The Alchemist Slot Online

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Stir Up A Little Magic With The Alchemist

The Alchemist is a lucrative and action-packed online casino game. This ever popular slots game makes winning easy, fast, and fun. Adding, even more, value to the action-packed experience, players are given a generous in game reserve of $1,000.000 to place their starting bets. The design and layout of the game are aesthetically pleasing and smoothly accommodates its 64 lines and 7 reels. It is extremely easy to begin building your winnings as the game frequently awards special symbols and free bonus spins as you play. The Alchemist envelopes you in a rich world of Egyptian gods, giving you an endless amount of entertainment to sink your teeth into as you continue to add to your winnings.

Buttons, Bets, and Gameplay

Along with a generous in-game reserve to start your betting, The Alchemist has an easy to use interface for placing bets and playing the game. Your total bet, bet per line, balance, and winnings are displayed in the lower third of the screen, which makes it very easy to keep track of how much you’re winning each spin. You can select the max bet option, which sets your game to automatically place the highest bet of $100 for larger wins, and you can also select the auto game button to keep the game rolling for you automatically.

There is an abundance of fulfilling achievements ready for you to play and unlock in The Alchemist. Achievements are a great and extremely easy way to earn free bonus spins to increase your winnings. When you successfully complete one of these in-game goals, you will receive an achievement badge. Achievements are automatically marked off in the game menu as you reach them, and you can check how far you have come at any time.

Once you have completed six of these achievements, you will be rewarded with 12 free bonus spins.  You will also receive six free for every six achievements you unlock after that. Not only are the achievements fun to work towards and unlock, but they reward you with generous in-game bonuses that will help you add to your winnings.

You can unlock one of these exciting achievements in the game each time you:

  • Trigger the free spin mode twelve times or more in your game
  • Play five spins that bring you gain on all bet lines at the same time
  • Play three winning spins in a row during the game
  • Get more than 50 total bets during one spin
  • During free spin mode, wild symbols fully fill reels 1 and 2
  • Complete the maximum amount of winning combinations of five of the game symbols

Working towards achievements in The Alchemist is very fun and rewarding. The achievements you are awarded are also a very helpful tool in gaining free bonus spins. These allow you to quickly earn even more money with online casino Novomatic games. It is effortless to accrue winnings while playing The Alchemist.

Special Symbols

Alongside the game’s regular symbols, The Alchemist also has two special symbols which will occur during gameplay. These special symbols bring with them unique bonuses which can only be unlocked when they appear.

The first of the special symbols is the scatter symbol, which is characterized by an Egyptian black dog. When it appears in groups of three or more, the scatter symbol triggers free bonus spins. It will appear on reels two through to six during your game.

The second, and perhaps most useful of the special symbols is the wild symbol. It is characterized by a depiction of the Ancient Egyptian god Horus. The wild symbol substitutes for all symbols in the game except the scatter symbol, which increases your chances of spinning matching game icons.

Free Bonus Spins

As you continue to amass profits from the game, you are awarded free bonus spins based on your successful completion of in-game achievements and goals. Achievements are not only rewarding, but they are also simple and quick to complete. They allow you to win even more money without any cost to you as the bet amount remains in your balance. This makes for a fascinating way to get even more money for free by playing The Alchemist.

The Alchemist is an extremely exciting and easy to win online casino slots game. With the help of the generous amount of free spins you can earn during the game, it is easy to win money quickly. We could not recommend the game more, and urge you to play it and enjoy winning money as your build your achievements portfolio to earn even more rewards. Our site also has the most diverse range of casino games online for you to check out while you’re playing The Alchemist.