you can play the games to avoid wasting a lot of money.

Slots are casino games you can play in physical casinos or virtually using various devices. So, why are slots popular? It is because of the following reasons:

🔸 The simplicity of slots makes it convenient for more people to play. This makes it demanding and popular.
🔸 Online slots still have the same retro feeling as physical slot machines.
🔸 Slot games are more affordable when compared to other casino games.

🔧 How Does It Work?

The procedure is still the same whether you are playing physical slots or online slots. So, how do slot machines work? As a player, you must wager on the random result of spinning several reels or wheels that bear different symbols. Once the wheel stops and you get similar symbols, you will win according to the kind of symbols.

Online slots work using random number generation technology. This technology instructs the reels and when to stop to determine the game’s outcome. Therefore, an identical game with an identical reel always creates a similar result. The rng affects the return to a player value, whereby if you place a high bet, you are also likely to have a high RTP. Below are the principles of other features you can find in slots.

🎰 Casino Slots Type

There are different kinds of slots you can play in online casinos. These slots may differ with rules and other distinctive qualities. However, the playing strategy is similar in most of them. Some of the slots include.

🍒 Classic Slots
The classic slots are the first invention of slot machine games vented in the late 90s. The first classical slot had three reels instead of five drums. Additionally, it features symbols on every reel instead of playing cards. Currently, there are various classical slot machines offered in different casinos worldwide. These include five reel video slots, bonus games, and free spin rounds.
🎬 Video Slots
Video slots are a popular casino game in both physical and online casinos. These slots may take up more than 80% of the floor area in physical casinos. The principle of video slots is that they operate under game symbols. Since video slots are more visual, you can quickly determine your winning value using the game symbols. The game comprises different symbols that differ according to the payment and multiplier value. There are numerical symbols as well.
📈 Progressive Slots
Progressive slots is a unique casino game that is well-liked by gamblers. The game enables you to turn the reels without hitting the jackpot. But in the end, these bets are added together. Most progressive slots use 1% to 5% meagre on the prizes.

The casino typically lowers the percentage collected if a slot machine provides a high progressive slots RTP. However, if the wins favour the house, they will raise the stakes to draw more gamblers into the gameplay.

🚩 How to Start Playing Slots?

Undoubtedly, slots are top-rated in casinos due to different things. However, understanding how each works can take time and effort with the rise of many slot games. By the end of this sub-topic, you will learn how to play slot machines easily. Below are the steps to play slots.

Property Wide choice.png
Step 1
🎰 Choose a Slot Game You Like
The first step is to select the game of your choice. Before you choose any slot machines, ensure that you have researched carefully. This will help assess whether the game will meet your preferences and is safe for you. Some ideal research methods include reading about slots, bonuses, RTP, volatility levels, and rules. Additionally, you can check for slot reviews by other individuals.
Property Wide choice.png
Step 2
🔺 Set the Size of the Bet
The next step is to set the amount of money or credit for the bet. This is a crucial stage since it will determine the final payout. In slot machine games, various strategies will guide you on the amount you can use to place bets. Some of the popular approaches are: 1) fixed betting strategy, 2) martingale betting, 3) progressive jackpot strategy. Even though there are strategies you can use, our team advises you to manage the amount as an individual. Ensure that you are comfortable with the size of the bet.
Property Wide choice.png
Step 3
🔄 Spin the Reels
After you have confirmed the bet size, it’s time to spin the reels. You will use tools like gears or levels to spin in a physical casino. In online casinos, there is a customized option that you need to press for the spinning to start. Since there are slots with different numbers of reels, the payout will differ from the matching symbol combination.
Property Wide choice.png
Step 4
✅ Receive Winnings
If you get the right symbol combination, you will receive your cash prize depending on the variety achieved. At this stage, you can decide to continue playing the game or opt to withdraw the cash. It’s crucial not to overplay, thinking you will win more prizes. Additionally, if you lose all the money from the casino account, only deposit what you need to reach for the ones you lost.

