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What a Hoot – about the game

Most gamers are looking for variety in casino slots for fun, and that is what you get with What a Hoot. The game revolves around the owl theme as is evident from the graphics. There is much to learn about owls which also lend a fun element to this online slot. Owls have unique abilities such as being able to turn their heads 360 degrees; they munch on small rodents and are nocturnal creatures. Not only will you discover these facts about the birds, but also enjoy the graphics and features that this online slot offers based on the owl theme.

Microgaming offers this online slot as a simplistic way to have fun. It is a great option to choose when you are new to online casinos and wish to understand the way the slot games work. The theme and the other features are fun to check out, and the rules are easy to figure out. The fun and happy music that accompanies this online slot also add on to the fact that it attracts many players. The gameplay is simple, and one would need to note that there are no bonuses or free spins added to this online slot.

What to expect?

This online slot promises simple and fun entertainment. It comes with five reels, nine pay lines, and three rows. The cute owls on the game graphics make it engaging for the players. They will like to explore the interface of the same and find the features and rules easy to figure out.

Owls being cool birds, their ability to see at night time, be able to hear sounds that are too feeble for others to hear and being able to fly silently at night are some of the aspects that are unique about them. Not only will you be playing an interesting online slot, but also focusing on these aspects that are facts about these birds.

Cool animation of What a Hoot

The interface of this online slot has owls of varied forms in different cartoon features. The music is a wonderful accompaniment and creates a great ambiance for playing. What a Hoot is a simple but entertaining game to try, especially when you are tired and wish to try your hand at something entertaining and simple by the end of the day. It can also help you win cool profits when you wager at the game with real money.

How to play?

When you opt for this online slot, the rules for playing it are simple:

  • Begin the game by placing bets in coins; this will help to activate the pay lines as per your preference.
  • The reels can be spun and lined up as per the symbols on the game.
  • As in other Microgaming slots online, this one comes with 9 pay lines, 3 rows, and 5 reels.
  • Scatter symbol, when obtained in 3 or more numbers will provide a nice payout which is usually 2, 10 or could be 50 total bets on every spin.
  • There are no free spins included I this game or bonus games as well.

Symbols of What a Hoot

After the bet amount is set, there are different kinds of food symbols that appear on the reels such as nuts, seeds, juicy peach, berries of different kinds, horse chestnuts, ripe acorns which seem to be perfect as food for an owl’s party.

  • 4 owls seen indicate higher payout which includes a white howl with a party hat, a blue owl with a party blower, a yellow owl with a joke book and a brown owl with a cocktail.
  • The wild symbol here is a tree that has owl eyes staring out from it.
  • The scatter symbol is an open jar icon.


The payouts are great at this online slot which pleases many. The bets also can be chunky, from 2.25 pounds for a spin which can also go up to a maximum amount of 45 pounds.


This online slot provides simple and easy fun for those who are looking for it. The game keeps people entertained with the cool owl themed graphics and icons. The slot rules are the same, though free spins and bonus game features are not included. Those who are looking to try online slots at gambling sites in Newfoundland can surely start with this game.

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