What Advantages Can Astrology Give You At The Casino

Scientists proved that numerous factors can have an impact on our everyday life. Metaphysics is one of such factors, according to various researches and experiments it has a phenomenon influence on all, even the most unbelievable parts of our lives.

For gambling lovers, such study can be not only interesting but also very useful. For many people, it seems impossible to connect something so abstract as metaphysics, with something so simple at first glance as a random number generator. That’s why the majority of casino visitors will deny even the smallest possibility to gain an advantage from astrology. However, experts who study metaphysics are confident that if you accurately studied this science and learned how to use its energy, it will help you to make right choices and achieve bigger success.

Ancient Science

Astrology evidently differs from other sciences. It is often called a pseudo-science, because unlikely the physics, for example, it can’t be proved. This ancient study helped many famous and ordinary people to make decisions about any matter starting from something minor and up to the global problems. If we take a closer look at the history, we can see that astrology goes back to thousands of years and has been practiced in many different countries including Egypt, Greece, China and many others. There is a perception that even some of military strategies were based on what the stars tell.

In general, astrology studies the unity and cooperation of the universe and the smaller cells like an individual.

Astrologist based on the various aspects and stars can predict the possible future, yet this prediction won’t be detailed. Such study can tell you how astrological phenomenon can affect different segments of your life in general. Astrological prediction can cover aspects of personal life such as health, as well as global matters like the weather.

Astrologers study what impact the heaven and stars can have on a person’s life. Along with the understanding how the universe works and the ability to read the stars, astrology also includes complex mathematical calculations and technical aspects. This study has long years of history and is considered as one of the oldest sciences, although it is slightly inferior to modern sciences as it isn’t so precise.

Natal Astrology

This section of astrology gives a person the opportunity to learn how horoscope influences on his life if it complies with his present and a not less important thing for gamblers, what perspectives it predicts for the future. In natal astrology, an expert will create a personal natal chart, where he marks a person’s birth. Then, by studying how the sky looked on the day of the birth, an astrologist can make certain conclusions and based on what the stars tell can advise when to play and how to succeed in the game.

If you don’t want to go to the astrologist, it’s also possible to create such chart on your own. This option will take some time and is rather difficult to do. If you decided to make your horoscope yourself you should find a blank horoscope forms; you can turn to an expert to get it or search in the bookstore. You’ll have to mark all astrological signs, be accurate and take into account every factor such as layout of the Moon, Planets, Sun, its activity, and houses. The houses should cover all significant things in your life like family, money, kids, etc. Mark the casino as one of the houses because you want to calculate your odds to advantage there. Once your chart is complete, take a look at it and try to calculate all factors.

How To Apply Your Horoscope To Your Gambling

After your chart is done, there are two things that you need to pay attention to whether the chosen day is good for gaming and what games will give you better odds. To find out what day is the most suitable for casino action take a glance at the ascendant and moon.

Now you need to determine the strongest phases and then choose those that are closer to power. Take a look at the planets that are the closest to angular houses at first. Also, consider choosing several the most powerful aspects basing on the moon activity.

To find out which game will be lucky for you need to determine your luck cycles. Those who want to try their luck in lottery need to place the sun sign that matches to the date when you were born. Near to this sign, you’ll see your element. As an example, I was born on the March 29th, which means that I’m an Aries, and it’s my sun sign. From this follows that element that matches me is fire.

If my element is fire, then the most pleasant time for Aries to gamble is when the sun is represented by any fire signs. On the second place go air signs, when the sun is in Aquarius or Libra, for example, this time, will also be lucky for me to play.

People whose sun element is fire will get somehow lucky when the sun is in the earth signs. However, this time, won’t be too fruitful for you so that I would place smaller bets. So whether the sun is represented by Leo, Virgo, Aries, Taurus, or other you can still play and count on some indulgence from the Ms. Fortune, but don’t spend too much.

Keep in mind that fire element doesn’t get along well with water signs. So if you want to get lucky in any game of chance don’t go to the casino when the sun is in one of the water signs, you can’t rely on luck during these days.

How to Operate

It’s not easy to learn how to use your astrological knowledge to gain an advantage in your gambling experience. It takes lots of effort to create a personalized astrological chart, and sometimes it may require a consultation with an experienced astrologer. However, if you don’t want or don’t know how to do this by yourself, there is another option. Today, there are many sources opened for public, where you can find detailed case studies and charts that can be accessed from your computer online. These maps will show you the odds of luck basing various factors.

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