🎁 Online Slots Bonuses

Just like other casino games, slots also offer you online bonuses. These bonuses help to motivate players to continue playing the slot machine. Below are the popular forms of bonuses to get in casinos.

🎫 Free Spins
🎫 Progressive Jackpots
🎫 Free Re-Spins
🎫 Dropping Symbols
🎫 Win Multipliers
🎫 Free Spins
Free spins are ideal bonuses you can get in the slot machine. In most casinos, you will receive free spins once you register for a casino account. Casino accounts will also offer extra free spins when you begin playing slots. The advantage of free spins is that they lengthen your playtime and increase your probability of winning prizes.
🎫 Progressive Jackpots
Progressive jackpot bonuses are unique from other kinds of online bonuses in slots. This is because it bases its rewards on hitting the jackpot. This jackpot is a bonus for collecting all the lost bets into the jackpot pool. Therefore, players who have tried to win from progressive jackpots for a long time acquire the rewards as compensation. For most slots, gamblers can win up to $1 million or more.
🎫 Free Re-Spins
Unlike free spins, which you receive during registration, free re-spins are initiated with scatter symbol combinations. You will trigger free responses when the ideal number of scatter symbols appear on the reel. The number of spins ensures that you only use your cash once the spins become depleted.
🎫 Dropping Symbols
The dropping symbol represents a down arrow, as its name suggests. These symbols occur when you get a victorious win. In popular slot machine games like drop em, these symbols will fall beneath the drop icon to protect the winning symbols. It is a bonus because it allows you to form a winning combination to fill voids.
🎫 Win Multipliers
Win multipliers help increase your overall cash prize at particular times during the game. Typically, win multipliers usually occur during the near expiry of free spins or bonus rounds. They are deducted from the total winnings you have earned up to that time.

🎓 Useful Tips from Experienced Gamblers

To excel in gambling, you must follow other successful gamblers’ actions. Investing in legitimate gambling knowledge before you venture into it is wise. To achieve this, our CasinoOnlineCA editors have interviewed Amarillo Slim, Edward Thorp, Bill Benter, Archie Karas and Billy Walters, they are professional gamblers. We did it to learn the dos and don’ts of playing slots. Below are the tips you should follow.

🛑 Avoid Complicated Slot Games
As we had earlier stated, playing a complicated slot game will decrease your winning chances and increase your chances of losing cash. Simplicity is critical to continuous learning. First, start with simple games to learn about their features. Then, when you have enough skills, go to the complex slot games. Amarillo Slim stated, “Complexity in slot games often masks poor payout rates. Stick to simpler games where odds are more transparent and your strategy can be more effectively applied.”
🆓 Practice with Free Games
It is impossible to win without knowing the strategies for winning in casinos. Therefore, when you want to play slot machines, learning how the games work is essential. Practicing the game using a demo account rather than risking your finances is usually good. Additionally, if the slot machine lacks a demo, check for free online games to practice with. Edward Thorp said,” Before diving into the real action, hone your skills with free games. They’re the perfect playground to understand the nuances without the risk.”
🎲 Remember, All Slots Are Random
When playing slot games, remember that all the slots are random. Slots employ the RNG technology. This technology creates symbols and numbers randomly without using human intervention. Bill Benter stated, “Always remember that slot outcomes are governed by randomness. No pattern can predict the next spin, no matter how convincing.”
📔 Study the Pay Table
Before playing any slot machine, study the paytable to understand the symbol combinations. Since the pay table may differ in various slot games, it is ideal to read a paytable once you wish to play a new one. During the interview, Archie Karas said, “Each slot machine has a unique slot table. Studying it isn’t just about knowing the paylines, it’s about understanding the game’s subtleties and potentials.”
❌ Aim for Smaller Jackpots
As a beginner, playing the jackpot is more challenging than it seems, it will require you to learn how to bet and win. Therefore, you should start with the smaller jackpots before going for the bigger ones. Smaller jackpots are more valuable at this stage since they are more straightforward to win. Look for the ones that are easy to win. Billy Walters said, “Games with smaller jackpots tend to pay out more frequently. Aim for these if you’re looking for a better balance between winning and fun”.

