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SunQuest Slot Online

Play free

What is SunQuest?

This is a game, an adventure slot one that comes in vibrant colours, fruity symbols and much more. This vibrant slot game is sure to help you relax and unwind as well as brighten your day when you are feeling down. The game has easy rules to follow, and you can wager minimal coins to get started in this game.

This game is popular not only for the vibrant joy it brings to the players with attractive graphics and music but also the chance to win 1000 times the wagering bets online stakes. The fruit symbols and soft, easy music make it a soothing and relaxing game to play. For those who are new to slot games, it is a safe one to start playing with money. Those who do not wish to see unpleasant surprises can easily opt to play this no-frills game.

This slot game is one of the simplest ones that are still around and comprises of the traditional slot game format. It comprises of 3 rows and 5 reels. The symbols are familiar as one would find at the land-based casino slot machines. The fruit symbols are the basic ones while other icons are of higher value which are diamonds, golden coins, gold bars.

This sun themed slot game has attractive graphics and easy rules to follow. For those who are looking to unwind can simply log online and try this game at Casino Online.

How to begin?

The game is played across 9 pay lines. The combination of the symbols mentioned above in the pay lines you pay will make you eligible for a payout. If you wish to start with a basic slot game with easy winning combinations, this is a perfect choice to make.

The game is easy to play with the following steps:

  • The number of pay lines that one wishes to play need to be selected.
  • The stake size needs to be adjusted with the use of + or – buttons.
  • One can start with a minimal bet amount of 25 pence and bet up to a maximum of £18.
  • In order to wager the highest amount simply press the Bet Max button which gets the reels spinning once you press Spin.
  • The Expert button activates the option of Auto Play; this allows one to continue the spins up to 100 times and would not stop if the player wishes to play in this mode.

Those who wish to see the optimal turnout in the spins can opt for the autoplay option. The Expert tab will get one to run 5 or 10 times spins in rapid succession. You would be free to try other things meanwhile since the reels will spin and by themselves will align to provide you winning combinations.

Features of the game

The game comprises of certain characteristic symbols such as:

  • Wild Symbol is the gold icon that is also labeled Wild. This is easily recognizable in the Microgaming slot game. It is a circular icon that showcases a sunset in the background, with yachts and palm trees. This icon appears on reels 2, 3, 4; Wild can be substituted for other symbols, and you can opt for this to wager a win.
  • The scatter symbol is the other character symbol to look out for in this category. It is a blend of green diamond and multicolored balls and rings; these are tucked behind Scatter; once the Scatter word is found three times, players can be assured of a payout. The symbols for this sign catch the eye it is easy to notice it while you play.

With three scatter symbols that can be found anywhere while playing the reels, a player is set to get a win.

The benefits of playing SunQuest

There are several benefits that players enjoy when playing this game. The simple yet attractive graphics of this slot machine game help one to unwind and relax after a stressful day. Players can have easy wins by wagering small amounts of bets. Those who are cautious and are new to online casino entertainment will surely find this a warm and inviting game to play.


Casino Online has a wide range of new free slots online for the players, and SunQuest is one of them. Opt for this game when you simply wish to get acquainted with slot machine games. The easy interface of the website along with attractive graphics and soothing music makes it a good game to pursue. All you need to do is get online at this site and register for an account. Choose one of the several methods of payment and make a deposit. This will have you set up at the site to start wagering on the games you love along with discovering new ones every other day.