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About Totem Treasure

Enjoy online slots or are you new to them? This is a basic game that you can try. The theme is interesting and helps you know more about a Totem pole and the ancient implications of this structure. The different features of the game are also based around this aspect. The basic layout is easy to understand and comprehend for which it is a great choice for those who are new to online slots.

This Microgaming slot machine and has interesting graphics. You will be intrigued by these aspects and want to know about it and how it is played. This game falls in the video slot category; it is inspired by Native American culture as the Totem pole represents. The theme sets the expectation, but the gameplay is easy to figure out.

Description of Totem Treasure

The slot machine opens up easily on Casino Online and showcases pipes, bald eagles, teepees, and campfires that are the signs of the culture and tradition of American Indians. The graphics are basic and not of the modern 3D category that lends a traditional and outdated look to the game. The basic images of the game encourage those who are new to slots and are often intimidated by the complicated strategies and levels of the modern slots.

There is a calming effect due to the background chant music. This also makes the game unique and encouraging for many who run away from the loud clangs and techno music that is part of the modern slot games. It is based on a five pay line and five reel design.

Those who are new to slots at online casinos would surely like to give this a shot. It would also help them become familiar with certain features that are common to most online video slots. There are certain features that are missing in it such as bonus rounds and a gambling feature. The wagering in this slot can be conservative and help a newcomer realize cautious wins.

What to expect?

When you log onto Totem Treasure you are greeted by the Squaw image; this acts as the Wild symbol, an aspect common in most slot machines. The wins in this game pay in both directions left to right or right to left. Totem, by definition, is a spirit being, a symbol or a sacred object; it serves to represent a group that could be a lineage, tribe or a family.

This theme is depicted in a colourful way on the game. There are several other icons inspired by Native American culture. The reels of the game are inside an ornate, carved wooden frame and backdrop represents a blue sky and a desert.

Features of Totem Treasure

Totem Treasure comprises three rows and is a five reel slot that can have twenty pay lines maximum. The reels are well designed on the theme. The symbols of higher value include a headdress, tomahawks, Totem Treasure and dream catcher; here the royal symbols and Ace represent lower values.

The wild symbol in the game is marked by a rider whose silhouette can be seen against a sunset scene; Totem Pole is also present that is stacked as the game advances. It appears on certain reels that are one, three, and five. This pole needs to be landed and when it is achieved the player gets free spins. There are ten spins that are given for free. Unlike other slots, multipliers do not exist for the spins, but they can be re-triggered as more Totem Poles are obtained.

Progressive jackpot

This is another exciting aspect of Totem Treasure. The free spins also make a gamer eligible for the progressive jackpot. This is seen in the Cash Pot box which is showcased above the game reels. The chances are present when a player stakes at least an amount of £1.00 in the game. The gold symbol if found leads to Pot Bonus.  Even if the jackpot is not achieved, the game does give a multiplier to the stake of the player.


This basic online slot with a Native American theme makes an interesting and easy entertainment at Casino Online. You will surely love the graphics and the icons used on the game interface. For those who are new to slots, they will easily pick up the game strategies and payouts. There is not much to understand, and it is easy to make wins on the slots.

Casino Online has a range of variety when it comes to online slots including Totem Treasure. Try it online today by registering for an account on the site.