📋 Slot Machine Strategies

One setback of slots and all the other casino games is that their RTP is not always 100%. This implies that winning depends on luck, so greater volatility is usually advantageous. You will require ideal strategies to employ to increase your chances of winning. Based on our experience, our team has collected 3 top methods to use when playing. Below are the three strategies.

💵 Single Payline
A single pay line is a classic slot machine game made of a straightforward pay line. The advantage of playing with a single payline strategy is that it is simple and easy to understand. While it can be easy to place a considerable amount to bet in a single pay line, we recommend you have an ideal way of putting your bet size. The table below shows how you can place a limit on your bet size in a single pay line.
Amount earned Value of the slot credit Number of spins
$ 200 $1 400 if only one pay line
💸 Multiple Paylines
Even though the multiple paylines are known to be complex, the strategy works almost the same way in video slots as using a single-line approach in simple slot machines. Understanding the number and direction of paylines will help you take ideal action. To manage your bet size, you can use the table below.
Number of spins Number of paylines Amount on spins
200 5 40 with multi-paylines
📑 Multiple Sessions
Multiple sessions represent the number of times or periods you can play a single slot machine. In this strategy, it is advisable to play different slot games to increase your winning chances. Even though a single spin takes less time, playing 1000 spins in a single game can be tedious. To manage your bet size, you can divide the sessions according to the number of spins. The table below expounds more.
Number of spins Number of sessions Number of spins
30 3 30 with multi-sessions

👑 Slots with the Best Odds

As a gambler, your main aim is to make more wins. However, it is only possible to win with the best slot games. Our CasinoOnlineCA team has picked three slots for you due to their high RTP, bonuses, and simplicity. They include the following.

🎰 Starburst

Starburst is at the top of our list due to various features. One of the features is the five paylines that pay off in both directions. Additionally, the games offer reasonable bonuses and are compatible with multiple devices. The game also features a high rate of 96.09 % and low volatility.

🍒 Casinos to Play Starburst Slot

🎁 C$25 Sign-Up Bonus + up to C$1,500
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firevegasnew  .png
🎁 100% up to 400$ + 50 FS
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🎰 Thunderstruck 2

Thunderstruck 2 is a popular slot machine game that is well-liked due to its uniqueness. The game is made of unique symbols. Each time a logo appears to substitute the winning combination, you will receive double your cash. Regarding the RTP, the game has a high RTP of 96.65%.

🍒 Casinos to Play Thunderstruck 2 Slot

lucky days  .png
🎁 $1,500 + 100 FS
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spincasino  .png
🎁 Exclusive C$1,500 Bonus
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🎰 Mermaids Millions

Mermaids Millions is an exciting slot that is easy to understand. If you love Microgaming, the game is simply a classic. Mermaids Millions offers you two remarkable bonuses for the slot machine. Additionally, the game has a high RTP of 96.56%.

🍒 Casinos to Play Mermaids Millions Slot

jackpot city  .png
🎁 $1,600 + 10 FS Daily
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ruby fortune update  .png
🎁 C$750 Bonus
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❓ How do online slots work?

Online slots work by spinning the reels. You win a cash prize when the reel stops and forms the needed symbol combination.

❓ Can you play slots for real money?

Yes, you can choose and play various ideal real money slots for real money.

❓ What are the best slots for beginners?

As a beginner, Thunderstruck 2, Mermaids Millions, and Starburst are the best slots.

❓ What is RTP?

Rtp is the probability of winning a certain amount of cash while playing a casino.

❓ What slot has the biggest RTP?

The Mega Joker slot is leading with an RTP of 99%.
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